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Pyatkov Victor E.

The operator of oil and gas Oil and Gas Management "Yuganskneft" Hero of Socialist Labor

Pyatkov Victor E. On the surface of the brownish Yugansky Obi dazzling white steamer service was kind of pleasure, which further emphasizes the melody coming from the radio room. Nicholas went to the salon. Mirror reflected the gloomy sharp little upturned nose, the sun appears on the brow, prickly, like a resentful look. Putting a backpack on the bench, he hurried on deck. It was free, the passengers looked on the northern gulls, curly willow and blue-gray house Nefteyugansk. Enjoyed the morning sun, Anatoly Okunev operator.

- The same age just a resort, but as zadozhdit go to Samarkand, the minarets look. Predtsehkoma putevochku ... promised, he boasted, but Nicholas did not listen to him because of the burns look very predtsehkoma Pyatkova Victor E..

Stiffly nodded and stood, not knowing what to do. It is impossible to have a first conversation, and it is absolutely absurd to go, showed his confusion. A Pyatkov naturally moved, offering to take a seat beside him. Pyatkov was common, that's what surprised me. As if he was not yesterday, looking into the eyes of Nicholas, dropping heavy, bloodshot disturbance of speech, though he had not he turned the course of the meeting of Communists of fishing, is not he brought them to the decision to punish Lisneva naivozmozhnoy with all rigor. Nikolai was sure: Victor E. remind of past merits Lisneva operator and all would be light-heartedly voted otherwise would not have to enter a registration card reprimanded.

Nicholas looked at the quarters of the city, surrounded by once-deserted island. On and on went on the steamer "snout" that started the Nefteyugansk and with it his Lisneva, northern destiny. Why not be otherwise, in my own way, to do? Do Pyatkov forgot the last outburst "trehsotki" is not even really been able to mitigate?

In their anxiety ... as always raised first. Whether you have a celebration, guests, whether going on a fishing trip, the only option: two minutes on the dues. Georgy Karpenko, skinny, sunburned, exhausted, drawing environment. Pyatkov sitting in the car side by side, all ready to deploy as a spring. Blonde hair ruffle, thinks that awaits them there for a sharp bend concrete strip. No related accidents, but there is no very special, and now sits, forehead wrinkles, but rarely question for my fellow countryman will throw Karpenko. Both are from Bashkiria, and Lisnev from the same fishing "Oktyabrskneft," a young guy leaned in Siberia. Sit Nicholas and heel rattling tractor, and other volunteers are viewed with respect. All have heard about the heroism of their past and know that these two middle-aged, according to the concepts of youth, a man able to immediately rush to the oil spill. As often happens, the bolt is screwed into the well, the cables is brought under the pipe ... Like any hunting whatever you invent, but there comes a time when, without the oil bath is necessary. And then they always come together, and then between them there are no omissions, ambiguities, a complete understanding. With poluvzglyada with poluzhesta.


Leaned against the steamboat landing stage, and all hurried to the guardhouse. Past the buildings department to maintain reservoir pressure they walked along the sandy road. The pumps were humming rhythmically, pounding the water Yugansky Obi. Soaked in the summer sun, it rushes through the pipes into underground injection wells and the cavity pressure on the oil reservoir. Pyatkov talked about the secondary, not important now. It has long been noted for him, little things, which are already under-

tolerated, sees keen, tenacious


KrAZ turned off the concrete strip to the booster

pumping station, and Victor E.

spent his hostile glance:

- When we've finished the operator on such a large object to roll? They would be spinning at construction sites. Instead of shipping the body with sand and mortar, empty walk.

This Lisnev knows him, cares about the city Pyatkov like a gracious host to his own apartment. Well, his wife, Evgenia, secretary at the city hall, the deputy, she relies on a post. And the feet? Just from the mental addiction.

Recently there appeared in "Socialist Industry," with a sharp article that criticized the leadership of the association "Yuganskneftegaz" and local builders for the lack of attention to non-production facilities. The article discussed later in the Nefteyugansk city committee of the party. Victor E. dusty trail next KrAZ noticed:

- I mean, explains to patient, easy-terrain vehicle is needed desperately. The welding position in it-verstachok, a set of tools. And we oblegchenitse, and in vain to keep the dumper will not!

Lisnev keeps mum. Conversations, even the right, often talk and remain. It is important to be heard. However, Victor E. tries. Since then, as he returned from the Congress, were it is often invited to speak before the people. All of the Tyumen Oil says that the economy of Western Siberia, the heart muscle. And the operator's hand keeps the pulse of five years. The kids liked his words. In the seventies fishermen simple overseers considered. Oil, they say, she whips out holes, know only the gate to open. The operator was in the shade, forget it. Only when it began to decline deep pressure and had to pump out the oil, rather than gravity to take, and determined to have put it into action. On the platform next to the booster pump six pumping units piecemeal nodded. Victor E. and Nicholas glanced at them once, if only in passing. The habit ingrained.

- Seals are in stock? Asked heel. Always ask the operators associated with the rocking, the problem-o-rings. Cut them ourselves from old tires.

- Has lost its way?-Nicholas tried to smile, and he thought, perhaps, for the better, which again are talking about the little things? He will soon take a new section on the side of the river Sturgeon and Pyatkova, of course, leave the old fund. Is it because Victor E., and pretends that nothing happened between them, all in the old way?


The chief engineer of Yuganskneft Inzir Salakhov were pressing on the acting chief of fisheries Karpenko. Yesterday in the office did not have time to negotiate shared-operators, and the choice is limited: people leave stretched, on the southern tan. However, well over Balyko need to learn now. Fifty-second long-suffering "bush" passed. Forty-second output. Salakhov nervous, start-up, above the head of affairs. It is well known: he was the operator. Karpenko also from the workers and know how the road now every pair of hands. Guard George Ivanovitch and every sentence Salakhova prepares his own. His understanding is possible: a little left support operator. Sharifullin, Okunev, Lisnev and heel-guard all the cash! Lisnev? Karpenko recalled a recent meeting.

- Nicholas translate across the river. That's him to atone for the guilt. Pyatkov let it stay in place.

- A master of anyone to recommend? - Salah asked cautiously. I waited, say, Svergunova. Salakhov it to the top tenth five-year recall, when the noise and squeak was from the first fishery in the rockers. Then the President has shown himself the organizer of the highest order. Clearly, the young master in the fortunate people. The same Pyatkov still in Bashkiria with rocking faces.

Svergun came himself: like knock shtangovoz for tomorrow.

- Extraction of what?-Asked anxiously waiting Salahov.-reduction?

- There is a little tired, dropped-master. However, while the left holds Pyatkov and Lisnev its fund-losses will be minimal.

Salakhov thought. He wanted Victor to a landing master. But the old site, and denude outright is also not good. Exchanged glances with the chief engineer of the Karpenko. We must leave Svergunova. He not only every "bush" Well, but the bush near the road to it knows ... Here and went heel with Lisnevym. Svergun looking at their pets with hope.

Pyatkov Victor E. Salakhov its oppression of the line: Old Fund does not help, just under the layer number "BE-ten" will increase production, two hundred wells should be introduced immediately. Most submersible pumps will: Rocking-stage passed.

- Operators needed there shi-ro-to the second profile, stretched-word for the weight of the chief engineer.

Pyatkov silent, watching through the window. What could be greater! As rolled forward: tying the mouth, crimping columns from the acceptance of well drillers, acceptance commission, gossip with the contractors, so consider, for a year will be a fever.

Lisnev also listened without enthusiasm. Again Pyatkova luck-stay with the old master. Only to him to cross to the other side Balyk, one to suffer.

Victor E. saw perfectly all seemed conspired to protect. Sure, he does not want to again, again, start from scratch. Yes, he gladly would have stayed in the team Svergunova. Fund familiar, think of how to take a little more, and do not be lazy! But understand, and more. No matter how trying Salakhov Karpenko and close the gaps, do not leave them with no small Correction! It was necessary now to announce his decision.

- Inzir Auhadievich, rose-heel. - I beg your permission to send me to the launch site. I think there'll be more useful.

Salah, trying not to show that taken by surprise, managed to bring the engineering study:

- I agree completely. I think your initiative, "Every well-optimum mode" will not be forgotten and a new place.

For streamlined phrases barely concealed joy. Now, all converge. George Ivanovitch sighed for the order, though still hesitated, and slowly put to death himself. Such a simple version of the shoals outright. But why exactly? The fact that the heels are now a prominent man in the field, they kept! They wanted to protect from excessive anxiety and worry. Did not take into account that the special privileges of Victor E. never uttered, and now, the fourth five-year period beginning in the north to the high rank of Hero of Labor, becoming a candidate member of the CPSU Central Committee, much less will not sit behind the backs of others!

All gone, only the heel with a lot of discussions Karpenko. Lisnev waiting for the end of the conversation, to give a bunch of seals. He understood why they are so urgently needed Pyatkova. Absently fingering strung on wire laying, Nicholas thought that came together again, their way to a man whose intransigence begins with the demands of himself.


Victor E. strode ahead and Polevkin barely keep up with him, balancing on dosochki laid once by Pyatkova. Victor E. was confident in the olive overalls, short boots with skinny backpack> and back, like a tourist. Polevkin himself and walked routes, but such terrain was not to your taste. Sights on Wetlands is no other than pedestals wells in sandy places: where the top ten in a row, where the six. This is the "bush". Polevkinu to take the site.

Pyatkov brings it to a group measuring unit. They were loud in the fields referred to as "satellites." Measurements do not do today. Victor E. kladovochki only shows where melochovku stores. At each "satellite" is laid by his cherished: coils of wire, standard keys, gaskets, fittings. What happened-all at your fingertips.

- Litter at home, namesake-looking cash, says Pyatkov.-And then, like a squirrel, you forget where you hide nuts - smiles cheerfully. And if you think about it, is always given to such wealth? At the new place very fit.

- I found a treasure! Pyatkov-chuckles and immediately serezneet.

- At the "bush," it is time to make obrabotochku acid-salts are losing oil.

The deposition of salts? This is an open question. We ought to find out later. Polevkin thinks, but for some reason Pyatkova no objection. Trusts completely. He went to another Victor E. fishery, even when on the third category of work. They invited the best operator for the transfer of experience. Pyatkov did not read the lectures, the fingers did not want to explain, too, and immediately went around with the watch. At the first "bush" and intimidated colleagues. "O-rings on this machine every week burn?"-Asks. Senior nods dejectedly. "And all on one side?", Continues to elicit. Once again a sigh. "The balance should be slightly to align," says Pyatkov-and - to a rocking chair. In general, restored order at the neighbors.

Moved to another sandy island in the swamps.

- The most "vysokoudoyny bush" - informs Victor E..

And it is clear that distinguishes this "bush" by many. The valves are marked with red paint, fresh nastilchiki. Once, in Bashkiria, Pyatkov carpenter worked at the plant. The former trade is not forgotten. Ax and saw hunters often needed.

They wanted not to go to the following metering stations, but Polevkin, to his misfortune, he insisted, and, frustrated coach. On the "satellite" utter collapse: board sheathing nails bared his teeth, slag and white crumbs scattered around the foam. Pyatkov as glanced in his face changed. Easy to understand why: some amateur fishermen night-insulating layer demolish get rich foam floats for nets.

- I run into these poachers! - Pyatkov. angry-I do not understand how, after a steal, and not a rich uncle.

The transfer of land was lost. After dinner at the Victor E. withdrew molding column on a new fund. He went there with Lisnevym. Of course, it was possible and then submit reports to the picture. But does self-respecting operator misses "christening" of the new wells? Pyatkov crossed the Balik, asking Victor to postpone for tomorrow the final acceptance. Polevkin agreed, but believed that and today we can restrict campaign.

The reason for the slowness Pyatkova became clear very soon. Since the first independent examination, Polevkin, to his surprise, found intact "satellite", as if he had not been disturbed. In taynichke lay light little hatchet, which, together with other instruments of the former owner is now left to his successor. But the most important purchase Polevkina-worker diary Pyatkova operator. In a typical notebook marked features of each well, given a set of measures that help make generous allowances of oil. Such a gift is much easier to service the new owner. And the Victor E. with a "blank page" started working in the study area Balyko.


In the land of countless lakes, hardly anyone would suspect that the body of water - artificial. However, this is so. A deep pit left gidromehanizatory. Sand dredgers inwashed went on the road and the "island" of drilling sites. In drought and heat fine, as well grind salt, sand bottom gives the landscape a strange flavor. Pyatkov Lisnev and sit in a mobile trailer. The radio is constantly turned on, waiting for messages from the base. Today, on the shore of a difficult situation, streamlined process cycle-poboku. And at the site of Balyko-their problems.

Released a new master of vacation Evgeny Dmitrievich Gordeeva and stayed for two months without a manager. And he needed: What time promeshkaesh, years of toil will be.

- Twenty-fifth, twenty-fifth - zabubnil Manager.

Karpenko, finally, and have been recalled:

Pyatkov picked up the phone, the list is laid out in front, talking fast. Again, ask the people at least a couple, at least according to the third category. Lisnev not make out that the said George I., but by the way annoyed frown partner, understand, do have forces available. Victor E. prayed, we find the master, suffocating, time goes on break! Karpenko said something again. Pyatkov quickly retorted:

"I have the offer, we will discuss later. So long! ". Let's go to the wells. Prior to turning them on the road, and there, in different directions:

Pyatkova-to drillers, and Nicolas, the newly deposited "bush". The driver braked. Victor E. out of the car and suddenly, again on the bandwagon.

- Nicholas, come together, eh?, Requested that he should not refuse.

The team worked on the lake, stopping people for a thousand miles to Nefteyugansk traveled by air. Master with reddish eyes from fatigue conjured over geological dress. The very first well drilled in the Tyumen land! The complex cut of care difficult.

Guests, of course, are not idle, and Pyatkov Lisnev mas trees will be installed, with the tightness of the columns to watch. Just what is a senior foreign interest is? All interrogates: where the remnants of the solution will drain, will not suffer a lake? To such a master of detail. So they asked the forehead:

- What are the powers you have to do it?

Victor E. easily explained: there are, they say, and the relevant documents, but more rightly asks local old-timers and future owners of "bush".

- We have presented here the lake, and you're out of the gutter he going to do?

Pyatkov long been in the Commission for the Protection of Nature, and such conflicts, he gap, not only from outsiders. The wizard seems to not take into account the nature of the north, that it should be spared, for lack of time did not think. Lesson for the benefit!

Finally, let's go. A driver with difficulty prevailed vzgorok sand. Through the fumes smelled clean solyarovy meadows, flowering herbs. A huge "Caterpillar" shiny concave knife thrust in front of a pile of sand. Welding sparks of blue flashed here and there. Crash, the clank of iron filled the area, and all so that they will soon hear the murmur of the oil in the pipes, hand to feel the warmth of Yugansk's interior. And since the early days, puzzles. Two wells, the distance between them forty meters, not more, on both a deep-well pumps of power, and mining is different. Measurements made with connections cleaned, pomudrili half an hour this way and that. The result is a. Lisnev, perspiring from the effort, which again compares the readings. Builders clearly concerned about their persistent manipulation. "Bush" wants to pass more quickly, the act of signing and hands-on! Pyatkov thinking out loud. - This layer of fractious object, lens overlies ... Maybe it really left a loop?

- Then to a waterlogged - objection Nicholas and also did not step back, goes through the options. A very simple and has not taken into account. Victor E. again all obmozgoval, and then laid out:

- Put a piece of cake all. The drain valve is forgotten place.

- So, the pump is "over" works, - grabbed Lisnev, feeling that intuition is a senior fellow did not disappoint.

- In a work-alienated Victor repeated Evgenevich.-That's the thing: everyone-themselves. Each on-osobitsu. Trifling matter, there is no valve in the pump, and now permanently block the hole and even his own mistake in the labor enthusiasm will be served! He spoke correctly. But what can you do? So it has become a tradition with a long pore, every really busy with their own interests! What good nerves to spoil? We drove back past the lake, and again spoke of him Victor E., as if they had no problems and now its complexities.


The apartment Nefteyugansk Secretary of Party Committee Rafikova evening the phone rang.

- Sorry for the trouble. Pyatkov ... How do you the text of my speech at the plenary session tomorrow?

- I think the sound, hastened to reassure Secretary, Victor E., knowing how demanding it is to their public statements.

- Vera ... I've been missing with his friends at the launch of the new site. You know, hurts mismanagement. I would like to add about this.

Rafikova briefly paused. She particularly hoped for Pyatkova. Who, if not known trappers, to inspire the watch, the purpose of which, one million tons per day of liquid fuels? Secretary of the city, waiting for tomorrow's presentation of the appeal, a kind of instruction. And what if the experience of recent days will lead Pyatkova, in particular, will drown the main idea in the abundance of facts?

- Maybe it's better to keep your first option? Cautiously remarked Vera Nikolaevna.-It really pleases me. Continuity is felt.

- Continuity, you say?-Pyatkov zadumalsya. No, everything must be different. I want to vigilantly novices we had!

Rafikova felt: not recede from his intention. Now, when the Party Central Committee approved the initiative to achieve Tyumentsev abroad, which has never been made commodities of the country, working vigilance, an initiative of ordinary working people have become a prerequisite for success. Pyatkov, perhaps, before the others realized this feature upcoming competitions.

On the podium ... drillers briskly listed the numbers of penetration, team performance, brand name machines and tools. This review is good at the production meeting, and not in the hall, which brought together people of different professions ...

And then got Victor E.. Listening to him, secretary of the city knew that just was not narrowed the problem statement, highlighting Pyatkova only as a veteran, cheering fishermen of the new draft. The operator found the examples are equally close and builder, and drillers, and the pilot. Speculations about the working of conscience, the dignity of work, as the main indicators of the value of labor, once forced to forget about the interests and departmental intrashop differences. This is a misconception that the only feature of the work of duty. The initiative of labor collectives, and gave birth to a team contract and its more sophisticated form. She gave a start of the working relay race competition in the joint integrity, efficiency and enterprise. Why Nefteyugansk, for three five-year period is considered the ground testing of new technology, until sprouts are visible timid modern working fix it? Why have we lose precious hours, meters, tons of the so-called "little things"? It's time to stop working "for himself"!

It is a professional term was understood by all who listened that day Pyatkova. Returning from the November (1981) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, spoke at the Victor E. Plenary Session of the Tyumen Oblast Party Committee. He urged the communists of the watch in honor of "Tyumen million" to work with the highest returns, criticized the leaders of hampering the immediate delivery of new wells, said the reserve team and save your back turned to the subcontractors to join forces to overcome departmental divisions.


For some inexplicable law of all the troubles befall usually in the last hour shifts. And just the sight of the car, ran to the porch, Alexander van Pasechnikov often:

- The third direction of energy there. To remain in their places.

- Yasnenko, 'said Lisnev annoyed.

The printer in office robot has beaten off the alarm, and here he Karpenko with a team of electricians at the races "amphibian" to crash direction. Home now will enter any time soon. Green all-terrain vehicle braked, leaving a clear pattern in the sand. In the cockpit, together with the chief electrical engineer of fishing, the secretary of the Party organization of production workshop Nikolai L. Fedotov. Again zalopotali truck. They walked directly watching the threads of cable distribution lines. Pyatkov and Nicholas suddenly found themselves back together. Lisnevu so wanted to feel again the incredible community, which at this moment connects them with the Victor E.. Rushed to the site near the "bush" and immediately to the transformer. It's fine in general. Knocked the feeder. The cause must be identified. Otherwise, then there will be hell to pay from such surprises. The team made the change, the transformer hum. It seems to go home and be-false alarm. Lisneva wait: he had gone far along the line. Pyatkov, Karpenko, and Fedotov, decided to take a respite. Victor E. returned to talking on the radio.

Georgy Ivanovich, it's time to officially approve the master. The authoritative site commander needed.

For what it was?-Chuckles-Karpenko. authority did not seem to add you! Pyatkov frowned

- I believe the right to temporarily assign a master of the Communist Lisneva!

- How so?-Fedotov. raised his voice-only-only sanction imposed. Sam insisted, and now?

- Those words do not take back, Nikolai L.. I only know that the trust is better than any "strogacha" acts - calmly replied heel.

- It's not encouraging, but a new trial, supported by Victor E. Karpenko.

Cheer forced to turn towards the power lines. Meters over eighty of them in the thick sedge was Nicholas, raising his hands, which held the wings ... two dead crows.

- Irrefutable evidence - said cheerfully Pyatkov.-beaked birds accidentally touched, that's closure.

- And we must admit, I almost "miss the bus," he said with relief, Karpenko, brightening up.

Lisnev approached him closer and closer, pleased with his discovery. The three were waiting for him to announce the decision just taken, and, strange to say, in spite of an eventful night, was not particularly tired. Now Pyatkova and his friends not so hectic in the oil appeared to the dying day, the island, one of many that approximate the Tyumen region in alluring the limit from which the daily production for the first time in the history of the oil regions will be measured by seven-digit number.

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