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Markarian Grisha Sarkisovich

The foreman of the construction management team integrated number 31 of the trust "Erpromstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Markarian Grisha Sarkisovich Red Trust "Erpromstroy" is one of the largest construction Minpromstroya trusts in the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic with an annual volume of construction work in excess of 32 million rubles. The Trust consistently performs targets for all indicators. Commitments for the construction and assembly work in the Tenth Five-Year Plan were made in honor of the 60th anniversary of Soviet power in Armenia and the formation of the Communist Party of Armenia to the early-November 11, 1980. Trust is glorious deeds, and for awards, the Order of Red Banner of Labor, diplomas, and certificates. But its main wealth-people. This group formed, which employs more than three thousand people, most of them have many years of work experience. And here on the part of managers do not invite them to prepare your team and at all levels, from top to bottom.

Telman Balabekovich Kazarian, my immediate superior hero. And the three of us, with us the chief engineer of the trust Edward Armenakovich Vartapetyan, go to the construction site. The upcoming meeting with Grisha Sarkisovich Markarian, a team which is working on the construction of administrative and laboratory building, which is part of a complex of industrial buildings erected in the trust Jrvezh array in the suburbs of Yerevan.

Jumping over the stairs, quickly climbed the stairs a man in overalls, and then he stepped onto the platform and a wide elastic step went in our direction. He was a stocky, heavily-built man. His work complements a dark suit hat, from which the tar beaten out of blackness, it seems, without a single sedinki, hair. I already knew Grisha Markarian crossed a threshold of fifty, his son Gagik graduated from Civil Engineering, served in the Army and worked as a mechanic at a construction site area, it is my grandfather, and before us stood a man, whose face is clearly not match the passport and the everyday Markarian data-smart, slim, looks very young.

- I am willing to be helpful to you, but please, only after work. Another time, no, learn about the purpose of my visit, without thinking, he said.

At first glance, biography of Grigori Margaryan Sarkisovich no different with some outstanding achievements. He began his career at age 14 in the remote village of PM, in Martuni region, on the collective farm yard. His immature boys' hands did not shun any work. All four children grew up in a family of Markarian not cit, and laborers, and Grisha has known well since childhood the price of bread. But it is not burdened by this, understood easily have parents, you need to help them. Industrious young man was seen not only in the family. He was known on the farm, "valued, not just set an example, even an adult employee, and then came the first great joy. At age 17 he was awarded the medal" For labor valor. "How was working guy, so if you managed to earn the honor!

In 20 years, Grisha was sent to Yerevan to six-month course FZO. He studied fine and, after finishing training, he went to work in construction boards number 31, later converted to a "Erpromstroy."

. That's the whole profile: farm and "Erpromstroy." In those two words fit into working life of Hero of Socialist Labor Grisha Sarkisovich Markarian.

- I'm not going to be a builder, but my first teacher in FZO Vachik Alexanian has managed to arouse my interest in the profession, 'said Grisha Sarkisovich. Then he was a young man, and the seriousness and insistence he did not have to borrow. He liked me, he wanted to emulate. Vachik Alexanian has taught me to work conscientiously. I will never forget it, I am glad that he is alive and well, working as a foreman at the factory Kanaker.

At the time, and I started there. After the war was such a hunger for builders, that my vocation, one might say, life itself has identified. After FZO went Kanaker build an aluminum smelter. Plasterer, was engaged in finishing work, but the main thing to realize his involvement in the construction, which seemed huge at the time.

The plant has grown by leaps and bounds, and I, a peasant boy, had the honor of working in this wonderful team. And here I was lucky: my teacher was Hovhannes Adzhemyan, now quite an elderly man, but for me it is still the standard work. As Vachik Alexanian, he demanded first and foremost an honest attitude. I must admit, is still proud of the participation in the construction and the fact that their teachers did not disappoint. I started with the fourth level, there was a fifth, and then became a master of the sixth discharge. Here I have entrusted the Komsomol youth brigade, which was 14 people. The guys were different, come across quiet, but there were Teasing. They were different not only in nature, but also on education. I watched them, looking for ways to their hearts, but not always work: there was no real work experience, skills, working with people. Yet our efforts are not wasted, we have to achieve high performance. In 1956 he received his secondary education, and soon I was asked to form a new integrated team. There were 18 people, we specialize in plastering, painting, tiling, hardwood operations. Our team is formed is not easy. There have been, and absenteeism and tardiness, and came across shabashniki-the scourge of all construction projects. These people bring a lot of harm, they wander from the construction site to construction site, and their tales of fabulous seasonal earnings are decomposed team. We quickly got rid of these crooks. Spineless to them anyway before a fall, should be stricter approach to discipline violators. Adult is not easy to re, it should bring up the difficulty. All that we are building, always in sight. So I do not accept concessions primarily in relation to himself and others insist on respect for the work that require skill, which is impossible without consistency and loyalty to our profession. On the tenth five-year mission team coped for three years and four months, all the objects were taken with the estimates of "good" and "excellent." By the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of Armenia's Markarian and his colleagues met this obligation to the Congress, completing the finishing work in the new Nine-plan house. The object was not delivered during the year, as envisaged, and for six weeks, and it noted the new house 36 families, each of which received a two-bedroom comfortable apartment.

In 1975 the team decided to work on a method of Nikolai Zlobin, assuming a common end.

- This is a very progressive method - continued Grisha Sarkisovich. - The first in our country it used Garnik Manasyan, Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of State Prize of the USSR and Armenian SSR, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. I was impressed by his achievements and provoked a desire to support the initiative. I deeply appreciate Manasyan and consider myself a follower of his. This is a man with an open heart, he had no trade secrets, he is always willing to share their experiences, to help. Faithful friend, who can be relied upon.

Brigadier self-financing if for him to treat with due care, fully justified. I was in Moscow at the All-Union Conference front-rank workers, met with the followers of Zlobin. Their experience, expertise Manasyan Garnica, and our own (the method of Brigadier contract replicated by all the construction companies' Erpromstroya "), is based primarily on the discipline of each member of the brigade, the mutual control and responsible attitude to the expenditure of materials, full use of mechanisms to increase professional skills, which means that mastering several professions, each of us, if necessary, can replace a comrade.

Our team is divided into six sections. Each of them has an older mentor. For me, the overall control. This diagram. And in life we get this: people take on their shoulders and divide all the trouble, but a joy for all. Quality of work depends not on one team leader, but I am calm, we have great professionals, they will not allow the marriage. For each object corresponds to the conscience of our work is private, collective, professional.

Markarian Grisha Sarkisovich We have a difficult profession. Always in the open air, and cold and heat. Wind, snow, rain, debilitating heat, our constant companions. Add to this gadzhevuyu dust, penetrating virtually all the pores, and only then we can appreciate the dedication to the cause of the people to whom they give their power and knowledge. Haji is a special type of clay plaster, it is filled with water, dilute, and then put on the wall and rubbed with a trowel. A good building material, but rather moody, time-consuming, with only work manually, moreover, it dries quickly and does not like marriage, it is difficult to tear off a long time, so it should be done with a guarantee. Thinking to move to a dry plaster will probably be easier to work, though, I confess, to throw such a valuable material is a pity. Before you finally decide the issue, one must weigh a lot. Grisha Markarian does not belong to the people talkative, but when it comes to him personally, his eloquence stream dries instantly. Another thing, when talking about the team, then he-he. No wonder the Deputy Minister of Industrial Construction of the Armenian SSR, Michael Nersesovich Badalian, speaking of the Markarian, recalled the following episode:

- I think it was July 7. We Markarian attended the rally of the graduates of vocational schools. As expected, I did a small report. Were made by other comrades. We were received very well and accompanied with friendly applause. Then he climbed to the podium Grisha. He spoke without abstracts and papers, he said simply and effectively, as a father with his children, shared his concerns on the construction site, said the works in the brigade, of himself as he is a young man from the village, became a working man, a professional builder, a brigadier. He talked about the duty of those in front of thousands of unknown workers of our grandfathers, fathers and brothers who during World War II changed the peaceful constructive hammer mason and plasterer trowel on the rifle, stepped on scaffolding on the battlefield to defend our freedom and happiness. And many never returned. We build for himself and for them, he said, to be worthy of their courage, fortitude, and patriotism. In the hall established a striking silence. The boys froze, caught literally every word, and when he finished, as if an invisible whirlwind burst into the room and caught them with a place, they stood, applauded vigorously and long Grisha was not released. This is a real speaker, able to capture, conquer the audience - in the voice of Michael Nersesovicha heard the notes of any proud jealousy, people found the right words and was able to say with all my heart.

And he Grisha Sarkisovich preferred to talk only about the affairs of the brigade. And calling the names of their comrades.

- Take the nut Aramovich Grigorian, our veteran, twenty-six years old are working together. (Later he Grigoryan | says: Grisha, my brother, Markaryan. We. Families and friends. Wonderful people, could not be better.)

- Golden Gregory the hands of our Sogomonovich Garibyan, he is also a veteran in

team for fifteen years. Calm, balanced person, words to the wind, not throwing.

Sam Gharibyan heard this description, he smiled and replied briefly:

- With such a team leader can not be bad work. Not just me. Everyone! We are a family, and work is our conscience 'TCI.

The pupil of the brigade said Zaven Avalyan Grisha Sarkisovich his teacher.

- Builder, I was only thanks to Margarian. That's right. A more sensitive (responsive, attentive man is not., I know. I am 23 years old, of which I, along with a team of nearly four years. I loved these people and work like the zloty that the fruits of their labors may be said to mature before your eyes. Among us there is no indifferent, all working with the flame, with interest, because time is not a burden, and joy. team has helped me not only to master. profession of a builder, but also in education, correspondence study in the college building in the fourth year, will soon be protected diploma. Brigade and its commander, helped me to become a communist. great happiness in my life met a man like Sarkisovich Grisha, in the plaza, Zaven guess enthusiastic admiration for his teacher.

My interlocutors expressive look at his watch, and now they've cleverly climb the narrow stairs to the vertical wood, there, up to the ceiling. The slope, barely audible slap mortar and trowel begins smoothly slide on the wall, climbing higher and higher. So inch by inch, meter by meter kilometers of walls and ceilings. Beautiful work, precise, calibrated for years of hard work. But what need physical strength, endurance, patience to endure like this a few hours on the high forests with head thrown back and arms outstretched! Slavik L. Mushkambaryan working on the project superintendent. Slavik Zaven older, he thirty, he was a graduate engineer and, according to Grigori Margaryan, despite his youth, an experienced and talented employee. Mushkambaryan Jrvezh on the site for a long time, since 1975.

- Grigori Margaryan Brigade, without exaggeration, can be regarded as a person, not only the SU-31 and trust "Erpromstroy," but the whole of the Ministry of Industrial Construction of Armenia. The team is different cohesion, discipline, dependability in work, hence the high rates. Sam Brigadier-sample integrity, integrity. Working with him, for every creative happiness, it's high school education, which you every day and teach moral lessons nenazoylivo understanding of human and civic duty. For team members are equally important and the plan, and quality. By the way, you have been in our opera house?

- Travels in the theater, and in behalf of the House Education Shaumyan.

- What do you think?-In the eyes of naughty Mushkambaryana flashed lights.

- Beautiful. In my opinion, very soundly work.

- What are you!-My rating probably seemed too sderzhannoy.-It's extra-work! Finishing this unique building is beyond praise. I would call all these guards markaryanovtsev work!

I can not disagree with Slavik Mushkambaryanom. And although I was not a witness of the intense working days, but now genuinely admired the results of "battle" for the theater-flawless treatment of walls, ceilings, floors, facing the beauty of a truly fascinating. I bow to all those who worked at the site, worked on the conscience!

Many days I had the opportunity to talk with Gregory Sarkisovich Markarian, learn, if I may say so, his management style, but never saw that it interfered with work mates. His style, efficiency and confidence that the job will be done in time.

- We do not have pyatiminutok morning, 'said Grisha Sarkisovich. - Apparel distributed after work. Leaving home, people know exactly what will work the next day. On that day, and called the workers to begin not with his meeting and from work. We do not even resort to "study". If someone was late or not come to work, he considers it his duty without any reminders to explain what happened. From the team no one voluntarily goes, this happens only in situations worthy of respect, care, study or in the army. Of course, not the last thing a material interest. Each link in our team has its own category. Installation of windows or doors-one rate, plastering work is another. Recording is done openly. People are aware of their scope of work, but they know and how much can earn. And we are very mindful of the cost of materials and improvised. Here's a look at these floors. Like?

Of course, it may not like such a beautiful mosaic of blue, small, like pebbles, artistically arranged plates.

- You mean, like?, Good-natured grin, repeats Markaryan.-But this is just a waste, scrap, remaining after laying the tiles. We are all going to work. Save on alabaster, cement and other materials. In addition, the diligent work of each team member eliminates the marriage, then there is no need for additional materials and spend time on rework. People have soldered, not only work but also personal friendship. We and after a hard day trying to meet, together with their families go to the theater, cinema, visiting exhibitions, we leave to nature. The truth is, really to stick. All this has helped us for the Tenth Five-Year Plan to increase productivity by 41%. But it's certainly not the limit. Grisha Sarkisovich long pondered.

- What stops you in your work?

- You know, construction is the same conveyor. Look at the ceiling. It is mounted ventilation, electricity, plumbing pipes. This involved representatives of the three completely different organizations. We, the finishers, the fourth in a row. Frankly, do not always exist between us consistency, interaction, hence the failures, and sometimes downtime, breaks a single rhythm. It happens on the scene arrives incomplete set of equipment, very little mechanization is being introduced, many works are carried out manually. We want to build quickly and well. Probably need to learn everything new and progressive, that is in construction, but also to combat the laxity and mismanagement, to improve the overall responsibility for all production levels. And more. Much has been said about the substantial difference between the living conditions of factory workers and construction workers. In plants arranged sale of products, industrial goods, visited by representatives of studios and workshops ... Nothing like have not seen builders. Is not it time to think about this issue seriously and to move from talk to action to improve our way of life.

I really cherish that friendship, which fused our team. Believe me, I tell you not to be witty: My success is a successful team, my friends. I can not even express how I am grateful for the trust, dedication, invaluable assistance. But presenting demands to the people, we need to delve into more of their needs, to care about the life, health and cultural growth. These problems were faced and our leadership to the party and trade union organizations, in front of me, as a foreman, a Communist party secretary of our construction management. I also need to think about how to organize and plan their time. Do not want to play the hypocrite, I catch myself thinking that sometimes consume it without much use for all kinds of meetings.

- 1981 is over, Grisha continues Sarkisovich. We had a plan of works is set at 420 thousand rubles. We carried out this plan for 9 months and now we go with a solid stepping stone for the future. We had such an idea: switch completely to the complex organization of labor, which means that the receiving object, the home team must do everything: earthwork, concrete, assembly, finishing and other kinds of work, taking on full responsibility for the delivery of it into operation. This will help us put an end to rush, rush jobs. Tired of living's introduction, which is still in construction There is, "there is a brick, mortar, no smoking will be, the solution is, the bricks will be no-smoking". Do not bring up a brick, let us mount, or carpentry work, it is always there.

If we can well and thoughtfully prepare for this new process for us, it sure does not give two million rubles, and four, and even with the tail. Here we have this idea. And not one. You know, ever since I became a hero, I did not leave the restless thought: if all I do is to match such a high rank?

Grisha Markarian graduated from a three-year University of Marxism-Leninism. The politically literate person, he is well aware that every year increases the importance of Lenin's thoughts about the direct connection between the creation of a "socialist power" and work to improve the level of discipline and organization. The communist organization of social labor, our leader, wrote, "... and the longer stays, the greater will be held in a free and conscious discipline of the workers themselves ..." for labor discipline, "... economic development of a nail ..." .

This is Lenin's Testament has penetrated deep into the heart of the Communist Markarian, which has undoubtedly original talent unite people in a single working group. He was able to prepare 60 plasterers who have been pace-production, and some of them, such as Lawrence and Gagik Avetisyan Sadakyan themselves led units and is now competing with his former mentor. But in training, said Markarian, you can never reach the maximum, and basic science education, team leader by example. The restless nature of Grisha Sarkisovich manifested in everything. His nine introduced innovations to the overall economic effect of 25,000 rubles is also a science education, but here, he thinks no end of work.

Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of two Orders of Lenin and Order of October Revolution, was awarded many medals and marks of distinction for his valiant work, delegate XXIV, XXV and XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of Armenia, a candidate member of the Communist Party of Armenia, Honored Builder of the Republic, leading singer of good deeds in the new next five years, their business for a long time ahead of time, a communist and a pioneer Grisha Sarkisovich Markarian is not going to, reveling in the glory rest on our laurels.

Markarian categories of public-minded intelligent person. He prefers theater to film, because the value of live contact between the auditorium and the stage, loves music, especially his illustrious countrymen Aram Khachaturian and Arno Babajanian, proud of their fame far beyond his native Armenia. Still he dreams of traveling. Even once visited Italy, where he went with a delegation of Sister Cities: Yerevan is friends with the Italian town of Carrara. But despite his fondness for travel, twice refused to cruise around Europe for the first time, it was necessary to take the hospital building, and in another, because of the finishing work on the urgent Jrvezh site. It is a pity that the trip never took place, but because there are better things to do. Do not you think?

And Grisha with frank adoration Markarian said the children and grandchildren, respectfully and affectionately about his wife, Annick, my golden heart man, I'm much obliged to her.

Grisha Sarkisovich and Anik Grigorievna five children. The son of Gagik followed in the footsteps of his father, believes that many more years we will see them together on a construction site. The eldest daughter, Emma finished institute of foreign languages, learning English. Gemma has a secondary technical education, working as a technician in the computer center. Armenuhi working in the Central State Archive of Armenia. Only a universal favorite Aykush still a schoolgirl, studying in sixth grade and their parents encouraged their excellent marks.

Markarian has a big, bright, modestly furnished apartment, which has everything you need, but nothing more. But a lot of books, and they are not for decoration, and pass from hand to hand, then "reviewed" is not without heated debate, noisy, hot interest.

Friendly, loving each other, living in harmony with good people gathered under the roof of this hospitable home. It must be confessed, I would like to wish the hostess a little more peace and less worries, meanwhile Annick G. also works housekeeper in a children's clinic.

- Yes, even the grandchildren ... Ya-added-How do you cope?

- Once we have trouble happened - instead of answering told Anik G., ill-Aykush. I rushed home from work, called the doctor, the child made shots, but did not help. The temperature is increased. I am in despair, rushed to Grisha. I do not remember how to get on the scene, the sun burned mercilessly, breathe easy nothing, and on-site dust was so, well, this impenetrable wall. When Grisha came, I did not immediately recognize him. And, you know, looked at him and before him I was sorry that I lied ... said she was close, and therefore got there. Since then, try not to molest him everyday misery ...

Here's what she-woman, wife, mother, grandmother, kind-hearted Annick G..

- We talked about a dream-conversation intervened to our Grisha Sarkisovich - my main dream is peace for my family, for my country, for the entire planet. The builder can not wish for the destruction, because the world and creation are inextricably linked together. - And, a little thought, though firmly established in his opinion it is very warm and confidently concluded:-We are the builders, the richest people. We have our own factories, institutions, kindergartens, hospitals, Philharmonic, entire blocks of houses. All this work of our hands. We, the builders, the most rich people, he repeated, 'and I'm one of them.

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