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Sydykova Muken

Seamstress, sewing machine operator Frunze Production Association "May 1" Hero of Socialist Labor

Sydykova Muken The June morning. Rushing to work, Muken Sydykova passing looked in the mailbox. There is something! Postcard. On one side of its flowers and the words "Happy Birthday" "How could I have forgotten what day it is, thought-Muken. - I wonder who reminded me about it?" Diligent smooth handwriting. Obviously recently wrote a schoolgirl: "Dear Muken, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you much happiness in life, good health. Thank you very much for your kindness and tenderness for all the good that did for me. Without your concern I do not know what would have happened to me. You are to me as my own mother. Olga. "

Muken smiled. It can be seen, the girl was so worried that I forgot to write his name. But Muken knew very well know who this Olga. And that's why it became so warm at heart. That was two years ago. In the second manufacturing plant Frunze sewing union "May 1" came the girl.

- Olga, she introduced herself, anxiously looking around.

- Muken, 'said the seamstress, machine operator, do not be afraid Sydykova.. Close your future friends, comrades in labor. And I was asked to teach you the profession, to ensure that work has become a favorite for you, as a collective family.

These words Muken met each new student. They are from 1965, when she gave a start in life his first patronized, or tens. Now she teaches the profession each year two or three girls. Many of them work in the enterprise. Others were scattered in all directions. The reasons are different. The main thing to instill in the youth-mentor skills, foster a sense of responsibility for their work, a sense of collectivism. And it can Muken. But she did not know how much trouble it takes a shy, some dispensable Olga.

At first, everything was seemingly normal. The girl listened attentively to the mentor, faithfully followed her advice, successfully mastered the sewing. Finally, the apprenticeship was over, and Olga started working on their own. And Muken-new student.

Over time, Sydykova began to notice that Olga avoids friends in the brigade, was late to the beginning of the shift, irritated by trifles. From under her hand parts are increasingly coming out with defects. The girl returned the items on the adaptation, which worsened the performance of the collective.

- What is it?-Hooked to a girl Muken.-work do not like? At home, you all right? Pupil frowned, muttered:

- In order.

And no matter what the tutor to call Olga at the frank, nothing worked. Anxious to become a soul Muken.

And when a student skipped a working day, foreman could not resist.

- Dissolved girl Muken. You are too sentimental to her. Progressivki it is denied. Do not want to work in good faith, let go. Sum up the team did not allow it.

- I will not let a profgruporg quickly decide the fate of man. First we should find out the cause of at least truancy.

In the evening Muken knocked on the door of the house Oli. And it was not necessary to have special insight that at first glance did not understand much. The girl is not so long ago, his mother died. With grief my father became addicted to intoxicating. The elder brother before was applied to glass. Endless quarrels in the family of the girl taken out of balance. She contacted the unlucky boyfriends, girlfriends. Left the house. It is not known how it would all over, if not Muken.

That evening, she continued talking with his father and brother Oli. She was close to the feelings of these people. After all, her family visited the mountain. It is not easy to raise a son and a daughter. But Muken not lost heart. Survived. She and the children gave cheerfulness, optimism, the desire to seek and find their place among the people, be it necessary to benefit and joy. Son Esengild who have served their time in the Soviet Army, worked on the same mother company as a mechanic to repair the equipment. Daughter Bahtegul-eighth-grade student.

When Sydykov asked what motivates her to participate in the education of young seamstresses, messing with them, take to heart their concerns, fate, she says: "In raising my children participating school, the army, the production team, a lot of good people. Why am I not obligated to help stand up to other children? After all, they are our children! "

Olga learned about visiting Sydykova, in tears, asked:

- Why did you do that? Now it's even worse.

- Do not be. And you have a good father. And

brother, a good one. Only you yourself hold

themselves in the hands of the stronger. And with the work we


Of course, more than once she was in Parliament, were not always smooth conversation with his father and brother of a student. There were skirmishes with the master. But the peace of mind and a lot of faith in its rightness Muken done a good deed. And what a joy it was for the invitation to Olga:

- Muken, come to visit us. It will be my friend. The proposal did. I want you to meet him. It is you ask.

Muken smiles. Not once been to a similar bride. Choose life partner, it is not easy. And the more you trust in this matter serious and honorable, the stricter demand. Here personal taste-help bad. You've got to be very objective. Otherwise, your error or bias will not forget for a long time.

Muken smiles. Oh, those girls-bride! Not only that, in the shop a lot of trouble delivering, so they are seeking to pass on your shoulders everyday affairs. On the other hand, would throw them halfway. So hear it sponsored the following day one of these phrases:

- A good guy. Accept the proposal. And the wedding invite, do not forget.

- Of course, it's yours. But he did not like it. With him not to communicate. Kyrgyz eje-called because the most senior, most respected sister. Eje-the smartest, kindest, most caring. Eje-so-called Sydykov Kyrgyz girl in the shop. When a student Muken came to the factory, she was as old as its current patrons. And Sydykova, happened to get on with anything. Suddenly the machine goes out of the seam at random. Details of return. We had to unpick and sew again. A conveyor belt, then do not wait. That accumulate near it slide parts.

"Yes, I Had a sad sack, - vexed with himself Muken.-I can not, daughter of a dressmaker, left behind. On the contrary, the other should show an example. " And a young seamstress tried. Soon, a well-mastered simple operations. Most were pleased when the side seam of the skirt in her left rovnenko, without a wrinkle. Then Sydykova entrusted the operation complicated. And here invisible, even for a beginner seamstress stood up yesterday on a par with the experienced.

Ten manufacturing operations, almost all of which are needed for the manufacture of women's dresses and children's clothing-such a professional arsenal Muken. Her creative approach to work, willingness to take the first difficult thing to help others, to subordinate their interests to the collective-these qualities are appreciated by not only friends but business leaders, the party organization.

For life memorable Muken day when it was in the ranks of the Leninist party. There were warm greetings, smiles, friends. But the seamstress knew that from that day to demand it even stricter.

The most vivid understanding of the duty of the party shown at Sydykova that she is actively involved in educating the rising generation shift. This problem is important. It may be said, is eternal. But for the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, the solution to this problem, it is largely the state, party.

The bottom line is that the country population is growing rapidly. Especially at the expense of rural residents. Thanks to the mechanization of agricultural labor in many young people leaving the city. What to take? In the tenth five-year period, for example, the union, "May 1" to the right new home in a large and light industrial building. It would seem so happy to enjoy sewing industry. But with the introduction of new facilities and new problems have appeared. First of all, the company had no one to work. Part of the equipment was idle. The rest was not fully loaded. The team did not perform new tasks, pay penalties for disruptions of supplies.

Sydykova Muken What are the reasons? The Ministry of light industry and planning authorities of the Republic to the reconstruction of the company have approached, as they say, one-sided. The main attention was paid to the development of production capacities, but missed the social issues. The main thing is the lack of housing. A novice is mainly coming from rural areas.

- The girls came to the factory. All of them liked it. But the hostel was not. Other rented a room. But it's expensive. Yes, and sometimes the owner put unacceptable conditions for young people in the movies do not go, do not read the book in the evening, girlfriends are not invited, 'says association director Claudia Romanova Tyutyunikova.-student be working a month or two, and then a letter of resignation on the table. Why not? The girl was crying, said that she would work for us, but to live in an apartment she was very uncomfortable. Are putting a lot of effort to solve the housing problem. The successes are. But in those days, when the company immediately took hundreds of workers, we have experienced great difficulties. There was turnover rate, one half of the team took on the job, the other fired .. What to do? Exit the Communists have found the company:

scheduled to produce a smaller volume of production personnel. To do this, increase mentoring, quickly involve youth in the production process, to fight for every beginner. Speaking at a party meeting, Sadykov said:

- Undertake to teach sewing skills of young workers not only for our department, but also for others. I promise all my student in the shortest time will learn several activities and will be on a par with experienced seamstresses to cope with the tasks.

What is said? A young worker, is still under the tutelage of a senior companion, receives a "student" and that during this time to work. But then she starts to work independently. Typically, in the early days of her rule was not under power. A prompt and help no one. Another lost faith in their abilities and capabilities so rashly-resignation.

- Do not leave unattended former students, said, at the same party meeting Muken.-First of all it is unprofitable for the team. Taught, learned, and what is gained? Zero. And in relation to girls is unfair. From this day for their pupils, I mentor a year after graduation. The employment figures a young seamstress, her discipline, will be on my conscience.

Sydykov supported by experienced mentor Lydia Prokopenko Valentina Kozlova. Continue sponsorship of pupils, is now the rule. The youth is rapidly gaining strength, confident in the team stays. This was a solid foundation of movement under the slogan "Plan for the least amount of work!" Here's the second shop. Here, instead of 511 people are employed 420. A team, where he works Muken, consisting of twenty-six working women, a shift produces 220 school dresses. This amount of product at a rate to produce forty-one people.

The workshop meets multicolored fabrics, variegated national costume. This work Kirghiz, Russian, Uzbek, Dungan, representatives of other nationalities. Discord merges with the noise of operating units. Patches of matter, flying off the table on the table in front of you turn in the collar, the sleeve, the other details. And now on the table utyuzhnitsy a ready school uniform for girls. Incidentally, Sadykov Muken for tenth five-year period in addition to the assignment of 3400 had made dresses! Completed twelve annual plans! Here is the master! That someone would have to learn. So many people think beginners.

And what think those who have gone to school Sydykova? I have before me three of her pupils past "issues".

- I once bribed Muken character, 'said the eldest of them, came Aysalkyn Tursunbaeva.. Around strangers. The production is also unknown. Mentor questioned where I was, who the parents, than keen on where I live. Her voice was gentle. Itself is so quiet and calm. Immediately she began to feel at home in the shop. Hardly that, right-to eje. She is calm, show how best to do a line! Next to it is impossible to treat the matter casually. It's a shame to sum it. And work as hard for me to become a habit.

- I know, and these tutors that can be roughly read off for the slightest mistake a brand new, says Zhiyde Dzhaparov. - Is on a failure, and then there's this attitude. The case falls out of the hands. Muken is not so. I remember how bad I sewed silk collars. I sit and rip them to sew again. I think I'll leave the factory, since nothing I have not glued. Suddenly, near the village of Muken. Began to help unpick. But she says everything, saying something affectionate. I do not even notice that was smiling. The mood has improved. Work luck.

In a recent conversation comes "graduate" Batmygul Aseynova:

- We have a lot of girls from the village. It is hard away from their parents. For example, get paid to shop and more. Napokupaesh even that is not necessary. And then you do not know what to do. Muken about it immediately guesses. After a suitable salary, advise what to get in the first place, with which you can wait for the money to pay the new spread. And what a holiday for us, if he says: "Today, all together go to the theater," or "Today I invite all to visit for tea and cake ..."

Among the former students are many and good producers, and the mainstay of socialist competition, and reliable, loyal friends. It is these qualities, one is very pleased with her team members Sydykov.

That was in February 1981. Muken met in Moscow at the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, which was elected a delegate. She was worried. After the Party Congress for each major event, a Communist, and to delegate, in particular. Together with other comrades, who were elected by the Kyrgyz republic party organization, she was to participate in solving the enormous problems of party and state. Undertaking.

Worried advanced seamstress and a brigade. Competing for the worthy meeting of the Congress, the team was among the contenders for the prize. But leave it to lead someone would send her friends? How do things go? Very sorry to be, if the surrender position. And not just pity but also shame. That is, they say, left, and the team was left with nothing.

- Do not worry, Muken, 'said I, Tursunbaeva. Dzhaparov decided to carry out your daily rate.

- Oh, the girls can handle it?-Asked with a sly suspicious nastavnitsa.-It will be difficult.

- Right. We will work as you were taught. Guide them through a second time. In which case, the team will help. With what joy and pride for my friends in Moscow Muken received the news that her team did not disappoint, has won the pre-Congress competition.

It was a nice gift and the Party Congress, and it personally.

There, in Moscow, Sydykova learned that she was awarded the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor. In accepting the award, she said:

- Young workers often ask me: "You are happy, Muken?" I answer, "Yes, very happy!" And what else? I do know that people need, want my job, my skills. Sew school uniforms for girls. Each dress for me it's another girl who wants to look smart, tidy. And when I see that schoolgirl glad my dress, I am happy, I'm happy. Now doubly happy. Because my work is so highly appreciated by the government, the people.

Muken Sydykova, as before, modest, businesslike.

Among the first of the six working women supported the initiative of the foremost enterprises of Moscow, to perform a task, the first five-year plan for the holiday of the Great October Revolution. And as always, kept its word. Although it is not easy dalos: added a lot of social work. It is often the case in the Ministry of Light Industry of the Republic, where the "knocks" to merge apartments, room in the dormitories, nurseries and kindergartens.

Reliable, conscientious Muken - active member of the Party Committee of Frunze. It often happens in enterprises in schoolchildren and students. So now is the time from home as strict as in the work. I have daughters diary to check her work out to fix a "troika" in physics. Ask the affairs of his son. How does it work when engaged, who is friends?

The temptations of both good and bad for the threshold of the house a lot. But the mother-son glad decided to study further. And of course, the usual things around the house ... Day wore on, when Sydykova, tired, went to his apartment. Towards the-crowd girls, guys. Kiss, hug. "What are they? - Muken. thought-Oh, and forgot."

- Happy birthday, Mom!

- Happy birthday, eje!

- Happy birthday, Muken!

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