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Zenaida V. Bondarenko

Operator Mogilev artificial fiber plant named after Kuibyshev Mogilev Production Association "Khimvolokno" Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor

Zenaida V. Bondarenko We argued about it:

- No, you tell me which one is it, the heroine?

- Well, if Star ...

- And for what?

- So two five-year plan! The girls-operators argued against the plant in the park entrance before changing. The plant was old. Even in the thirtieth year of the first silk thread was given.

- Hero ... Well, I understand that when there is an outstanding, or that the astronauts. And this life, on the spot, stood at the bench. But you never know these?

- But still ... Do you remember when they started with Savitskaya that was done at the factory? Not everyone would have made! So they argued about Zinaida Bondarenko, fingering her life, destiny and work. Gold Star awarded to her before the May holidays, the passion around this event has not yet subsided, and so now everything is so carried away that they did not notice passing by Zenaida. Of course, it got to the conversation. But no matter how surprised they are, if learned, not just once or twice here as strictly she asked herself: so what did they give you the Hero?


On the first visit to the Zina FZO not accepted: young, they say, is not sixteen. Returned to his native Moshinaki. A year lived in the village: cold, hunger, war of the peasants with only one returned. In the farm helping, and learning to the next village was running. After the eighth grade back in FZO. The second of February, the fifty-fifth enlisted spinners in the shop, where she came to practice, but here she began to work. And twenty-five years, day in and day or night after night ... She often thinks: why so life goes? Here was a young, came into the shop with hunting, and everything seemed interesting, for all was taken, all of it was burning in their hands, all turned out, and not enough time on themselves. Michael, her husband, grumbled: "A log house bought, so let's take a house we build." And she waved her hand: "Come on, plenty of time. We have a new machine is installed, you know how many cases. "-" I, too, is full of cases. "-" Long live through. " And lived ...

Since she met her future husband at a dance. Michael worked as a carpenter at the factory, and until a couple of times they met. The guy was a quiet, economic, taciturn. Now, remembering that long ago time, Zinaida V. embarrassed laugh: "Maybe it was love at first sight, because I myself once told him everything." A telling fact, there was nothing. My father went to the front almost the first day, and soon died. They were bedovat together with his mother. All hope was on the cow. And the Germans came, the cow was stolen. It was said in Germany. Only a week later and managed to run away ...

Michael accompanied Zina home. She studied at the factory and lived in an apartment with his girlfriend. The house stood on the Dnieper River, away from the dance floor. Zina was afraid that the guy does not want to go away, and she entertained of his talk of a cow. "... A clever was. The Germans would not want to give milk, but we doilas well, even though food is not great was ... Oh, I mean it's a cow, then ... "" Tell me, tell me, 'Michael told her,' I do wonder ... "

Now they have adult children and grandchildren, and both of them, as in that far the first night, all wonder about each other. At the family and keeps ...

She is now eyeing, what's going on. Here are her friends who are older, in retirement, but continue to work. Habit? Because of money? Maybe both. Now do not go to the young to the machine. And after all live better, and educated, and all their conditions and the club, and a dispensary, and various trips. Youth is not the go? It seems to be no. Won his two sons, both work, both studying in absentia. Or maybe we are not one size fits all current measure our youth? Well here I am twenty years old stood at the bench, worked on the conscience, used, or what did not complain. Get up there at midnight - the night-shift on the public bus there, so walking at night

Why not? Out the other, and I will go to retire. Who will take our place? I would like to work in human terms, in good conditions.

Life goes: there any electronics, and everything is as before. We are accustomed to, and the young? .. It turns out that the question of reconstruction, Foremost ...

Of course, more difficult to start. And it was interesting because he was young.

Fill yarns, eat "cakes" they learned very quickly. Along with it came time Shendrikova Rice, Lydia Drozdovskaya. One shift worked. Served two three cars. Because she was young, because the work is liked, Zinaida did not get tired. It took over a lot then Raisa Ivanovna Savitskaya. She was older, more experienced, by the time it was awarded the Order of Lenin.

- I., as the thread you are holding it you she is, where do you want?

- And you look out ...

They Savitskaya friends. And given their free time are all together. At this, the "free time" and agreed. "What-proposed Zinaida,-if, say, and do not take three machines, and more service." Some said:

"Why?" Others laughed: "Ah, the Stakhanovite was found." Others advised: "What do you itching to do: pay the salary? Chill. " But I. has agreed to:

"Let's try." First, try the five-happened. There is just innovators arrived with his cuffs, thus saving time for renting "cakes ..."

There is a very good Zinaida Vasilyevna feature: it all interesting. A lot want to know and be able to. If something of interest to the over, it is worse-live. Every day, opening her eyes in the morning, she must know that something is waiting for her today. This rare, in general, the freshness of perception of the world saves from the routine, mossy, conceit, for all its current shouldering various regalia and titles. Suddenly, eight years ago, decided to end the ten-year. She said: "Why do you need, an engineer or something metish?" - "And even if" - "Not too late? With its something you will sit down at the desk? "(Sons were students.) -" Well, sit down. " My husband also asked, "Should I? Night shift work is difficult. Why? "-" I wonder, Mike. " "Right," agreed Michael Kravchuk, and also enrolled in night school. And so it went to three winters and three summers: kids-in day school, and they, in the evening.

Everyone in the family was difficult. Zinaida Vasil twice. "Let's say I work at night, then, with up to seven o'clock in the morning. Home come, help the mother, the household affairs, too, is full: your house is built at that time, every livestock. A nine-to have the school four times a week. Well, used to prikornesh in class ... "It's now she laughs, and then it was no laughing matter. But interesting, especially when in the evening, gathered together, they discussed the progress and grandma put in a corner of the infamy perspiring dad, who received an F in algebra.

And just as interesting to Sina, when they were Savitskaya expand the service area. How to reinvent itself: it turns out I can more than I do. It's great. And the others? With others it was more difficult ...

When they decided to work together Savitskaya has eight cars, went to the shop technologist Andreyevna Litvinova Claudia. She calculated the routes, schedules prepared junctions. And they have gone wrong from the beginning and at the eight machines. But there was talk in the shop:

- What do they protrude?

- Because this will raise standards.

- A salary?

- Well, yes, they will be at eight, and we will see what work?

- And most importantly, who they asked, it was

quiet ...

The foreman warned:

- I have, in general, "for", but now people can see what he says.

- So for the same case!

- True, but people ...

Savitskaya, she is calm, seasoned, advised:

- Do not pay attention. But soon she began to lose his temper. Work became just unbearable. There was also lack of understanding of the new and very simple envy. The question was this: the two men opposed themselves to the whole team. Before that came, that there were already at work with just the two of Savitskaya. Zinaida a long talk with Titov Mikhail Andreyevich. Remember him since FZO. He graduated a year later and has been in practice they have in the shop. Now, the chief engineer of the plant. Titov said:

- The thing you have in mind is excellent. And the way he should give. But, Zina, you're a smart person, and must understand the psychological moment. The shop used to the old way. It was easier, simpler, more free time ... I think it is worth to you on this occasion to go to the party committee. But go to a party committee, it goes to complain to their comrades on the administration. And, holding a fist, they came to change, listening to public recriminations and bad word on the sly. But defending their own line: talking with everyone and to each one individually about the new deal: "Who on this bad? Yes, free time will be less, but then let us earn more. "-" Well, you say, going to an eighteen cars to maintain. And they have in the shop of eighty-four. On what other work? To me, for example, to go? Retrained in forty years? "-" What's so shameful. I studied at night. "-" Well, you, you have a special. " And a such a laugh, from which the cold on the skin.

Zenaida V. Bondarenko Here too she never thought that a good thing, conceived you, against you the same turn. My husband said the house, seeing as she is suffering, "Maybe, in fact, calm down." She looked at him so that he immediately fell silent.

It came to the party committee. Secretary of the time was the current director of the plant. He was sent to the shop staff. Starting examined, reviewed at the Directorate, strongly endorsed and supported. A district committee secretary, Ivan Petrovich Lyudogovsky (now in the regional committee of the Party) raised the question this way: this initiative should be extended throughout the area. But how much more effort it took to not only word-by example, work to convince people that a new beginning, not the whim of two, not wanting to stand out, and the urgent need for production. And now in the shop working five shifts on the expanded zone. Behind them, more willing to go the other.

Maintenance of machines they turned eighteen easier. But it was the transition to an expanded service area, and allowed her to perform in Savitskaya tenth five-year period with two five-year rate ...


Her mother, Zenaida, old Belarusian woman who has lived all his life in the village, such a character: a second can not be idle. Now she lives in her daughter, stir it in a dream gnarled fingers, lying on the blanket. "This is a cow milked in a dream, telling Zenaida Vasilevna.-A cow is long gone. And when all have learned, and she sat alone at home, his mother was going through.

Do you think why? From conscience. How come other important business busy, and I'm not. "

And Zenaida V. is the same. Why should not interfere where you can. And if not you, then who?


We sat in the party committee. The chief engineer of Michael A. Titov and Party secretary of Alexander P. Lukashik complained about the suppliers. Supplies of caustic soda plant Lisichanskiy breaks due to the lack of cars.

- We have a continuous production. Can you imagine what it means to stop?

- A non-pecuniary damage?-Stepped Zinaida Vasilevna. No, you're sure about them in the newspaper please. Sitting next to Rosenberg, chief technology officer shrugged his shoulders:

- It will not help ...

- Leaves and leave?

- How many telegrams were sent.

- And now?

- Yes way ...

It just choked with indignation.

- Nothing sebe.-I, turning to me, fervently began to say: No, you write in the newspaper. There, in Lisichansk, the same people working. It is immensely believes in people, their decency, conscientious, honest, like herself, to the case. And without that belief as well? Did not. She has such a way: he says something, says, and suddenly, without transition, on the other. And this is different, though not having a direct bearing on the subject, as a rule, an important idea, which, apparently, she harbored somewhere deep inside himself, but felt it necessary to express it right now. When we came out of the party committee, she said:

- I have the following. After all, we were once on their own: plant Kuibyshev. Sound. Its history, its traditions. Always go first, and proud of it. But during a hurry, creating a new ... - She smiled, looking at the passers-by devushek.'s fashion-changing ... It would be nice to the association of fashion was not. Here we "threw" the union "Man-made fiber." They say that improving the management system. Of course, the problem of overdue union. But there are not quick with us? Look what happened: we were lost in this merger, we are just at the shop. We hoped to reconstruct themselves, it is seen as necessary to us in! For us, this is problem number one. But the union leadership is not up to us. We are still holding on. Last year, the plant completed a difficult plan. But that, in general, remained unnoticed. Here is a moral factor. I want to put this question in Minsk. I'm a member of the Communist Party of Belarus.

She said it's just the way, as if to say, this fact will help to raise and maybe even solve some very important questions for people. And if you do not, it will be a worry, as experienced at the time of her mother, with her eternal peasant conscientiousness, when one of the family did not go to school.

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