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Eset Khamraev

Baker, a master of the production association "Ashhabadhleb" Hero of Socialist Labor

Eset Khamraev And today he got up as usual at five o'clock. Careful not to wake his wife, was headed to the kitchen. But Nargul already woke up her husband's habit of climbing, the crack of dawn, and went for it. And probably the hundredth time, said quietly:

- Would have slept another half hour ... Will not leave your bakery.

- Yes, she does not go away. A batter can "escape", said the male-kneaded yesterday on the new yeast, it will behave - is unknown.

One day my wife asked, "Do not you tired of every day to deal with the dough? It's on our own, the female. " "Tell me, do not you sick of eating fresh churek?" Question-answer man. More she did not ask.

Time takes its. All rarer in Ashgabat, though inverted, with a hole in the bottom, large clay bowls tamdyrov in which they bake churek. But to do without these delicious cakes can not be national.

- Of course. They require more and more - confirms the director of association "Ashhabadhleb" Peter G. Sergeenko.-not if we had such a wonderful master baker at churek, Ashgabat lacked a single line east of identity. Amazing is the man. Job in his modest, and hard. And he was in love with her, according to the most honorable. And right, because she needed all the Ashgabat ... For the success of our labor Eset Aga back in the eighth and ninth five-year periods was awarded the Order of Lenin and Labor Red Banner, two diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Belorussian SSR, his name is recorded in the Book of Labor Glory of the city. And now, Hero of Socialist Labor. We are happy for him with all my heart! ..

- You would see how it works - Secretary of the party bureau continued association Oguldzhamal Meredovna Amanberdyeva.-Labor gives him true satisfaction. They say that a talented person is the "divine spark". Cleverly bake bread, too, a kind of talent. Have you seen a woman at home is preparing the dough and bake? It is just a religious rite. And here we must bake every ton churek. And so they came out like an exquisite mistress. It's not easy. Believe my experience, women's ...

We came out of the World, 35, when there were eight in the morning. But there is already standing about thirty Ashgabat mistresses.

- As for the deficit, says the driver. And shows aside: - Do you see three cars under the trees? Rooms are not Ashgabat. Also chorek profits.

In the doorway appears very tall man in a snow-white robe and cap. To him the guy runs up, puts his hand respectfully to his heart:

- Hello, Eset, yeah. I'm from Tedzhen. The application I have. Two hundred pieces. Help to quickly let go. The day after the wedding ...

- So why do you garden head, arrived today? Nor could the day after tomorrow morning? Or at least tomorrow night. Do you think the guests say thank you? No, I can not talk to you ... yeah, Eset-turns and goes out quickly. ... Acquainted. Eset Hamraevich Khamraev visibly upset. I asked him why he chastised fellow.

- What for?-Udivlyaetsya.-bake because we do not just bread, and national churek. They should always have fresh. Then they and the lush and tasty, and flavorful. And the guy says, "the day after tomorrow." Until that time, it would no longer be churek.

As the conveyor roll groove golden, crispy crust with a cake. Khamraev takes one:

- Try as they where hot.

And I can see why come here from all parts of the mistress of Ashgabat. And say: "For hamraevskimi chorek."

- You know what I hear from Ashgabat men? Eset Hamraevich.-smiling-as if I spoiled their wives. Do not want to say, the stove at home churek. Buy ours. This is in Turkmenistan, is where every woman prepares them almost from childhood. And now ... That is, they say, times have gone ...

The master seemed to be regretted. But in the view lukavinka. He is secretly proud of that party to any breach of this tradition. Ashhabadok release from the hassle with hot tamdyra - a noble thing for men. And women, of course, grateful for it. Although most of them have not seen Khamrayeva in the face, do not know how much he had to work hard to be happy they took from the shelves of the store churek and impatient on the way home pinch off pieces of delicious rosy circle.

Eight years ago, discovered that the only shop in the capital of the national product. Open it, open, and there was no one to work first. A week Khamraev "conjured" one in ten people speaking. Sifted flour, preparing the dough, at three o'clock knead the dough, add milk, eggs and butter, handed batter coming up in the divisor, rounding the pieces were kept in the chamber rasstoechnoy, kneaded into a cake, made a pattern on it and bake at 300-400 churek. As the canoe, scurried back and forth. "Well, that nature cheated complete, but it would not keep up with everything,"-he smiles. So, with the help of engineers started production.

Ministry of Food allowed to recruit people. And where experts take? They came to kindergarten teachers, babysitters, house management personnel, housewives. And the master taught the women's age-old female case-oven bread.

- It is awkward to teach them that, says sheepishly, Khamraev. - Sometimes a sad sack, nothing can come immediately to instruct. Do not prepare the dough, I ask. It says:

"At home I did a little bit, and then won what vats, scared to approach." And you start to talk and show that you are coming from. Two teams of trained master, 34. And still the only man in the shop. Twenty-five years he gave his profession.

... Good news Khamraev learned at that moment, when tested, came up a dough. The whole team rushed to congratulate the master. He was hugged, kissed, shop ran out of the store with flowers. And he said, stunned, stood in a circle of women's smiles, trying not to touch the white robes workers their hands soiled test.

The first secretary of the Communist Party of Turkmenistan Muhamednazar Gapurovich Gapurov by attaching him to the Star of the Hero, said:

- This award, dear Eset Hamraevich, for your golden hands that you are cooking a quarter century, the need for daily bread of life. Your work is as high, noble and necessary, as the value of the bread.

Khamraev came to the podium, spoke a few words and could not continue. Caught in the throat, trembling voice. I did not think shepherd's son, who graduated just a village seven years, that his humble work Homeland evaluate higher reward. But where do we get him the words to express my feelings overflowed the soul?

Of the Communist Party of Turkmenistan, the master quietly went home for the April fragrant Ashgabat. Great joy awakens the memory makes her highlight pomerkshie, not happy picture. Acute sorry pricked the heart: the parents did not live up to this day! In the prime of his mother passed away. Eset has just one year old. My father was involved in the creation of the first farm in the area Deynauskom Chardjou area. He was a good agitator. With the red flag went on a horse auls, raised people to build a new life-without-beys and mullahs who recently robbed the poor dayhan. He was entrusted with a flock of sheep graze the collective farm. But it caught up with him in the desert, unexpected trouble from the bite of a cobra, he almost lost his sight.

Last minute Father's son is now seen as clearly as if replayed an old reel. The modest furnishings mud room. Father is an open window. Yellowed branch extends to him a young poplar. The Great Patriotic War thundered away, but its echo has reached the Turkmen village: people are malnourished, strained from overwork. A neighbor brought a sick white churek still hot. Rosy cake was like a little sun. My father put it on his palm and looked like a miracle. Then he told his son parable.

Eset Khamraev The shepherd, having supper in the desert, dropped a piece of bread. I tried to find, but it was dark. He scooped up the sand at this place in a heap in the morning to find a loss. The next day began to rake the sand and found a piece of bread instead of gold ... The meaning of the parable Eset learned later. It was not easy to grow wheat on the ancestors of the Turkmen harsh land. That's why I appreciate him like gold. From the earliest times to the present day the Turkmen special relation to the bread. Churek not accepted cut with a knife, only breaking. It is believed that the sharp metal and soft churek incompatible. Cole dropped the bread under your feet, you should raise and kiss as a token of apology to him.

Eset Hamraevich lean lessons taught to do with bread is life itself. My childhood was bleak, half-starved. Not easily passed and adolescence. The boy worked from morning till night. Left in the age of 14 without their parents, and began to earn. Then he went to Ashgabat with friends from the village. Taken together, decided to enter the railway technical school. Exams are passed to the "three", so not supposed to scholarship. Guys depressed, were ready home. Eset remained. "Get a job," said good-bye to friends. Now consider Khamraev happy day when he found himself at the entrance of the bakery Ashgabat. But not only whom he had worked before he became a real baker!

In the tenth five-year Khamraev competing with well-known in Tajikistan, a master baker, a Hero of Socialist Labor Nurov Ilic. Having arrived in Ashgabat in early 1981 and checking the results of an opponent, she said:

- Well, Eset Hamraevich, would not have believed that you beat me to this woman's case. Yes, against the facts do not say anything. Your claimed. I heartily congratulate! Never tired, nice people!

Now, in the union "Dushanbehleb" established Khamrayeva Prize, and "Ashhabadhlebe" - the name Nurov. The prize is awarded to the best of the best bakeries. Get it-a great honor.

Tenth Five Year Plan the brigade master graduated almost a year earlier. Excess of 1,200 tons of baked job churek, saved 30 tons of flour, cost tons of finished goods decreased from 345 to 302 rubles. And now, the monthly job runs on 120-130 percent. These figures are not boring. In what ways are going to succeed? - Usually the shop brought in flour sacks, says Eset Hamraevich. - Begins to pour, sift-and-white cloud in the room. Introduced the bulk method of flour, manufactured housings and tightly close the sifter, made him run faster with a simple device. Immediately reduced losses freed porters, was pleased to come to the warehouse. Much inconvenience was the salt. Hauled buckets of it, the dough is salted by hand. Well I have the eye-seasoned, and at other times misses. After a little churek insufficient salting or overdo, is not it. We decided to mechanize the operation. Now comes in a vat of salt solution. Not expanding the shop, found one more wave, created a second team and moved to dvuhsmenku. Baking doubled. Strict compliance with the technology has improved the taste churek. Technology have made themselves. Useful practical knowledge, I am a quarter of a century in this business ...

- I can not imagine how you can save the meal.

- Very easy. But the trouble - is responsible master.-Avoid moisture in the flour, spray the marriage test, podgara churek ... For example, fell from the bassinet cake, tarried negligent man-and it will burn. Of course, there is very much dependent on people. And they have good faith. In our case can not be without love ... There are dozens of "little things" that make up and the economy, and quality, and increase the production of our products.

The women behind white desks, home-knead the dough into flat cakes, suggest the beauty of them, cover the egg-oil composition and wooden clubs clap on the cradle furnace. But there is one very important difference from the home environment, need to hurry. Store awaits. I looked in there. On the shelves is the bread of several kinds. A churek not. Already dismantled. Although half an hour had passed, came here as a party. In the corner of the store waiting for the new buyers.

It's not easy working women work seven hours on their feet. In winter, it's nothing, but in the summer, when temperatures in the shop under seventy ...

Testovod Lyubov tank, bakers Sona Chopanova, Valentina G. Grekhova, Amangozel Meredov, Valentina Pigalova, Irina P. Kazantsev, formovschitsy Amangozel Salikhov, Alarm Nepesov and others, who had to talk to, are all talking about his master with respect and gratitude.

- He gave his heart and soul work. How can you not appreciate? We are comfortable with him and work something better with the mood.

- Any damage repairs. No need to search for a locksmith. We are no downtime.

- To improve the living conditions there, have a child in kindergarten, to get a ticket to a rest home or something like that, always will.

- Particularly responsive to others' misfortune.

- In the shop there for an hour and a half before the change. We arrive, everything is ready for operation.

- Very discreet, tactful. Do not get something, never goes wrong, do not nakrichit ...

Workers joked, recalling how they came into the shop, as the master taught them to comprehend the secrets of many amusing incidents occurred with each of the brand-new, much patience it took to become true professionals.

Surprised by the mobility of the elderly person. That saw the old man puts a bunch of churek on the car (probably also at the wedding), and so shamed him for his careless attitude to the bread that he did not know where to go. That looked over-baked bread has accumulated a lot about something, he thought, looked at the clock and the phone. Calling to the ministry:

- Again, the delay in the machines. Shops in the city waiting churek, and they have cooled. Well, when will clearly work transportation? ..

Half an hour later Khamrayeva call to a phone call from the union. Showdown begins. Comrades of the association offense. "Why should immediately call to ministry? Are we not able to find common ground? "

- Yes, you understand: we can not allow baked churek we were all night-shows up in the morning Hamraev.-Do they lose their quality. People should buy churek fresh, it is our duty to you. About the delay of machines I've told you many times. So what are you unhappy? Place your order with transportation-that's all.

A lot of the master and concerns as the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Belorussian SSR, Turkmen member of the Council of Trade Unions and the Council of Elders of the Supreme Soviet of the Belorussian SSR.

One kilogram of yeast costs a penny. And for the association "Ashhabadhleb" has reached its cost five rubles: costly transportation. It excites Khamrayeva. And he always raises the question of what should be organized in Ashgabat release their own yeast. Soon, this issue should be solved. Still got his master. All the bakers say thanks to the republic, because the firm contracts with suppliers of yeast Ministry of Food Industry of the Belorussian SSR and the company has experienced continued difficulties.

The biggest desire in Khamrayeva-bake churek so that they are on the desk of every family in Ashgabat. Indeed, to satisfy the increased demand hamraevsky a shop is not able to. Need a second, more powerful. It is being built, but very slowly. The master has to "push" the builders. And the message voters are added concerns. Ask for help to the road paved, sewers had, kindergarten repaired ... And in the other envelopes, and family tragedy, people's lives. He opens the soul to hope for help, they believe.

We sit on the Turkmen tradition, on the carpet for a bowl of green tea in the apartment Khamrayeva. On the TV screen is a hockey battle. On the veranda of the master's wife strekochet on the sewing machine. Children in the next room go about their business. Wealth and marital happiness are firmly settled in this cozy house. Came to visit. Without them the day rarely goes in the family.

- Just in time, the hostess, smiling, putting on the tablecloth cup of fragrant pilaf. Daughters are the gifts of generous Turkmen land, grapes, melons, watermelons ...

Was closed. And the master again is talking about that would have long time to replace the outdated furnace, sometimes poor quality of flour goes a lot more from them in the shop manual labor. I translate the conversation to rest.

- I love to collect herbs, fish, read a book, enlivened hozyain.-A-like best to deal with children. I want them to be good, honest people who are not afraid of work. It is a pity that I once could not study further, now I feel like not enough knowledge. But the children will take, as they say, and for me ...

Children Khamrayeva really drawn to the knowledge of how young plane trees to the sun.

Jamila, a third-year institution. Nartach graduated from college, works as a nurse, is preparing to enter a university. Atajan, in the sixth grade, his parents brought only "four" and "five", the next-Kamildzhan Avtotransportnik, went to serve in the army of the Polytechnic College. I inadvertently broke the question of succession. "Why should I put my children to go on the road? 'Replied on.-It is better if they find it themselves. And I see that the chosen profession they like. So, will work with the soul. This is important. Worse than not, when a person makes a least favorite thing. "

... Saying goodbye to me, Eset Hamraevich shown on the table in the corner.

- This bag collected. Tomorrow I arrive in the Republic of Mali in the delegation of the Turkmen Friendship Society. Their capital of Bamako, the sister of Ashgabat ...

My wife went into another room and returned with a small cake:

- Not to forget tomorrow. Take it with you, as a talisman. I dried it. You're in a dream you see your churek. I know because they get bored, ...

- Thank you guessed, 'said Khamraev, putting churek in the case.

"Do not starving in the desert, the taste of bread does not appreciate", "No bread and no strong will master the road", "No bread dastarkhan and cheerful song does not cheer" - Turkmen proverb. And wanted to bow low to the man, his tireless work of hands that smell of bread is always ...

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