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George S. Kononov

Brigadier turners of the Leningrad Engineering Plant named after Karl Marx Leningrad Machine-Building Association named after Karl Marx, Hero of Socialist Labor

George S. Kononov Labor Drawing of screw is probably able to read each. Simple, well-known thing, nail screw, turning an ordinary job. In the Leningrad Machine-Building Association named after Karl Marx, too, like the drawing was in a normal shop. "To produce 60 pieces" - stood in a dress.

Tokars look at the size of the drawings, and gasped. Wow screw length greater than one and a half meters, diameter 25 mm, rectangular carved! Yes, even the technology requires that all screws are manufactured on the same machine. Gasped and judged: to make the screws are under the force only a few, the work will take at least two months and will break with the whole plan.

Wait two months, the customer could not, and the general director of George Ivanovich Kurganov ordered to leave the flowers in the eighteenth workshop. He is experimental, specializes in manufacturing parts for new equipment, and God himself commanded about these strange bolts work.

And who of turners charge? Here at the shop chief, Vladimir Nikolaevich Belkova there was no doubt: only Kononov and his mate Evdokimov. Eyes of fear, but the hands are doing. Two shifts on the machine spun steel billet until the screw into a corresponding drawing. The practice of pre-specified calculations: for the whole game does not even require screws, two and three months. This Proteins and said the leadership of the association. In response received countless phone calls: try to accelerate the production of screws.

And then at the next meeting of the director's confidence proteins called the exact time the work is completed. It turned out 'on the screws are not to be in three months and twenty days. My colleagues were skeptical grinned: miracles do not happen because ...

A miracle had happened. In the evening it was personally convinced the director general of which is not uterpev came in the eighteenth workshop and immediately went to the machine Kononov and Evdokimov. Looked closely, paused and laughed a satisfied:

- All clear!

Along the long, thin piece were simultaneously two incisor teeth. The one in front, led a rough tunneling, and followed by the second blade is made finishing. This unexpected simplicity and amused the director.

The decision to pair together the incisors was not accidental inspiration turners. On the search for the most rational methods of treatment of parts, they begin to work almost on every new order. A new shop in the pilot will never end. None of the experimental machine, which produces chemical fibers for the production of main plant associations, the machine will not pass Kononov and Evdokimov. And thus their arms. But first must work on drawing the head.

George S. Kononov is usually said that they came up with another new product together. Nikolai Evdokimov adds: "We discuss, modify, execute together. And the idea of most of his. " The shop remembers a variety of situations when Kononov departed from the usual technology and found its more perfect.

For example, how to begin production of gears? Of course, with holes for all-turner is a truism. Kononov, once questioned, and made first external processing components, putting a hole later. It turned out quickly, did not suffer and accuracy.

- In this case, the canons of technology were strong, yet relied on the old snap-Sergeevich. George clarifies the situation, but this appeared in the shop new cartridges with the original seizure of parts. I wanted to try them out and in to the gears. I am sure that not one I came up with this idea. Kononov, general reputation in the shop to do an amateur in the details "hole" is a pen, not a drill. Of course, the roots of this very professional amateur: a gain in speed and accuracy of the bores. Secrets for Turner does not hold:

innovations in five years for him have become the norm.

George S. genuinely wonders why suddenly fell out of the profession turner number of prestigious and interesting. He chose a boy turning it. After trade school, where for the first year after the war went skinny and shy sixth-graders, the questions asked by him to the profession, life decides for the machine. He works in the same factory shop Karl Marx in the Vyborg district, known for its long tradition of working. Work Kononov marked medals, two Orders of Lenin, the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. Kononov says:

- Over 33 years of work in production, I learned a lot of plant specialists. But the best professional turner has not yet met. This is the main profession is working all that spinning on the ground, made by turners. Of course, the first change is not easy to stand at the bench. But why at the end of the day with a head turner tires more than the body? Because all of the time necessary to make independent decisions. How to choose a cutter? How to sharpen? At what speed to turning of the details? What kind of rig to use? Or maybe make a new one? All this resolves itself. A kid in college, I felt great joy when the first flakes removed from the steel bar. The same fresh feeling I feel now, when it is possible to achieve the eighth-ninth grade purity of work or come up with something special in something known and familiar.

To say that Kononov, Turner senior, sixth category, 'master of his craft. Over the years, the poet can learn to find the right rhyme. But the true poetry born talent, who established himself great, inspired work, and filled with bright lines, original thought. This gracious quality painted and labor turner Kononov, a real poet of the business. A talent, as often happens, is generous in its versatility. Not only for the machine and it appears George S..

By their nature, labor Turner, who spends long hours alone with the machine, deeply individual. But this does not mean that Turner is certainly an individualist who feels responsible only for his own work done. This truth was particularly emphatic confirmation in recent years, when the machinists began to unite in the brigade. Relations between the workers who work under the roof of a shop, have always been: in one case they are united by shift work in one machine, in the other sequence of machining, the third-coach patronage over the pupil, partnership, or just the neighborhood. And most importantly, people from different disciplines in a workshop connects the end result of labor-performance of routine tasks, the quality of work that leads to success or failure of the whole team has an effect on earnings and the overall reputation, care about the meetings. For many years, working in teams and all the workers eighteenth workshop. One such team turners, stretch supervises Kononov. His team is always in good standing, the team was awarded the title of communist labor. Not deprived of the glory and honor Brigadier. But it was he who more than any other was not satisfied with the affairs of the brigade, the relationship of its members.

Of course, Kononov understood that it is impossible to expect from all turners the same high level of skill, creativity to the business, it comes with age, and even then not always. Worried another, but rather a moral than a professional: the lack of a sense of responsibility to his comrades. One pulled out rate and already glancing at the clock, stalling for time until the end of the shift. Another minute, too, thinks, but for another reason zashilsya with details nervous. There would have to come and help, but such is not accepted, each individual outfit. What then is the essence of collective labor brigade? In the vicinity of machines? And why, then, reduces the role of team leader? Being a nanny for ignoramus? Kononov was thinking about all of this not only for his team. As a member of the Bureau of the Vyborg district committee of the party he had been to other enterprises to participate in the preparation and discussion of various issues that put lives. And when it came to implementation of the villagers brigade forms of labor organization, Kononov was particularly attentive.

From the builders, fitters, he knew that in practice has proved to work well the whole team together for a common principle of collective responsibility for the outcome of labor. But people in these teams are closely related single production process, the construction of a building or build a specific product. For individualists, machinists, this form seemed to many malopodhodyaschey. Kononov is not in a hurry to drop it off.

After all, he himself was a great experience on this principle. However, according to a single well worked only two-changer Kononov and Nikolay N. Evdokimov. More than twenty years, ever since, as they brought together a machine, they are accountable for their work a single document. They are one tool, cook for each other snap, pass the machine on the fly during the processing of parts ... Of course, they help the community of the same qualifications, same age, even the nature of both. "In the case sometimes argue, but to a quarrel between us, over 33 years was not dating," says Evdokimov.

George S. Kononov Whether this model is suitable for six? Doubts have been Kononov: people in the team for different skills and life experience, and work together on a single can lead to a "leveling", from which the first to suffer from "old". But faith in fellow team leader at large. They are not random people on the factory is not a one-year work proved it. Let now, in response to the trust will try to reveal its best qualities, especially his ability to make a major controller of his own conscience, the ability to respond to each other, the desire for reciprocity. And there will be difficulties in community-and easier way to search. "Or they realize or believe it," ventured one-Kononov to talk with the team.

It turned out that the first likely to believe than to understand, even though the arguments are not spared the foreman, and in the heated dispute with the meticulousness turners trying to understand the obscure until the benefits and costs of the new system. Perhaps affected by the passion and authority of the foreman in this conversation, but "good" to experiment with the work of a single well, he has received from the team. With the support of the party committee decided association is even simpler: it recognized the initiative Kononov useful and interesting, and wished success.

For example, January 1, 1980 in the eighteenth workshop there was a first team of machinists, who began working together on a single. Department of technical control department routinely expected from lathe parts after the first operation, but they did not receive verification. Team members do check the accuracy of all parameters and presented with details of Kononov. That, if required, transferred them to the next turner for final treatment and then they fall into the TCI.

More thorough testing were subjected to their work team members, when summed up the next month. In late February, saw with sorrow that we have done less than usual. Decreased productivity ... Kononov puzzled, what happened? Apparent reason, as though the recession was not there to work with stress. But the numbers dispassionately recorded failure. Oh, and nervous when the foreman before he saw a nut, which is about all that together stumbled. It turned out that no system, and are to blame. The quality of every detail carefully watched. As for the amount of work done, then all rely on the foreman. If George S. does not give the new job, so you do not hurry. The foreman, they say, takes into account all of whom, and how today it is necessary to download. A Kononov waited Turner himself will turn to him for a new job. If is not, therefore, still busy with the previous case, he believed, and did not notice how the team entrust to him, and he told her.

The credibility and quality needed in the team, but without mutual responsibility and it can bring, such was the lesson for the team. Gradually, but perceptibly single outfit disciplined team members. Tonya Panina stopped late to the machine. Misha Gypsy, an avid soccer player, who used to could not help not to discuss the morning all the vicissitudes of yesterday's match, is now postponed his "briefing" before the lunch break. They are without the foreman realized that all these minor delays not only their own business. Now it was about saving the general, Brigadier-time responsibility to the team.

When approaching fifty years, machinist skills practically ceases to grow. This grim truth and believe Kononov, and Evdokimov. Another team member, Yuriy Ivanov, also a man of the age. Where are the reserves of labor productivity growth? In the hands of the young, according to Kononov. And to help them quickly reveal their professional capacity, has taken another bold step: opened all the doors of his instrumental side tables. His example was followed by Evdokimov and Ivanov.

It is clear that for many years of working with veterans has accumulated many different devices, accessories, clever cutters, which in the tool shop the pantry and do not always find. Arsenal team immediately became richer. Now, all had to learn to use it.

By submitting jobs turners, the foreman immediately explained which of the devices they may be useful in this case that any of the reasons you can do yourself. The same Misha Kononov taught Gypsy does not undergo the usual drill holes, and carbide, sharpened by the special geometry of the tool. The guy quickly benefited from the suggestions of brigadier.

Once a supervisor came Kononov OTC: team makes a marriage. "It can not be."-Did not believe the foreman. But the inspector was not mistaken. The party came off of defective parts from the machine Panina. Moreover, Tonya knew that issued the marriage, but hid it.

- Terrible is not the marriage itself, it can happen to anyone, says George Sergeevich.-In such cases, we work together to quickly remake the details, and again at the end. But hidden from the marriage of the brigade, which betrays TCI - is a disgrace to the whole team, this B P.

- How do you go for it? Why do not you say?-Have tried to find Panina comrades at a meeting of the brigade. Tonya was silent. I was ashamed to confess to their own professional mistake and, therefore, hoped to on a case-perhaps blow over without notice TCI. The team punished the culprit: it unanimously reduced the coefficient of labor participation. No prize this time was left and the whole team. Someone asked:

- Well, brigadier, now all of us to check you?

- And then who among you will check my work? 'Replied Kononov. sorry-I think that everything should remain the same: one checks himself, and work crews will check the quality control department. Or are there other suggestions? So the team went through another difficult time. Since then, the dignity of work together under a single manifest ever more fully and clearly.

Big victory for the team title was the assignment of team excellence. It brought not only all the great moral satisfaction, but also increased the percentage premium.

It was in a team, working on a single outcome, won the right to life and is now a common form of labor organization as the development of related professions. It would seem that the need to delve into the essence of unfamiliar turner specialty? At the age of his work enough. But it all happened naturally.

In the manufacture of mechanical parts with most of the lathe comes to grinding. Sometimes there are situations when the shop grinders do not have time to deal with the whole scope of work. The foreman asked Kononov: help me out. How to help out here, the point is unknown?

He looked at his team Kononov and stopped the eyes on Rodion Marchenko: "Do you want to learn a second profession?" Marchenko reacted with interest to the proposal and began to attend courses grinders. Soon he began to work freely and grinding machine, while remaining a member of the team.

Then the brigadier set off on a little trick. Before grinding, lathe operator is obliged to leave the details of the allowance within certain limits. At the maximum allowance of the grinder should be added, removed too much longer, with minimal work, of course, is faster. Kononov invited turners handle parts with a minimum allowance and warned about Marchenko

- We're on a little extra penetrations are losing time, but you have to make up for it with a vengeance. But be careful with the size, do not let the whole team.

Marchenko understood concept. If the details are usually caught turning after the first in the TCI, and then the grinder, but now the team has worked directly at him. This was a risk: the turners, and the grinder had to be more careful "catch microns." But there was a sense of risk: markedly accelerated the final machining of parts, labor productivity grew the whole team.

Rodion Marchenko, sometimes for one - two terms of penetration lead up to the desired size of the parts, and finished polishing, returning to its familiar place at the lathe. And for the next batch of parts, sent to TCI, they could have put the stamp of the team: "Tested trust and mutual responsibility."

Year ended the life of the brigade Kononov. He was interested in the outcome of many, not only in the shop, but also in the factory. Skeptics doubt vanished: for the year, labor productivity in the brigade has increased by 12 percent to this figure in the union was unable to close any team. Average earnings of all members of the team is growing steadily. In 1981 the position of the brigade have been further strengthened: after six months of work ahead of her production program for 84 days. Monthly production of the brigade had reached 140 percent and continued to rise.

But there were other results. After working together on a single in the shop started three brigades machinists. There was one. The other two returned to the individual outfits, and not being able to overcome the first organizational difficulties. What are the causes of failure?

Much depends on the personality of the foreman, the foreman, said Vladimir Belkov.-We have not found the second Kononov with its prestige and organizational talent who could carry along and patiently educate staff in the new circumstances. Now, when George S. paved the way for a single well, we intend to return to the organization of teams working on this principle.

Vladimir reiterated the talent Kononov, this time about the talent of the Organizer. But, and this quality in him was manifested not suddenly. George S. does not remember the year when he was free of social work. He headed the party organization department, for many years been a member of the party committee of association, was a deputy district council, a member of the District Party Committee, delegate of the XXIV Congress of the Communist Party, now a member of the Vyborg district committee of the party. Note that all elective offices.

- I think people do not trust him casually their common affairs, says union Party secretary Karl Marx Victor B. Serebryakov. - George S. distinguishes the most conscientious attitude to the instructions of a different nature. I like his business writing, creative, proactive. The observations, conclusions, suggestions Kononov usually interesting for everyone. Sam George S. admits:

- I really like social work. I feel, first, the specific benefits it brings, and hence the need for it. And secondly, from any cause, which I have to do, try to learn something new day, which is useful.

To understand the importance of personality Kononov, and such a touch, not so long ago, when he had passed forty-five, he went to complete their education in an evening high school, which broke up a kid back in the difficult postwar years. And while no mature age he was not confused or distracted-employment is not for the purpose of this man was more important.

A barely graduated from high school, found a new business-organization of his brigade on a single outfit. There is no doubt that together with the passion of his soul George S. put in but it and the wealth of organizational experience, which he got at the public stations.

Case, who gives himself so enthusiastically Turner Leningrad, now takes on special significance in connection with the talk of the place of brigade forms of organization of labor in modern industry, which was formed at the XXVI Congress of the Party.

Countryman Kononov, also working with the Vyborg side, Brigadier fitters union turbine "Leningrad Metal Works" Hero of Socialist Labor Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherov in his speech to Congress rather accurately and clearly told about the role of teams in our society: "Experience has shown that team- a team that does not simply add up and multiply sipy creative people, increases the effectiveness of communist education, is growing faster than labor productivity, increases in the interest of every high-end results. " It should be noted that the team is also working Chicherova by a single well.

The thought of working in Leningrad and in the attached Guidelines for the Economic and Social Development of the USSR for 1981-1985 and the period up to 1990, "Conduct activities to further the dissemination and effectiveness of brigade forms of organization and remuneration." With plans for the country's most direct and personal plans in line foreman Kononov:

- We will improve. We will learn to communicate to each other machine on the go, try to introduce a group method of machining, we extend the instrumental arsenal team. We'll have to catch up and administration department, which is not always on time provides us with a metal material, snap-in. This is not, I came up with the process of restructuring of the team requires the following steps. We can not stop: the team started a new life and will live on. Eligible for optimism foreman. Sharing his plans, he knew that some turners leaves the team. Asked to be on the lighter work Tonya Panin, who is preparing to become a mother. Broke his leg on the football field, and, apparently, will not soon be able to go back to the machine ... Michael Tsyganok

But jobs in the brigade Kononov is not empty. In machines are already two boys had just received a certificate of completion of vocational school plant, formerly the very same trade school, which began with a way to work George S. Kononov.

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