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Berzins Rita Mikelevna

Machinist of the crane Riga mechanized distance of cargo handling works Baltic Railway, Hero of Socialist Labor

Berzins Rita Mikelevna The station Riga-commodity at the center of the city. New districts have absorbed the once remote area, fenced and still a high fence, pushing the edge of the current for many miles.

The value of this plant is extremely large businesses and for workers, builders, and for all citizens. These goods come from different parts of the country. Hence, the route begins with the compositions of Latvian production for all Soviet republics. Here, on this station, working crane operator and Hero of Socialist Labor Mikelevna Rita Berzins. Here, on the container platform, on the eight-meter height, her workplace.

Here is how Rita Mikelevna about their work:

- Job crane is interesting, but difficult. It seems like you know how to submit your inch cock, gently lower the container into the back of the car. Steady hand and cool head in the crane should be. Without it we go nowhere. But it still needs to be of particular relevance to the selected case. Then from the glassed-in cockpit you can see a lot more than just containers, trucks and cars.

- I would call our nerve center of the station. Here acutely feel how much it means an extra hour of downtime truck, wagon, you know what that is, when the company receives the necessary time desperately goods.

Let me give a little help: a comprehensive team led by Berzins in the Tenth Five-Year Plan in addition to the redesigned 90 tons of economic goods. Based on this figure, the experts made this calculation: Berzin each team received a group of cars handle for 4 minutes faster than the technology provided. Almost half an appreciable saving.

We will return to Berzin, the foreman, because there is a story to tell about this woman, lead is not an easy man team. But, I think, not too much now to look back, to follow the first and subsequent steps of an ordinary girl from the countryside on the way to the top of the labor glory.

There is a small village near Jelgava Ozolnieki. There was born Rita. She grew up with twin sister. The little girl was not even ten years old when his father died. It was in a difficult 1944. Rita went to high school, and began to help Dzidra mother. Rita was sixteen years old, and when he had to go to night school to go to work. She joined the Secretary-typist in nearby mts.

- A thirst for technology, I can be seen in the blood, 'says Rita Mikelevna.-To be closer to tractors, cars, asked the leaders of MTS include me in the team, which went to the farm for agricultural inventories. Checking the serviceability of tractors, gas mileage. Well, used to turn its back on the tractor itself MTS-I directly on the machine, at least moment to sit at the helm.

Probably still right to say about the role of the case in the destiny of man. In the life of Rita Mikelevny he also had a certain value. He was a longtime friend of the family Berzins, he worked in Riga on the railroad. He came once in Ozolnieki visit. My mother told me about life openly, not concealed, it is difficult to account for. Guest can only help with good advice. "Let us Rita, in Riga, rides on the railroad - offered on.-Cause learn, earning to be better." Long after the mother and daughter have speculated on the proposal. Mother's heart ache: no joke, to work every day for forty miles. Then the train went rarely, slowly, not like now. Ryadili this way and decided to do, you should try.

Rita brought the familiar to the personnel department at the station Riga-commodity. He looked at the head girl: the growth of small, but the work is not afraid to be seen. Without further ado, and designed to charge the battery electric cars. Brigadier Janis Resnis was also taciturn. He said only: "Here's your locker. Can you change clothes. We will learn to work. "

The work was easy. In the evening the drivers chased their cars to the warehouse, and Rita had to fill the batteries with distilled water, connected to the charging. Day was given another job, washing parts with kerosene. Went unnoticed while. Rita gradually mastered. People treated her kindly, cheering, trying to support. One day, Rita felt acutely that now the Riga-Commodity firmly established in her life, and destiny. The fate of the girl and the fate of the station as it touched at one point. Rita approached the engineer Berdakin. He said that she needed to learn from the crane operator.

- See, now, instead of steam cranes will have power. Soon we get.

- What are you, Vasily Mikhailovich! I'm afraid, which of my crane operator!

- Nothing, nothing. No gods pots. I looked, you are intelligent, quick, love the technique. Write on the course!

Go to courses in the evenings after work. In the drawings the device studied tap, electrics, machinery. Rita first heard the technical terms, carefully recorded in a notebook, then the long way home, all teach that the teacher told us bear in mind. It is a pity that a look at this crane it was impossible to touch the parts with their hands.

Six months of training lasted. But that's sent one of his listeners-Fricis Rigausa in Vilnius on the industrial practice, learn to work on elektrokrane. Came up and examination time. In the presence of an engineer who came Berdakina inspector began to take exams. It was not easy to withstand the tests. Rita went cold when out of office one by one out guys, they are distressed because in the past worked as an assistant to the steam cranes, crane-and grimly declared:

"Failed ..."

Turn came up, and Rita.

Then Berdakin said: "I saw that Rita narrowed eyes, as if took aim, pulled the ticket. All told, and additional questions answered. " Finally, it was brought to the station elektrokran. Future crane ran to the platform, surprised gasp: "What a huge object, not something that the current steam-slightly taller than a man. And this out to eight feet. Install and then the problem! "Assembled themselves new. Began the practice, a month had to be three hours after work.

The first impression of familiarity with the crane, and was cheerful and eerie. From the cockpit from the height it was all clear, it is immediately struck by Rita. And the engines away, and leaving the path, and containers. And at the same time, it was hard to imagine how this car on the track will be heard, move on to your request, turn around, pick up cargo. Mentor was Fricis Rigaus, one in Lithuania to practice driving.

- Well, try, 'he said.

- It is terrible, 'she admitted.

- Yes will remove at least one lever.

So she began the path to ensure that

crane operator to become the best-of Riga


I asked:

- How much time had to learn control of a crane?

- Learned to work well in a year, said Rita Mikelevna. - Only a year later Crane began to listen to me for real.

- Do you remember your first day on-site crane operator? Companion smiled.

- I remember well. Only it was not the day and night working. It just so happened that put me in the night shift. Before that night, had never worked on the crane. Worried. Visibility, of course, worse than during the day, and indeed something uncomfortable: that happen is to help no one, none of the crane at the plant remains. They gave me a pilot-slingers from them so much depends! Slinger as a conductor for the crane-time to signal the "Lane", "Veera" show, which put the load. Climb the ladder into the cockpit, I hear weighers laugh: "A woman on tap! Lafayette, we will sleep tonight. What can it! "But they did not have to sleep. The work I have asked a good thing. And so was fulfilled my long-standing desire to learn to subdue the technique.

Berzins Rita Mikelevna Thrust to the technique is being said, the pope with his mother. But glimpses of Rita is another important feature: a heightened sense of responsibility. Sometimes a container lift crane operator, and in fact the bottom has fallen off! Although the fault of the sender is not inspected for quality, capacity, and Rita's soul cat scratching. Especially for some reason, remember, when poured some glass beads. Was ready to jump out of the cabin and collect them by hand.

But, it's ten years later, led to it and the first student. Future slinger.

- Sly in this study did not, - said Rita Mikelevna-but patience is required. How to tap more agile to climb as the sling hook, 'I'm very interested to get my mate a second economy, it is also necessary to teach, and teach the necessary time to save. And people, you know, come different. Just something began to notice that neither the beginner, to me. Understood:

other crane operators want to get ready slinger, and messing around with training do not want to. In fact this is unfair. But then I was silent. Agreed to:

God bless them, the children still need to learn, and if without soul, without desire, it is better not to teach at all.

Intentionally present here as a lengthy statement on this side of the companion of her work. The fact is that over time she became a wonderful mentor. In the last five years, for example, has trained and educated crane operators 12 and 18 slingers.

That's the feeling of responsibility, working thrift-when everything fit with the state measure,-was the core of her nature. They told me such a case. He came to the area a new chief, a young specialist Oleg Temnik. Immediately identified: technology is often out of order. About a decided need to crane operators were engaged in repairing their own cranes. Certainly more careful to treat them will be. But do not rule out Temnik negative reaction from some of the workers. It was necessary to obtain reliable support, to find support. The first, and then he supported the Communist Berzin.

Before the beginning of a change in the bridge crane Rita Mikelevny usually collected her colleagues. It specifies the strategy of power

machines and mechanisms for the sole purpose

reduce downtime cars for loading and unloading, faster email composition in a way. To accomplish this task, we must carefully examine the

and analyze the supply schedule of freight trains

It turned out as predicted Temnik. Repairing the crane and had at the weekend. And it was strange. Some saw a violation of labor law: labor organizations in the complaints started. After consulting with the law. It was found no violation. With time and crane operators understand the timeliness of the introduction of self-repair. From now on, cranes worked flawlessly, rarely out of order, were carried out plans, it went better, the earnings have grown.

Or more. There are on tap so-called knot security. Noticed that for some reason it cut off the crane, which is a flagrant violation. Working with disabled node is forbidden-that and look, misfortune can happen. Some crane cheated, saying that repairers are to blame. Berzin has raised the question of principle: who are we kidding? Let's look at the merits and put things in order. Itself is soon discovered the reason: wrong-site at the construction and repair workers have nothing to do with it, it is necessary to change it. Adapted home-made carts, set them on all the taps, and the issue was resolved.

Rita Mikelevnu at the station called an innovator. Over the years, crane operator work, it has made many innovations. In general, it is natural and comes to skill, and with it the ability to see opportunities to improve the tools of his work, working methods. Gradually appropriately formed and the nature of man can with an innovative streak indifferent to innovation, though not invented by ourselves, but mastering it will certainly be demanding, nervous energy.

It is no accident, describing Berzin as an innovator, talking about her involvement in the implementation of avtostrop. Developed their design professionals Kharkov, and the novelty started to apply for the first time in Riga. Unfortunately, the design was flawed. Two days later avtostropy out of order. But the crane had already felt what a great effect can be a tool, you only need to bring it, they say, to the mind. Engineers said: "We hold out on the site, but need help crane operators." Turned to Rita Mikelevne-best crane operator. Proficiency test must be impeccable, while the engineers have the confidence that the cause of failures in the imperfection of the design rather than the skill driver. Berzins agreed at once, though anticipated considerable difficulties. House-family, children, and social pressures to have enough time, and often had to carry out the test after the working day. Joint work has led to success. As a result, residents of Riga were the first in the country began to use avtostropy. It was a big step forward in increasing the productivity of labor is now on the container areas of Riga, commodity, and on other similar stations in Latvia do without slingers.

It would be wrong to represent a sort of hero Rita Mikelevnu without charge of doubt, without any whatever human weaknesses. And the faithful companions, her assistants are also needed, as each of us. And she, in speaking of himself, does not hesitate to tell as it was in reality. She saw not the best way they have organized labor in both container floors. Formed, for example, a random break. Crane sits on the top bunk, bored. And in the same minute 05.06 in stock movers knocked down, do not have time to handle the cars. Or is this situation: on one platform has nothing to do, and next, in the next, a real rush job. And there's cock a free, stand-by. How much work time wasted away! Heard on the initiative of Rita Mikelevna Illichivsk port dockers, who created the complex brigade. Wow, of course, have Illichivets interchangeability, having mastered the related professions, working together on a single. One section chief Vladimir K. Berzins Lugashov started with a conversation about the fact that it is time to create the same team and on the Riga-commodity. Agreed crane operator with a reasonable offer. But when the foreman said, as a firm decision: "You, Rita, and lead the first comprehensive"-began to refuse:

"What are you, as I will command the men! Do not get me! "Yet Lugashov persuaded to accept the offer. Gathered together in the cabins. Was noisy and difficult conversation. First, workers were told that such an integrated team, as it is organized labor. Offered to speak out. Many were against it. Excited voices were heard:

- We hired porters!

- Will retire! But there were, of course, supporters of innovation. Perhaps Rita Mikelevny performance and helped tip the scales in his direction. She stood quiet (its already otperezhivala):

- Oh, you men! Frightened, threaten dismissal. I am a woman is physically weaker than you, but vote for an integrated team and did not disdain any work.

It has become a team working together on a single. First, all the people acting separately-impacted habit. Breaking it is not easy. But Rita Mikelevna not retreating. In these difficult days, more than ever, she appreciated the help of trusted friends. Sometimes slinger (still not used avtostropy) obstinate: "Do not go to another site, it is better to sit doing nothing will!" Submit and application with a request to dismiss at will. But then picked up again. Did frank. "Come on, man, let a man talk, what's what, as we continue to live," says such a stubborn crane Vaclav V. Reshko or slinger Robert Yanovich Bruvers people respectable, serious.

- Without their help, run away with brigadirstva, smiling, Rita Mikelevna. - But survived, and now I feel confident. And people have seen that in a complex work better. Labour productivity has risen quickly up. Here's my data: 81 for the first quarter of the year, our team has processed in excess of the plan 15,000 tons of cargo. But now there is a Berzin their difficulties. It unreleased Brigadier-time work and the crane operator. Rita Mikelevna organizes its work as it deems useful for solving the main problem. For instance, she rarely sits in the cockpit of the crane, but a team is always a scope of work. Do not filed on time-wagons foreman communicates with the controller, requires them to file for processing. It also happens that the shunting locomotive goes to the driveways of some companies and get stuck there, not in a hurry to return to Riga driver-Commodity. Do not raise the alarm, the foreman will people without cause. Anxiety, a sense of responsibility inherent in Mikelevne Rita, are manifested in it.

- Frankly, I do not mind when I was accused that the tap a little work, says brigadir.-These people are right, but only with a reservation. If we had debugged the work of all services, including traffic control, would not have to pierce, to call, swear. This we will need.

Probably the correct line stands Mikelevna Rita. It was not the case that her team lost first place in competition with the team, led by Franz Ivashkevich, incidentally, a former student Berzina. Maybe the fact that these supervisors have different views on their role in the team, the organization of its work. Once on a time Berzin had to go to the team competition. She managed to bring the staff in the first place.

Many Rita Mikelevny concerns and also industrial, everyday.

- The recently reunited with old friend, 'says ona.-Ta would not mind chatting to one hundred years have not seen. And I told her all the same: run once. She listened to me and said, "Lucky you on the off-hour loads. And do not run to the shops, all busy. " The voice of irony, and even confusion. Do not argue. For shopping I have to go-as-can family: husband, a mechanic at the plant "Rigahimmash" (by the way, before Richard me slinger worked there and met), the youngest daughter just recently got on its feet, it is a seamstress (senior, however, separated , married). But not only as the mistress go to the store. There are also his duty to the deputy of the Riga City Council, a member of the Committee on Trade and public catering.

What a hot sphere of trade, no need to explain. We have to meet with various people, whom fate has led behind the counter. Many of them are beautiful, kind, sensitive, honest. I'm not afraid of these words, I judge not by hearsay. But there are others. Confronted with the brutality and deception, and lack of understanding of the value of their work, and the inability to organize customer service. Recently, at the supermarket, "Tallinn", which zhilmassive Jugla. A huge store, but people have to enter and exit through one door, the other tightly closed. The mass of buyers, and only seven baskets of dozens of works only half of the banks. The leaders of "Tallinn" promised to rectify the situation, but at least one more visit there, need to check. Detect problems are not so difficult, more difficult to achieve, that order was induced to raise the level of service citizens.

Work on the container areas of Riga, the Commodity mechanized by 96 percent. But still it holds belongs to the category of heavy. Of course, there is not that in the laboratory, there is still warm, the people working in white coats. Those imbued with great respect to the crane operator Mikelevne Rita Berzins, who gave his beloved profession quarter of a century.

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