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Gasimov Allman Farman oglu

Machinist stone-cutting machines Karadag plant of building materials, Hero of Socialist Labor

Gasimov Allman Farman oglu The second day of the warm south-westerly wind gusts pushing the soft swollen clouds from moisture. They reluctantly rolled over a mountain range, clinging to the top of cotton hanging in clumps. The second day, people in career glancing anxiously at the sky. In rainy weather, can not work combines stone-cutting, and the gray stone dust becomes impassable abyss: no pass, no ride.

On top of the pass looked through a good view of a career. By continuously moving stream of cars road to it seem alive. Car pulled up the chain, and, looking closer, you notice that one of them is longer and heavier than the others. Extends it to the place where the engineer works combine lapidary Gasimov Allman Farman oglu.

Okay ... in work clothes sitting in the mandatory pit canvas boots, Gasimov passes his farm, carefully peering to the pallet full of just carved stone. Rectangular blocks, similar to refined sugar, lie in rows on nearly two hundred meters. Exactly combines buzzing, gnawing at the expanse the mountains, and the only place that the release again fall flat, regular cubes. Departed, motorists do not forget to throw a short Gasimov "saga-ol, Alma" - "Thank you, Alma." And Gasimov in the noise and din of the day no such exclamation, not leave unanswered. Smile and nod approvingly or greeting pomashet hand. And nothing on the site does not remain unnoticed by him. This all-seeing master. For other noise careers merges into the general din. Allman distinguishes it every sound. On the left side of the sound became softer, weaker. And the engineer hurried to the spot where the replacement cutters are: stone from moisture softened, and the solid wet dust clogged section, soon will bend the teeth of the saw. Taking a new disk is Gasimov to the car.

- Why?-Perplexed young podruchnyy. It is well-cut. Now you see ... Getting up for the hoist, Gasimov habitual movements captures chopped kubik.-Well, now look, he says, throwing a stone away from the pallet: fresh cut clearly shows that the saw teeth are bent, cut, "the cone".

- Gee, assistant, surprised. He knew that he attached to an experienced master, but that's so determined by the sound problem, do not ever see.

Now the skill Allman Gasimova not only surprised. His take over. The quarry where he works, the decision of board of the Ministry of Building Materials Industry of the USSR and the Presidium of the Central Committee of trade union branches in 1978 became a permanent school of best practice. "School Alma" were hundreds of stone-cutting machines machinists Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Dagestan. Many of them, visiting the Karadag career, a new estimate of stone-cutting opportunities combine, personally convinced that it is possible to simultaneously handle two such machines in a different start to look at the possibilities. And the effect of "School Alma" is perhaps the most impressive.

It is hard to imagine in this sympathetic person firmness of character. His soft, likable smiles warmly illuminate the clear gray eyes. They have a friendly curiosity look at everything around: the quarry, a slowly creeping harvesters, the interlocutor, to life ...

When Gasimova convince us that he has a sixth sense to the stone, to the car, he argues, agrees. But it makes it so that it becomes clear-he does not believe it. Consents of the delicacy. And in the village know that Allman is one of those men, whose "yes" is always yes. And if he says "no", it means just do not.

Even in the seventy-first, when Alma was one of the best machinists careers, many take to complete the five-year commitment for three and a half years. By itself it was assumed that Gasimov will be no exception. And he looked at him the text of the proposed commitments and figure 3.5 on the fixed-chetverku. What "modest," Allman?, Not without irony Gasimova asked. Even according to preliminary calculations it appeared that the young kamnerezchiku on the shoulder and a higher threshold.

- I take as much as I can do, firmly and resolutely declared kamnerezchik.

- Yes you would be able to pull and more - to convince him.

- The thing I have ... one ... While it is not finished, the production will not increase.

After you have understood what was going on. Of all the insidious problems that presents the work of machinists, the exact size of the problem, the most insidious. Slightly shifted to rail, milling, and begins imperceptibly shift. As long as sufficient, on pallets are already hundreds of custom-sized cubes. A reason not to count: after the rain, the damp, in clear weather, by a gust of wind in winter from frost. Layer of cut stone is inhomogeneous and the density. Foreign body will fall, and the cutter "leads." Deformed rails from the temperature drop is again skewed. Drivers of a joke, it seriously retold kamnerezchikam offensive, but just a claim of builders. Therefore, Allman and decided not to increase production as long until you get the machine to cut up only standard blocks, and not a "stumbling block".

In a career remembered as he was cutting, bending and re-straighten the rails, grind in the studio intricate squares, collecting metal scraps and "conjured" on it, even on Sundays. Before you install the machine on the rails, every meter measured the formation, determined its slope. On his site has grown a whole industry. With the jealous curiosity of watching other troubles Allman machinists. They came, watched ... Some disapproved, took over, while others laughed.

Allman knew what he spends time. Soon, in line with the standard 90 percent of the stone-cubes, combine chopped Gasimova. Moreover, the average rate stayed constant. Some did not believe, is impossible. Measured, tested, and made sure delight shrugged. Already in 1973 Gasimov finalized the installation of its technology machines and cutting stone. And he began to raise the production of 130, 140, 160 percent of the plan was for him the daily norm. Five years he performed for 3 years and 2 months. Then he was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Here, in his career, every worker in sight. For someone else's back can not hide, his burden to other shoulders do not shift. Account are each carved from the mountain stones. Though young, Allman was compared with other machinists, kamnerezchikami, but all agreed, was awarded the worthy. And he remembered the first few months in the career. Then it seemed strange to many that a new assistant who dreams of becoming an engineer, is interested in only those vehicles that were repaired after the change-to them. Asks drivers, looking at different sites. Repairmen, of course, are responsible, but wonder, could his mentor, and ask about it. Do not stand, asked him a question. Allman said:

- A new machine from us. There has never stopped. And what you see on the outside, but a mill-wheel drive? The rest is under the covers. And I need to know not only how it works, but why break. Here, everything in sight. See, you can touch the hands. And according to the drawings, I still do not understand ... Reply masters like. Childhood Gasimova Allman was in the village of Achan Ismayilli region. Sparing with children were the joy of the postwar years. At the age of thirteen went to the plow. With a partner, fellow villager Safarali, thus, which now has become notable builder of the republic, one of the first followers of Zlobin, a Hero of Socialist Labor. They plowed on bulls. And somehow this happened. Going home, suddenly saw his field quite differently. Did not immediately realize what had happened. Peering into the flat, if properly Drawn furrow, looking for something new that suddenly appeared in a familiar pattern that the field is beautiful at sunset, and before they knew it. Knew and admired more than once. From the contemplative state of derived voice

- Well done guys, good job! That said, passing by an old-kolhoznik. Look, what created the beauty! It can be seen from the soul plowed. And when you work with the soul-to-earth it feels. Good bread freak.

In a moment of consciousness, like a flash of light flashed all day, hour by hour: a straighter furrow tried to withdraw, as monitored in order to plow deeper into the land belonged to the same have been falling off on both sides of pieces of greasy black soil. Fatigue vanished. Unexpectedly for a sing. Excitedly and proudly heard children's voices in the pure mountain air, thoroughly permeated by the rays of the sun. They did not know what to call it a feeling overwhelms. But now they know. And without this sense they are no longer living.

- If there is no satisfaction from the work-day is lived in vain, says Allman.

Since that time has passed more than a dozen years. But now, in later years, when there is Alman Farmanovich made especially pleased with the day before the mind's eye a picture: a field bathed in the rays of the setting sun, an elderly fellow villager, nods approvingly:

- Well done guys, good job!

Gasimov Allman Farman oglu From childhood, the smell of grass, earth svezhevspahannoy ...

Forever etched in my memory the day when I received first prize. In the same village, on the farm ... Handing it came to a representative of the District Committee. The news of the young plowman, who handles the oxen for a day instead of two, half a hectare hectare laid the norm, and came to the district center. When to go raykomovtsu presented Alma, he was surprised. He knew that the young plowman, but thirteen-year-boy ... He is, -

confirmed by the chairman of the kolkhoz. Under the loudest applause were given to the best plowman charyhi-Russian bast in the Caucasian version. Flushed with pride overflowed, Allman brought a gift home. Neighbors gathered. Asked to put charyhi. I had to fit. New, well-dressed.

It is a pity that the Farman did not see it. Farman-father Alma. He was at that time was not. He died at the front ...

- Oh, they would have clothes without patches, - sighed the mother.

- A good horse and a blanket bad shows, neighbors politely turned the conversation to another.

A lot of good that day the villagers told Almania. Forever remembered the words: hard work does not remain unnoticed. Believe it is sacred. Soon, while serving in the army once again convinced of this truth. He served in the construction battalion. Technicians then it was not enough, and Alma and his companion dragged on the upper floors of a stretcher with a brick, lime. Mason caught him not one who likes to work. By the end of the day he makes the remark company, have gained little. And he's lying, resort to ploys, the assistant nods, saying that with the lazy guys. And leave the commander, Lieutenant mason begins to grumble: "Look at how picky turn up."

- You have less slacking, no-

Allman passed ...

And six months later was heard in the


- Gasimova a battalion commander!

How is it that suddenly wondered, Alma.

- Decided to give you a holiday - the commander said batalona.-This is your company applied for. Serve in good faith, are working fine. So, get ready. Documents will get in the office.

Allman ran to thank the lieutenant. He listened attentively, and suddenly a soldier those same words and said: "Hard work does not remain unnoticed."

At the beginning of the tenth Five-Year Plan has already Allman

he came to the party committee to discuss, as he put it, "one thing".

- I have figured some things and decided: I will serve the two cutting machines. That was the plan set. And how to determine when this has not been ...

- How much does each machine produces, and from that charge.

- Yes, it's come out of two thousand three hundred pieces on each machine. Four thousand six hundred for a change!

- Four-means four. I've thought of everything, calculated. Word will keep, will not fail.

Of course, Almania believed. But not all. Well, look, Alma. The point you started the utmost importance. You now much depends. Keep his word and you know how it will affect it in the. Do not keep ...

- I have these words in the wind throw - not made-finish Alman. be mastered. Well, as they say, good luck. Without the help of you not to leave, but you will not let me down.

- Do not let you down, 'curtly Gasimov.

The quarry is no place for sentimental. To work with the stone must have the character of its firmer. Do not go to work improvised one of Alma and none of telpher work. Learned about it in the management and began to wonder at what the site remove the apprentice to a Gasimov forward.

- You do not need, rejected this proposal, a machinist.

Three days in a row and for telpher worked, and watched the machines. Tired to exhaustion. But there was something in a special alert and cheerful.

- What do you rejoice, Alma - ask him.

- And the fact that everything correctly calculated. Not only I, and others will now be able to work on two machines. As you can see, stand up even without an improvised ... But the machinists on a career in no hurry to support the initiative of the Alma. Waited.

Suddenly can not survive? However, Allman and withstanding physical stress, and schedule production. In 1976, exceeded the plan and commitments. By the time the ice waiting started. Serve on the two machines were Beglyarov Abbasov Kamal Radjabov, Iskender Musaev, Gulbala Maharramov. And they succeeded.

During the tenth five-year period, working on two stone-cutting machines, Allman Gasimov completed two five-year mission. Kept his word with honor.

In a career joke: if someone has made full use of the right to work, so it Gasimov. But the right to rest in no hurry to use it. In the holiday-would go to the end of another week, but he was in the village. In Kislovodsk was given a ticket, the same thing. There's a spa is often talked with a philosopher from Rostov-on-Don. He kept asking: why do you need to take on this responsibility, a burden? It is time the health care of for a stay.

- And this is?-Question with a question answered, Allman.

- Well, 'stammered a scientist, to take care of children, better life to arrange.

- Kids, thank God, in order. Learn. All that is necessary, I have. What not to buy, I will not. I'm from a working family. Advised me, for example, a piano to buy. But why? To become a musician until the family no one is going. Tool takes place. I do not want to turn it into a monument to money spent. To play it right. And for a living, I do not know what it is ...

- Well, well, you are unpretentious. But one may ask: why do all this? And the two five-year plan, and the two cars ...

- And for the sake of the people. More rock will be more houses, built. Each family needs a home. In addition, the goal in life should be. Now I know how to cut stone. I want those who are close to work, well it did. To do this, pass the school experience. I am happy when others get. I feel, no wonder the job. We now have 20 people serving on the two machines. 50,000 pieces of stone cut in a month. In the year they make 500-600 thousand cubes. While working in the old, would give only 250-300 thousand pieces. Is there a difference?

- There are agreed-source. - Just as I remember, your experience spread on a career since 1976. A total of 20 followers. A lot or a little-not for me to judge. And do you think?

- An engineer on a career 140. Approximately one-third of them will be able to maintain two cars. Many people simply do not yet solved. Some simply refuse.

- How is that?

- And so. Windbag. One service, and that is idle longer than the works. We did not come out more expensive. We believe not only blocks, but at what price they get. We must manage it wisely. The ruble invested in the business, bring him a profit.

- Well, at the expense of commitment of those ranges?

- Example of need. Lively, compelling ...

- Your not convince them?

- While not all.

- What do you do?

- It is better to work with. Here during the holidays and thought something weighed. I'll come to the quarry, will change sotsobyazatelstva. 12 annual targets women in five years. The blood from his nose, but it'll do. I think that the half-hearted diminished.

- Hmm ... You encouraged me to confess.

- What?-Allman surprised.

- If so aggressively, as you carry out your line, then the goal can be achieved.

- Not possible, but necessary.

- Even so ... Well, thank you. And for that, do not ask. I, too, have their own ideas or, as you say, "business". I will try to hold them in life, using your expertise. Consider me your apprentice school. In his career pace of work is always ticking on development machines serviced by Gasimov. Plan strenuous. Two five-year plan to implement a no-brainer. So it works with the stock. Less than two standards will never be. Not uncommon for him and three standards. And revealed a pattern: high performance achieves the Alma-growing development in other areas. One month Gasimov cut 165,000 pieces of stone-cube, his rival for the competition Gulbala Maharramov-145-130 Iskender Musaev, Muzaffar Kazimov-136. On average, each generation has increased by 15-20 thousand pieces. And how are things on the neighboring areas, there will learn quickly.

- Today, Allman swung into three standards-Anvar Mamedov said the driver, drove in the fifth section. Three hours had already cut 4000 pieces. From pallets to ship no time to ...

Information taken note immediately, and machinists begin again and again to debug the machine, so as not to lose face. Equal to the Alma. Cede primacy Gasimov not shameful. But the need to keep up so as not to be ashamed. You manage to stay close to him, will not last.

Shame it is not out of respect for titles and regalia. It is, of respect. Allman Gasimov-working man, and proud of it, work honored values. The whole village at stone quarry, where he lives Gasimov, knows the story. Almania as the Hero of Socialist. Labor, winner of the socialist competition, and suggested that the queue to buy a car, GAZ-24. He refused on the flattering offer. And no money to the cause. He earns a good idea, perhaps, for twenty years in the career of things saved. However, refused.

For car care needs, she commissioned a garage. And work, a quarry? I do not have it on time.

One of the "practitioners" reproached for that Alma. "You do not need a car, the son grows up. Let her learn to drive. Imagine how he "Volga" will bring you to the quarry in the hot lunch break ", he painted the beauty of mechanized life.

- Not him, "Volga" offer, but I - I answered Alman.-working man, and did not want his son to rolling out the village on the father's "Volga". A dinner he told me, and so carries. Look how many cars I have, 'he pointed to the samosvaly.-If you sit in them, people will refuse to bring up my son, I believe I have lived in vain in the world ...

That "practice" any of the words Allman did not understand. Retelling a familiar dialogue with him, he was surprised and ended up this way: "Eccentric people. He offered the car, and he ... "

So this story has become the property of the whole village. The drivers of dump trucks and had not passed by those who go on the road to a career, and now even more so. With exaggerated politeness brakes squeak and multi-ton vehicles, opening the door, friendly drivers say the son of Allman:

- Sit down, Elman, drove to his father. Before the rain, the operating voltage on a career usually reaches its limit. His stone bowl in these days is like a huge ant hill. Stubbornly gnawing mills firmament mountains cutting machines, work-worn buzz motors up to the top loaded trucks.

Like ants, they are creeping development units, and only on the highway leading into the quarry, are merged into a continuously moving chain. And well it is clear that one of these chains significantly longer and heavier than the other. Pulled it from the place where he works Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of two Orders of Lenin, Order of Red Banner of Labor, Laureate of State Prize of the USSR, the delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU machinist stone-cutting machines Gasimov Allman Farman oglu.

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