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Akulich Stanislav Feliksovich

Brigadier linemen specialized management 206 of Minsk production association of industrial house named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Akulich Stanislav Feliksovich Passed in the spring of this year, 175-apartment building in the new district of Minsk-Green Meadow 7. It was a Saturday. To the entrance now and then rolled up vans with furniture, happy settlers scurrying from floor to floor, transferred things, meet new neighbors.

In one of the apartments came a man in overalls working with oilcloth notebook and pencil in his hand ... Probably, a technician from the housing department, the whole morning walking on the floors and wondered: is there a claim for the electrical part?

- No such ...

- Well, live happily, 'says the man and hurried into the adjoining apartment. So until then, until you bypass all meticulously checking complicated electrical equipment of another of his house, and the tenants did not know that before them the famous builder, foreman linemen spetsupravleniya 206 of Minsk production association of industrial house named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union Stanislav Feliksovich Akulich. Hero of Socialist Labor. A member of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Belarus. Delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU.

His team-a team of only nine people! For a tenth-five-year period has installed electrical wiring in homes and in 8150 seven major stores! The whole city!


Five years ago, when the question arose as to a few scattered construction administrations of Minsk to link to one major industrial association, Akulich gathered his brigade, and said:

- You know what, guys. It is necessary to move us to self-financing. Newspaper you read, watch TV, you know what it is.

- It's time, first-spoken veteran of the team, Joseph Kondratsky. - For a team contract is when you see a nail-lies-not pass by. Yes there a nail! Is it not time to think, to the ends of the wires that we are delaying the box were smaller? And then sometimes it becomes just a pity so many meters wire-throw ...

- Joseph it says. Yesterday, for example, have brought us to a cast. One hundred pounds. About twenty of them, we let the wind. Torn bags are unloaded directly on the damp earth, and it would be necessary to make a special box, then it would be a gram and is not lost. So the new method is needed in the first place to ourselves, is a young guy, but the old team member, Leonid Soroka slashed his hand through the air, and somehow embarrassed, sat on the bench.

- Al earnings as it will be Feliksovich?-Asked installers.

- If you get down with the mind, should increase, and most importantly, hassle diminish. But what will catch, ask to authorities. At that decided to do.

Team contract immediately fell in love. Everyone there was an interest to not only to surpass the norm, but that the work go well, and from a friend. Innovation was also a purely economic rationale: the work of crews on a single well requires not only an equivalent (of course, given the level) salary, but compensation for the final result, that is, in general, the object on which all good faith, worked hard. Earnings are now got into a tight knot with a collective responsibility for the common cause.

By the way, and one more important detail clarified: the team contract all have an additional incentive to show their skills and prove his comrades, why are you standing as a master.

They are, in general, and before the brigade contract work for the conscience, with the master's approach to business, with full responsibility for the results of their labor, and not just their own.

Is not it a shame when you have to plug someone else's flaws? Here are the builders constructed the building and went to another object. After coming electricians. Rough start to work: tightening the wires in the channels that are assembled in the apartments of the box for electrical fittings, floor plates, struts, trunk in the basement ... And then it begins to have the most unpleasant: elektrorazvodok channels should be at certain places in the state standard wall panels, as they are anywhere. And the electrician takes a bit heavier and kuvaldochku, and begins to hammer away at the concrete-look for the same channel. Leaves precious time, so productivity drops sharply. Akulich then comes home angry and overwrought. His children, among other things, too. The method of "anyhow" and have made a living on the thread and get their rubles a-this method in their team is regarded as the most grievous sin. And so it was quite natural, when in the beginning of the tenth five-year period they were the first in Belarus launched an initiative to give a two-year warranty certificate for electrical work performed by them. This means that all emerged during this period, repairs will produce installers for free. However Akulich was sure such work does not occur, his team is working on the conscience.

Reasoning Stanislaus Akulich that helps and hinders the work

- The fact that all members of our team specialists of high class, only half the battle. But when the object has been created and the appropriate conditions for normal operation, this is one hundred percent guarantee of success. After all, the mess and extra-master does not show all that capable. What is there to show it when he came to work, rush to search for materials, but they still did not bring in stock!

We, the electrician, one wire should not count as only one-bedroom apartment goes 150-160 feet!, With different titles and sections. And how much junk: boxes, boards, sockets, switches, ammo and so on and so forth ... Earlier, before the introduction of cost accounting, we are the master used to get all in stock in bulk, from barely bring to the construction site, and puzzled as to keep the material intact. And now we have a supply of container: in stock management komplektovschitsy pick up on the list, all we need is loaded into a container and sent to the sealed object. Then I take the container is at your own risk and keep it at up to full production. In the morning, replacing, I worry all, I fully intact, everything, everything is at hand in sufficient quantity.

Or, the question with the tools. I remember I came in 1951 in the construction electrician apprentice. What I was armed? Hammer and pliers. Another, of course, a screwdriver and pliers. Here's a naborchik. In the post-war times it is even sufficient and complete. And now? Now, with the naborchik on site to do nothing. Of course, now the big changes on the part of the mechanization of manual labor. There are pistols construction and installation of dowels for plugging holes in the concrete, there is little peck, ticks, especially for CSI linemen, an excellent thing, and various other instruments. Only we, the builders, that's what a shame: scientists together with engineers invented a wonderful set of specialized tools, the industry has mastered them, and nothing in the construction of this day the fire will not find. Our chief engineer Leonid Kuzmich Kovalenko got hold of a few years ago around 200 sets, and now can not forgive myself, I did not take 500. That's when it would be enough. For example, the CSI of all ticks are three rubles, and my kids for them, honestly, of his blood on the top ten are willing to pay! Or take a screwdriver-spinner. It is more for the Carpenters and Joiners was invented, but we have a huge effect is. It also will not find anywhere else.

Recently, at one meeting I heard some expert said that the industry produces a gun for crimping terminals to multiple wires in a bundle quickly connect. I very much wanted me to ask to the expert: "Well, where is this your great gun? Neither I nor my kids, and his eyes never seen. " But he planned to introduce in 1979!

Today we are fighting for all over-saving. It's good the way it should be. But to save on a more expensive instrument-out. Because it is a good tool, and efficiency, and quality and production standards. There it is in our hands, you can work!


Akulich Stanislav Feliksovich Pedigree of his most that on is simple: our grandfathers did not see, know only that they were of the poorest peasants. Father and mother took over the occupation of their life-work on the ground. They lived not far from Minsk, the area Smolevichi, village Josefov. They had three sons, Vyacheslav, Ivan and Stasik, the last daughter was born on Valentine's Day.

My father, as the war ended, decided to put his own house, the State has provided a loan. In the morning get up early in the morning and once in the ax-cut logs, and in the evening, tired but happy, sitting on a bench, smoking, and neighbors said:

"That put the kids home, then you can die." And, indeed, in 1948 drove home under the roof, and a couple of weeks and died.

Who knows, it may not be stronulis brothers from the ground, gave way to the village to the city, if not need a constant, which did not get out of the family. The first went to Vyacheslav, settled in Minsk plumbing foreman at a construction site. Then Ivan graduated from trade schools in the city of Lida on lathe business and also arrived in Minsk, a turner at a gramophone factory began to work. Helped, of course, the family, remaining in the village. But even if it Stasik-seventeenth year, had walked from dawn to dusk work hard to earn something on workdays.

Vyacheslav somehow arrived at the weekend. I went to a cheerful, talkative, festively dressed up, and I saw life and times of mother and brother and sister, so once frowned, cheerfulness vanished. Then, said:

- Come on, Stasik, moved to town. All mothers with Valentina will be easier. The three of them, we somehow feed. With his superiors in the trust, I talk it, the people we need. Work on building a reliable, last a lifetime ...

The personnel department of the trust-old inspector looked at the boy's village, and then corrected on the forehead tightened rope iron glasses and said sympathetically: "We are you, young man, because of your poor complexion is defined in the electricians. First, of course, a student. There, you will still be easier than to carry the bricks. " With that and gave it the best linemen in the trust foreman Shumsky. He did not recognize any particular approach, extra words to say did not like the master himself was excellent, and believed that if you stand near it, you'll soon come to skill and ability. The method, called "executioner."

As students Shumsky long-held him for three months only. They then conducted on the electrical refrigerator number one in the street Zakharov. There's all sorts of pipes set. Made him one of their team leader with black lacquer paint. "Not a pleasant job for, well, I have a quick back and forth with a brush, smeared himself as the devil, and smeared all around" - recalls Akulich.-team laughs, and Shumsky came up, looked at me and my daub, and says: "Revise." I almost cried. He graduated from the painting for the second time, looked very nice, it became, but he only said: "Our work, Stasik, though dirty, but it must be purely to do." These words, I got it in memory for a lifetime.

His hands are the hands of the peasant boy, who are used to plow, mow, sow, quickly got used to the new job. Soon everyone in the team noticed that a little quick Stasik, a little savvy, a little calmer and more confident than other young workers. For these "little" things stood. And the enthusiasm for the profession, and the desire to reach all by yourself.

Noticed in the trust, and on the other: without attempts, with no visible effort by Stanislav quickly gained credibility not only among peers but also with older workers. The authorities have already discussed the question of whether to appoint Akulich foreman, but he received a summons from the recruiting office.

Stanislav Feliksovich of military service said with pleasure: he is there and physically hardened, and their horizons broadened the peasant and the sophisticated science to obey and to command people have mastered. As one of the biggest events recalls a meeting with Marshal Zhukov.

There were exercises, Stanislav, Corporal, telegraph operator, first class was in the platoon, which provided communications command post. On the last day of the exercise to them in the dugout came Zhukov. Greeted everyone as equals, by the hand, treated, "White Sea". "Good job, boys! I declare all the gratitude. "-" Serve the Soviet Union! "Responded in unison, guys.

From the Army Stanislav returned to the same trust, in the same brigade. Then his life was in all respects "skraivalas happy" is the way he put it. None, however, the dizzying success did not yet exist, and just simply grown man and a specialist. Built houses, and factories. Becoming a team leader, I realized that basic knowledge is not enough, the evening ended ten years of school.

And then he met his future wife, Nina. Soon to celebrate the silver wedding has to be, but at home they have just relaxed and all right, as in the first year after the wedding. Raised two daughters, Irene and Joan. Jeanne still goes to school, and Irina learns from the fifth year of the Institute of National Economy named after Kuibyshev. Last year, married a classmate, and a surprise-bore twins: a quiet, tranquil Katya and Alyosha loudmouth. "I am now the grandfather in the square," is not without pleasure, Vekselberg said Stanislav.


Once a year Akulich with his team is always in Khatyn. Bought in the management of the bus, take with them home-elderly-parents, wives, children, and spend the whole day in the holy place for every Belarusian. And even though every time on this trip in his soul float painful memories, he first offers this particular route.

The bus pulled up ... to the rotation. Here it is, like an open wound, Khatyn. Huge fields. At the edges in place of the old, burned up a new forest. Sparse birch grove, light green groves of young pines. Along with hundreds of other people they go to where stands the figure of a black man with a dead son in her arms. How many times he was here, and still can not get used to what he sees. Here are the foundations remaining from the burnt huts, out there in the valley, hardly possible to distinguish the former street, and her neat rows, yards, wicket to wicket. Before the pain in my heart knew him with the contours, because every time he sees them in his childhood, his native village of Josefov, which the Nazis burned down the same way as Khatyn and nine thousand Belarusian villages.

His childhood ended that day, when suddenly descended to the village of punitive force. Stasik with friends in the morning decided to go for the nuts. Passing through a potato field, they have already reached the edge of the forest, they heard gunfire, screams, crying women and children, jerky German team. Having hidden in the spruce forest, they saw the Germans expelled from the stables of sheep, cows, geese, taken out of closets and the products are loaded onto carts. Soldiers with machine guns drove out the old women, women with babies kids, old people and pushed into the large barn that stood in the middle of the village before the war, there was a collective farm granary.

Stasik ... returned to the village four hours later, when it still hung over the thick stench of conflagration, gray plumes of smoke stretched into the sky. Wind carried the air black flakes of ash around there was a heavy smell of burning and of burning, charred walls of huts smouldered red and black fire. But the worst thing was, where was once a barn. He saw a continuous medley of human bodies, disfigured by fire, curled up in various poses, and could not understand what all this is reality. Stunned, he looked in the pile of the victims of his mother and sister (his father and brothers still at dawn, went to the meadow). Long gone Stasik between the bodies, trying to consider the disfigured by fire and torment terrible person, but found only his aunt, father's brother's wife with a little boy in a tightly squeezed his hand. At the temple, the boy shone a small strand of white hair. And only then, when I saw the lock of this, he fell prostrate on the ground and started shaking all over.

His mother, father, mother, sister and brothers, he met a few hours in the woods. His mother and sister, when the Nazis began rounding up people in the barn, had to give a soldier a bowl with the eggs, one can see, was not angry and showed them to the potato field: run, they say, Schnell, Schnell! And saved.

So ... once again flooded by memories of him. Nothing has ceased. Forty years and what years!-Passed, and the mountain for some reason does not leave the heart ... Thin and mourning beat Khatyn bells. They heard him ringing the sad voice of the living and the dead villagers. Ringing it hangs high in the sky, spread over the forest, and it seems as though he had just visited his childhood in his native village. Only one did not find at home.


What ... of the last buildings Akulich remember the most? Perhaps 500kvartirny a house down the street of Maxim Gorky. There's the whole bottom floor was cast, "Beauty Shop", mail pharmacy services, and domestic mill-language installers such objects are called "built-in facilities." This is where each team member had his head and smash and smart show, as happened, and endurance. Akulich recalls ordeal that they endured at the time of this object.

- Can you imagine what "Beauty"? This is a huge number of different lighting devices, complicated equipment and other electrical stuff. In keeping with the design documentation, naturally, we all assemble. It is suitable for delivery to the customer object, and here it begins ... The customer is attacking us:

"This fixture must be hung not here, and here", and shows the location on the ceiling of about five feet from the design point. A socket set is not asked where they were standing perfectly still, and is much lower. And there are hundreds of such requests. It starts with a real hassle. We prove that all equipment is assembled according to the project, the customer does not argue with us, but puts all the forces stormed the different institutions and, finally, is seeking changes to the project. Well, once the project is changed, and we have to redo their work. A remake, I'll tell you, it is much harder than doing again. But most importantly, morally it's hard to feel everything. After building acquires additional costs often amount reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles. And you want us to builders, designers ask: "Where you used to, then, fellow engineers, see?"

House passed just before the New Year. The girls that came to work in the "Salon", managed to rise to the state commission to dress nice fluffy tree. And garlands of colored lights flashed, then as a symbol of them, the builders, not an easy victory.

- The day when the state commission has taken our work with a rating of "good" comes to mind as one of the happiest, says Stanislav Feliksovich. And he had the happiest days in the last year there were many: the title of Hero of Labour has been a delegate to the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party, was the "grandfather of the square ..."

And for him the joy, that the best students become team leaders. Vladimir Novik, for example, learned the wisdom of mounting Stanislav Feliksovich ten years. Electrician, as they say, by God, the brain team. But when four years ago Akulich invited to the party committee and the union was asked which of his children can be recommended for the post of brigadier, he gave the name Novick. Of course, the loss for the team, but also to keep when the push, not a comrade.

Now, Stanislav Feliksovich compete with him. First, though, his opponent was a team of Vladimir Fursa. Those, though, and knew by Akulich, the call was even put forward a counter-initiative on the part of respect for the technology and economy of electric, and the first time competed on equal terms. Month pennant team was better then Fursa, then Akulich. And then "fursovtsy" still have behind-the youth, passion than experience. While every team Vladimir Novik began to appear on the front line, and suggested that the former Akulich his apprentice face off.

Novick then received a contract for installation work in a big house-9 floors, porches 7, 230-apartment neighborhood in the Green Meadow 7. House of the new, improved series, before the brigade Novik not have worked on such sites. They come to begin work, and there is already hosted plasterers, they, too, can not wait, according to the method of Brigadier contractor working people. Of course, they willfully violated the technological schedule of works, beginning electricians have to lay around the house wiring, and only then can start and plasterers. In general, Novik has nowhere to go, time is running out, we have to work, and even try to overtake the plasterers to work front to give them. And he has a team of seven young, raked in a series of working.

Novick went to the head section of Michael Baikov Grigorevichu advice what to do. And in the office at the Baikov just happen Akulich by its own affairs brigadier. He heard the complaints, and Novick, when he was about to back home, walked up to him, put his hand on his shoulder:

- You, Volodya, do not worry. Let's you and I are here to do: take away my three lads for a couple of weeks. They know this house is no worse than their own apartment.

- What do you mean, Stanislav Feliksovich - Novik. amazed, as this is a take away! And you-you who will stay?

- Take, say, and to dispose of as his own. We have two weeks without them somehow bypassed. Let us turn to the hard network schedule with the maximum combination of all the work ...

- Well, thank you, teacher, gave him his strong Novick ruku.-Only you really do not be offended if you go around this time.

- You first go round, and only then we'll count, 'smiled Akulich.

The argument about the competition Stanislaus Akulich

Here ... we still think and think. Because of a government-organized, anyhow, "tick" in the report put, competition does not bring any results. Rather, the result will be negative. In real life, such cases still occur. Like and obligations exist, and even called the foremost, and then the competition-in fact, no and no. No one no one competes, there are no winners, no losers. You know .. when competition exists only on paper, it's worse than if it were not there. On no, as they say, and the court does not. But "paper competition" causes people to engage in window dressing, to create visibility. And from the work itself taught to abandon defenses. Terrible show-off-our enemy, and especially a great moral causes damage to young people, whose vital interests and beliefs are not yet fully formed, but the principles are not permanently strengthened.

Truly ... an organized competition, a great thing. This is a huge booster of our social progress.

It is, first of all, brings. Have you seen: for us on the scene comes a lot of novice school yesterday, students in vocational schools. Imagine that it has no obligation to take the socialist, no one to share his experience and skill. Want these young boys to perform better and achieve something overfulfill job? Of course not! They just get bored!

Oh, and secondly, the competition is always forward. It is in competition progressive ideas are born, there is incentive for rationalization and invention work. Who lays this way? Workers: innovators, pace-makers, master ...

The voice sounds Stanislaus Feliksovich serious concern for the further development of socialist competition in the administration. And he says this is no accident, because the competition works to the entire five-year period. And he, among other things, all of the previous five-year period, beginning with the seventh, when he began brigadirstvovat, finishing ahead of schedule. And now, just returned from Moscow with the XXVI Congress of the party, just launched a new initiative, he was restless soul, all carefully calculated his team, found some hidden reserves and invited the Congress to end the year on November 7, finished ahead of schedule!-A eleventh five-year period, to the 115th anniversary of Lenin's birth. This initiative was supported by Stanislav Feliksovich Akulich association of more than 80 teams!

Everyone says that he has great credibility. And I was very interested to know for what he is respected.

After talking with many people, I tried to make their views of the kind of "respect for the table." One worker, for example, remembered that Akulich if torn by some of the public affairs team, always on the coming Saturday, if only one, but come to work. "What shall I rest in the weekend, if I know that my two days in the brigade, was sitting at the meeting. Guys, of course, cope, and I only have a conscience. Transcend the house can not sit, if at least one day at a construction site was not. "

Party secretary of association Oleg Bohun most worthy of its quality, considers principles. "You know, 'he explains,' as Akulich at the last meeting of the enlarged party committee criticized those who did not save the material? Be well, just hold on! "

Victor Semenenko working with Akulich, appreciates it, otherwise vospitatelskuyu vein: "It is to anyone able to go so that he even heard straight, harsh words, do not be offended, understand that the foreman has a right: the very best works ".

Some highlights from the team that at the time of settlement houses Akulich first noticed by residents is to correct deficiencies. Can send any other, but no, he goes ... Many known especially among the qualities valued by the foreman of his constant mind. "If it hot, then quickly moves away. And the cut will not be secret, corrosive, worst of all cry. Just to explain, if necessary, calmly but firmly. "

Another of his value as a joke. Especially to the point it, if you need to raise the spirit in the team, the mood of people.

In general, this man makes everyone who comes into contact with him, unchanging sense of sympathy. He lives entirely in a modern way, even I would say, with a constant stare into the future, like we often remember the distant past, when he arrived from the countryside into the city to start their working life. It was in 1951. Minsk has healed the wounds inflicted on him a three-year Nazi occupation. Gone are the traces of war in the heart of the capital, rose from the ashes and rubble of homes and new residential neighborhoods, but many still had to work! We had to build factories, schools, institutions, shops, theaters and palaces of Pioneers. The city lived, worked and studied and dreamed of a better tomorrow ...

And he dreamed of, a private army of construction workers, about the time when the Belarusian capital adorned wide avenues and plazas, high-rise buildings, buildings of modern plants, such as tractor and automobile. Today his dream has come true. So what's next? Since the end of the dream-down on the ground?

No, he is dreaming again, but his dream is not addressed in the distant future, but in our current reality to the real tasks that are scheduled the party for the coming years.

- In the tenth five-year plan every fourth resident of Minsk moved into a new apartment. And I dream about a time when there will be as follows: registered young, they wore rings on his hands and then, right in the registry office, the keys to a new studio apartment presented. Please, dear newly-weds, live, are you, good profits. And we will gradually replace the one-room apartment in a two-room, or even two-bedroom is depending on how much you are new citizens to our country bring up. That's it.

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