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Buga Vera

The foreman fitter Chisinau plant reinforced concrete panel construction, and number 4 of the trust, "Building Industry", the Hero of Socialist Labor

Buga Vera She came to the plant and asked the then chief engineer Skorodinskogo (now Ilya Ilyich Head of Technical Department of the trust, "Building Industry"):

- On the job take? I want to build ...

- Who are you going to be - he asked the chief engineer, anxiously eyeing the small, thin petitioner.

- Agree to go to the right place. But if you can, send in reinforcement shop (she had read about the fitter, the name of liked).

Skorodinsky would seem to argue, but she gave him a little guilty, pleading smile, he said:

- Well, try, if I want to ... Faith gave pliers, hook handed coil of annealed soft wire. And she began to comprehend one of the principal for his new profession-mating operation.

Art fitter at the time was to cut off the ability to correct, in strict accordance with the specified name, profile pack, and then fasten securely and neatly tie-steel rods and spacers.

Almost nothing was not an aid. Is that ... an ordinary horse. With it pulled out of bays and straightened round iron, which then ruled, purified, cut with a chisel to the desired pieces, turning to the armature. But in this dense kustarschinu burst is a new technique. Indeed, by the decision of the party and government for the industrialization of the construction took the whole country. Design, build more new mechanisms. Here and in Chisinau plant number 4 received the first ICC-point machine, pneumatic. Heavy and monotonous operation-knit frame partially replaced by electric point, and the promotion of the electrode in the car helped pneumatics. Physical activity decreased slightly, but the mental is immeasurably increased. That is especially needed when the book study.

I had already learned the names of the then head of the department, the master, foreman, asked about them. Expected that Vera would call them one of the first teachers. But she calls the two armaturschits: Ekaterina Ivanovna Isupov and Yefim Fyodorovna cheese. As regards the first questions, as they say, no. She came to the plant before the Faith, and could provide the necessary practical advice. But Euphemia, although the older faith, but came to the plant at one time with her. Why did Vera calls these names together? I remember, however, her story about how hard it was given to the period of study: how sick unaccustomed to iron, wire, paste, whipped his hands in the blood as it stuck to her shoulders ached, and most importantly, how bitter was the soul, which does not carry out normal. In such circumstances, the good part, everything's brought up and taught sometimes better than exhortations.


At this time, more than ever, seriously I was given an interview with the hero of a future essay. Vera is constantly busy. And then there was the end of the month. Preparing the factory Party meeting, and she shop party bureau secretary-cases have been overwhelmed with work. The next night was appointed to the plenum of the city committee, addressed the important industrial affairs, and member of the Bureau of Vera Petrovna Bug could not find time even for a short conversation. The following evening took up parliamentary work. We had to report to the voters. Therefore, in fits and starts talking, often interrupts the conversation short. Resuming it after a while, it will never be repeated, but new details remembered, often on the same difficult first years of operation. Apparently, they were filled with important events and affairs, and so now, becoming the distant past, seem to be inordinately long. Yes, in fact, it took a relatively short period of time is not wasted. Already in 1960 a young working woman elected to the District Council.

Vera Petrovna ask: for what merits? When and what time to show themselves? He replied: "I do not know. Maybe the personal data have helped to draw attention ... "

About Vera is really impressive. But, I think, not a biography of the Ukrainian girls Slavuta earned her credibility. The same Skorodinsky recalls a former foreman Viktor Lazarev said about the amazing abilities of the new organizational armaturschitsy. When at the end of the month he had a difficult conversation with a fitter, had to persuade them to work longer hours to output (for some reason the plan has always lacked this very day), - Bug rescued.

Oh, and if the mother of two small children does not argue, how could anyone make excuses? But at the next party or trade union meeting will set such a quiet matter, from which high-profile disputes flare up and it turns out that, firstly, the need for overtime is caused by any omission, and secondly, it is clear who is to blame for these failings.

Amazing ability of the Faith Boogie accomplishes things so quietly, as if they themselves have taken place. For example, not only in the trust and at the factory, in the Communist Party of Moldova told me a very warm climate of the moral brigade. People of different ages, marital status, stand to one another mountain. This friendship was born in the old days, when neither the plant nor the close there was no dining room. At each break in the corner of the house brought unwrapped edibles. She brought the package and Vera. But it is not secluded, and, dividing into small pieces, treated the neighbors. Since established a "common pot" and the joint lunch at a long table. Of course, to talk about families, children, city news, and, of course, a general-for all the work. Since not every team without the protocols and resolutions consulted as to increase the living space intercede to someone or the placement of a child in kindergarten ...

However, the recognition did not come immediately. In addition, good things seem to take care of themselves. After all, Faith sucked into them whole brigade. Notice it became mainly zeal with which she undertook the development of systems for resistance spot welding of flat reinforcing cage. But otherwise it was impossible: this car is, in fact, she asked for it, despite warnings that the work is not "sugar." After all, she offered to go vesovschitsey. With the same bit of a guilty smile, softly but adamantly refused, recalling that very much wants to be armaturschitsey.

Air supply to the point of the electrode apparatus, welding transverse ribs, instead of "clips" that need to be bent by hand, although it eased a little work, but made it interesting. That's when Faith realized that one needs a theory, perfect understanding, comprehension of the drawings.

For error-free and fast work fitter is not enough just to understand the drawings and submit to a future panel to understand what the load will fall on it. And do not memorize by rote. Chisinau plant number 4 is called "concrete products and concrete panel construction," because it produces products for the housing and civil, and industrial, and agricultural construction. That team is brought to boil Faith Boogie reinforcing spatial frames for the wall panels of all types of buildings. Each, its own peculiarities. However, a long time wondering where to stick each pin of the spatial framework or mortgage part, does not earn much. It is no accident, therefore, leading the factory school of excellence, Vera said it was mostly about the peculiarities of each drawing a new, unfamiliar products.

And yet, for the first time and very much armaturschitsa Bug attracted the attention of an unusually high yield at the time, even when only learning the skills, weld mesh and flat, without any mechanisms dragged them on their shoulders is rather narrow.

It would seem, for no reason, no rhyme or reason ICC performance soared. It is unclear how such zeal?

The explanation that she willingly gave the employee, seemed unconvincing. Well, in fact, what the difference is that it welds the bars is not, as expected, first at the top, then in the bottom row, and alternately in the upper-to lower-, upper-to lower? .. The same number of points, but on the relocation of sum is not changed.

Timing, however, showed that a transverse displacement of the alternate-frame takes much less time than the first weld on top and then bottom row. At first, friends come to see, and then themselves become the ICC for trying, as it turns out. It is quite possible that this joint study initiated massive development of related professions in the team and subsequently became the prototype of an organized school of excellence.

Buga Vera Not always, however, can be simply and clearly in the classroom of the school to explain in what way to increase production.

- You know shared with me, Vera, why, in our profession is of great importance is the experience? Well, at least because the young are often fitter for a long time can not understand what it means to "feel" the metal. And without this feeling can not get a spot on the machine, all that she can give.

The fact is, she said, that the reinforcement cages must be welded from steel of various diameters, or, as experts say, the profile, even if the product range does not change. Often due to lack of proper cross-section of the metal it is replaced by another. Setting the same apparatus (current) remains the same. As a result, productivity and quality are reduced. How to properly change the current strength and the means to "feel" the metal.

Incidentally, the point of pneumatic machines, the latest release reinforced the special plate, which recommends one or the other current depending on the combination of profiles, welded fittings. This is an obvious generalization of the experience of aces welding business as Vera Bug.

Not without its participation at the factory and set up an automatic line for production of spatial frames of wall panels. Before they welded the two flat screens. And long and hard.

- But all of this in the past, told me once when you first meet our short-Faith Petrovna. Ever since we bought a few years ago in Leningrad multipoint machine ATMS 14/75 and use it to build an automated line, we get the right spatial frames .

Acquainted with the secretary of the party bureau, Nikolai Harlampievichem Zavrakom, and knew that in the past he power engineering department, and then the factory, I decided to ask him more about the acquisition of welding plant in Leningrad.

- Well I know that this machine has helped us to free up the shop at once ten people. I also know that in buying it participated Bug. It was in 1976. Here are just machines for welding of spatial frameworks in Leningrad did not produce. The machine, in my opinion, Kharkov.

I had to ask again Vera Petrovna.

It turns out that my car is (almost like a dreamer Svetlovsky Grenada) "found in the book." Read in some magazine. Made to it along with two engineers was sent to Leningrad. Zavrak rights are not manufactured equipment for the welding of space frames. And favored by Vera multipoint ATMS is also designed for flat screens.

- But, you know, it seemed to me, and my fellow-mechanics, too, thought that the car if it is a little change, doing better, though ... defensively, explains Bug.

No wonder she was able to see in the aggregate more than seen ... its creators. Had already heard that among the additional jobs that have been domesticated foreman, appears mechanic to repair the equipment. I heard about her faith in new technology, but it turned out that more people believe in it. Plumber innovator Alexander Chernomazov already before the ICC to effectively reorganize the machinery, enthusiastically took up the modernization and the machine. As a result of the ATMS rods embedded in it welds and provides ready-dimensional reinforcement cages.

But, of course, not the episode with the car, but mainly about the political work done by the Communist Bug, I asked Nicholas Harlampievicha. From the very Vera Petrovna I know that the party bureau secretary of the shop she worked for 16 years. Elected at a time when the present third area was considered a separate plant. Affairs, in her words, not only does not decrease, but it is becoming more and more.

- The guild party bureau of affairs, indeed, a great deal. But Vera with an incomprehensible obstinacy ever finds himself more and more classes, with a broken smile withdrawn Zavrak.-That's not so long ago invited her to a neighboring high school to talk about our factory. She went one, two, held a conversation. I do not know how it happened, but it took the patronage over the plant of the school. And, you know, not without benefit to both parties. He came to us, for example, an electrician and was a graduate of the ten-year Grisha Frunze. But there are so many companies that manufacture complex equipment ...

Zavrak says about another side of the party bureau secretary rebar shop, two reconstructed the 1972 and 1974, held at the insistence of the party organization, headed by Bugoy, purchased and installed an entire "family" hoist "the head" with two cranes, beams and five-ton crane. Finally, the upgraded ICC, set up and commissioned automated welding line spatial frameworks as well as semi-automatic welding of inserts ... All this variety of new equipment purchased and put in the participation of the hottest boogie, replaced the hard physical labor in many areas. Caring for a person? Yes. But the mechanization and automation facilitated by the fact that for two decades, the amount of reinforcement in the team has more than tripled and the number of workers has declined by almost half.

- I remember well, confirms an official certificate Vera, that the 1300-cubic meters of wall panels manufactured fittings for the month was considered a success, and now 4400-4500 - normal development.

But, thinking that all this gave only a technique, you can fall into a big mistake. That team consists entirely of Boogie good people, I was told in the Ministry, the trust. Not once in this very assured Vera. It is because, although the team is headed now seventeen years old, considers himself a pupil of the brigade. During this time, no one here is not skipped, has not violated the discipline, not resigned. If you go away, only on a holiday or temporarily, to the Soviet Army. But they are remembered, they know. From a relatively young working women I've heard about already known to me Euphemia cheese (the one with Catherine Isupova Faith believes his mentor) and more about Barbara cheese. And then, having become acquainted with the young, but, by the assurance of Boogie, a very capable armaturschitsey Natalie Samson know that she is the daughter of the famous Barbarians cheese. One can not help thinking: I do not have gathered there are some elite?

But here, bypassing the shop in a corner I came across an unfamiliar setting for the metallization of embedded parts. I learned that this major operation, making prefabricated concrete structures, eternal, performed ... in another shop. But despite the incredible tightness, Vera carved out this corner, has made the transfer setup. As a result, not only improved quality but markedly accelerated the process of manufacturing space frames.

Manages the installation no longer a young man, Gennady Lavrent'evich Konchishin. A lot of it has seen, no one swam the sea, fishing, mechanics, was the originator of trains traveled in Kamchatka and Chukotka, suffered a terrible flood in the Kuril Islands, and worked in Murmansk and Vladivostok. And was born in Krasnoyarsk. And now 8 years old here. As with all work crews, mastered several trades and the need to happen, may not work correctly on the cut-off machine or on the ICC.

- Not going back navostryat skis?-Ask him.

- Who will go from here?

- Earnings are good?

- I can earn more. Quietly, it is interesting to work here. With good and very good ... With the foreman we were lucky. On her team spirit. Do not raise his voice, no one will hurt, let down.

Incidentally, much of the first Hero of Socialist Labor Vera Petrovna Bug I heard before leaving to Chisinau by a member of the board of the USSR VI Minstroymaterialov Akinfiev. Vasily many years was minister of industry of building materials Moldova and remembers well the noble foreman. He said the tenacity with which sought to use the Bug-waste mode of production. When cutting rebar of the bays are unavoidable waste. Rods, usually lying nedomerki all reinforcement workshops. Vera suggested to correct welding-cutting machine armature iron butt in an infinite rod and cut it to the workpiece without any waste. "Advise, Vasily Ivanovich, how should I explain to members of the government: we do not care for themselves, please, and offer to save tens or hundreds of tons of metal, thousands of rubles."

- She did not come to ask and consult, laughing, said Vasily, and is it better to get any claim. She is a natural leader. Stay on the farm it and showed it to yourself.

In Chisinau, I found a lot of evidence that the minister actually knew the worker. To his friends it is the same approach as to the authorities. For the worker, the rate is not performing or did not know how to achieve the desired quality, it also comes to advice. In the city council, too.

It is true that Vera could easily manifest itself in agriculture. The work was like. After graduating in 1954 from high school, really wanted to go to study at agricultural college. What to do if they have a sister and grandmother lived on a pension? In the farm worked well. And when was sent to Kazakhstan to harvest, so absorbed spaciousness and hot when he suffered, worked with such enthusiasm.

The leader called Akinfiev Bug. This word, according to the Encyclopedic Dictionary, has two meanings: a competitor, going ahead, and the head of a political party, trade union.

Given that it is not only a leader-plant competition, but at the same time member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, member of the Bureau of the District Party Committee and Secretary of the party bureau of the shop, it is possible to agree with both values. But leadership is usually associated with the concept of leadership. And it does not jibe with her views.

In the colored scarf, a little sun-bleached cotton dress, she sat at lunch time in a group of young workers, almost indistinguishable from them. They were talking about a guy from a neighboring site, which had left the factory.

- And, in my opinion, not worth a regret that he was leaving. And the work force per month would not be worth. Why keep a man if he had no soul and desire to the point is?

Maybe, I thought it was a power in any situation: at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, at a reception at the minister, the team - while remaining himself to be a simple, natural, and just have an external feature of labor leader? ... I happened to witness the great joy of Vera Petrovna. When I went to her home, there was returned from Bulgaria with her husband, her daughter Tanya. Both are graduates of the University of Sofia,. Tanya got back from Chisinau, the husband-from Minsk. He graduated from this school, and she has to defend a second diploma philologist, this time in his native Moldavian university, where classes are not interrupted while studying in Sofia. Do not wonder what is going to protect the second degree - all in the mother, insatiable in the load.

They both stand in front of me in a small courtyard near the house, very similar to each other, very happy with this resemblance, and the impression produced.

- And that. Your brother, Yuri, too, so much like my mother?-Ask Tanya. Son of George Vera Petrovna I spent several days unsuccessfully trying to catch at home. From his mother heard that a lot of work that friends half the town, which, having served in the Soviet Army, he returned to his assembly management and continues to operate a welder. The work pleased. I also heard that Yuri got married and came to Vera Petrovna, I saw an unfinished extension to the house.

- Externally, too, like a brother, mom, but ... no character, meanwhile, meets Tanya. The mother adds:

- Yura left his studies in college. He says: "I like you, to be working." - And, after a pause, concludes: 'He's a good guy.

Hence, the nature of the son is not his mother. In

Who, in your father? It would be nice.

Her future husband, Viktor Nikolayevich Buga met Vera at a brick factory. Artillery unit, where he served, was in need of bricks and the plant did not have enough workers. And a number of presses and glinomeshalok with women and girls in overalls stood guys in tunics. Among the girls had faith.

After serving and married, Victor took to his faith in Moldova, along with his sister and grandmother. And the house was built, and the children grow. 29 years he worked as a mechanic for the loading and unloading cars on the railroad. Also elected to the party bureau and secretary, and chairman of the trade union committee.

- Tell me, Tanya, I continue to question daughter, probably as a child your mother a little lacking? She's all my life, without taking a breath, and the busy work and social pressures?

- Well, except that a little bit. First, it is time to stay at home. Secondly, we have been with my father, and most importantly, my grandmother. What a pity that it is not alive. That would be who could draw strength and courage. My mother was very good, soft. This, in my opinion, because the borders with the weakness?

I laugh in the shower. And children do not all know about his parents. Just yesterday, Secretary of the party bureau Zavrak told me that Vera insisted on the party collecting the harsh master and foreman who violate labor discipline. For it is unkind slobs.

But, of course, Vera's grandmother Anna Kovtun Alekseevny them all lacking. Very much obliged to her, and Vera and the children.

... Vera was born in 1935 in Nikolayev. Three years with his parents moved to Slavuta, Khmelnytsky region. Father Peter Varfolomeyevich Dovzhenko, in the recent past, the military, began working in Minkovtsah in forestry. Here they found the war and Nazi occupation. Anna A. first met in the woods and greeting a group coming out of the encirclement of the Soviet soldiers and officers, which became the nucleus of a partisan detachment. The house became a forester without prior paragraph.

Father of the Germans captured in the spring, his mother Anna Tikhonovna and fall of 1943. Three young daughters and their grandmother were rescued. Order all grew up, smashed the fascists, not just knocking them out of Minkovtsev. Grandmother, a guerrilla connected with three granddaughters, happened under the noses of policemen were taken away, hiding in safe places, was saved.

Perhaps, from this terrible childhood, Vera and care rendered to the people, and kindness, and the firm will?


His delicate little question: why so many are taking on a load, in fact, probably hard?-Ask-bye. And again a little guilty, no!, Disarming smile.

- It is difficult, of course. But how can you refuse? After all, here and there doing one thing: plan, we envisage, as if it is faster and more reasonable to make people live better. And do accomplish all that we solve at the parliamentary building commission and the district committee, or 'the party bureau, only in the workplace, in the team, alongside the Chisinau City Council deputy Svetlana Yurchuk, a deputy district council, Vladimir Simakov October and the other 17 teams fitter . Steady performance, but increasing rate, and we all think a little. However, when look back, you see, worked for good reason.

- In Chisinau was lacking kindergartens and nurseries. If used to manage the queue to attach baby's special need of workers in the garden, though far away from home and work, so happy. And now, baby-mills in each district of the city. Housing is still lacking. But last year we celebrated the release of plant millions of square meters of panels for homes. This is for 20 years. Three years later, together with the Trust will build on a half-million square meters a year. And what a home! Go watch the 9i 18-storey building. Versatile, elegant, comfortable.

View the majestic center office buildings, new hotels, the Palace "Oktombrie", Opera House, Printing House, the House Telecommunications-drive tourists.

A well-known works, "Ray", "Signal," "Elektroholodilnik" Tractor and dozens of others, many agricultural facilities, all built from panels of our factory, all done by our hands.

- So am I not right when I say that the most important, most importantly for me, my job, my team?

I do not mind Vera Petrovna. I have it on good envy.

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