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Alpatkin Michael Savelievich

Roller Kolchugino non-ferrous metals, Sergo Ordzhonikidze, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Alpatkin Michael Savelievich Old people say that Kolchugino samovars were no worse Tula. Or, even better. But Michael Savelievich that time is not found.

He came to the plant, where no samovars samovar or spare parts, pipes, valves in the lids so Kolchugino did.

It was a cold January day. Frost on the windows. The personnel department gave him a piece of paper and a pen. He sat in the hallway in a dark corner behind a table filled with ink, and wrote a statement. To the Director. "I ask your permission to take me to work in the shop number 4, because I demobilized, and am currently unemployed. What is, and please do not refuse my request. By Alpatkin around. " And signed.

Incidentally, they have all the letters in the village, so check out "to all." It seems that historically there was a grammatical form. And it meant that the person is ready for anything. Responsible for their words and deeds.

The statement immediately signed. Girl came from the fourth shop, looked like he deftly buttoning his coat, gird oneself with a belt, carried to the plant. He had just discharged from the Army, Staff Sergeant Michael Alpatkin. And he served at Moscow, was a military builder, qualified painter-Decorator's sixth level. In Moscow, his house standing on the embankment of Smolensk, he specifically went there once, out of the car, I enter into the entrance, but somehow it became uncomfortable. Well built, well painted, and now, neither the construction has nothing to do. Go and explain why, in a strange house came, people are concerned.

Man it chunky, thick, and his hands are big, heavy. He went to his father Alpatkina - older, but there have been two brothers and three sisters. His father came from the war wounded, pobolel, suffer and die in their native land. So they buried him, a soldier. My mother chose the place, so he rustled the birch in the wind. My aunt was jealous mother, saying: your side, and my in Germany, once it there ...

In the army, in its construction of the building Mikhail Savelievich different plans. You could go home in the Kaluga region, the village Kolosov. Still beckoned him to enlisted, he was in the army like: order accuracy. But in the city of Adrian's uncle lived Kolchugino Zakharov, carter worked at the plant for processing non-ferrous metals and advised to go to Kolchugin, explained that the best place to find a way not: the nature of the village circle, and the salary of the factory.

- Ehay, 'said,' Michael, to us! Ehay! I'll Instead of the father and brothers, you are at least cousins, but not others. Obvyknut help. On the way to derive ... So he wrote a ticket to Kol'chugina. It's Vladimir region. Before Alexandrov got on the train, and then passing on the truck. The driver sergeant demobilized hoisted. His fourth shop in ten steps from the entrance. The snow crunched under his boots. The girl, who accompanied him, hid her face in a fur collar. It was chilly. And how the shop came in the door hit the big smell of hot oil stunned screech of metal, pneumatic hiss, multi-ton hooting. He was taken aback. A factory girl, that nothing so boldly led him past the incomprehensible, hot breathing units. People stood in terms of unbuttoned overalls, did their work.

Soon they found themselves in extreme flight. The girl looked around. Approached shestivalkovomu cold rolling mill is he now knows how they say, and then, it seemed, to the obscure, heavy machine, touched his shoulder the master, said in his ear to hear the din: behold, they say, lead. The Master nodded. Turn off the machine. Pressed the red button. Took off his work gloves and held out his hand Alpatkinu.

- We know, 'Ivan Shilov-skazal. Grigorevich.-I chuckled. - Will you have a teacher, Comrade Sergeant. But overcoat, and then reset the earflaps. We are not prostynete. From a teacher he was lucky. Recently led the deputy Alpatkin reception. As a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation. Worries a lot, he also has his Kol'chugina Kirzhachsky neighboring district. So in Kirzhach entered his fair-haired boy, round, took off his cap, sniffed.

- Michael Savelievich, let?

- Sit down, 'he invited him to a chair arm and showed, that sat and smiled, not because he had memorized a smile for visitors, but it was too disheveled, this was all some kind of visitor. Wrinkled shirt, but wearing a tie, jacket zipped synthetic, hip, chest, greasy spot. Shoulder-length hair, boots with heels, before women are wearing, and a ring on his finger, maybe even gold.

- That's what matters, 'said the newcomer,-I have the desire, Michael Savelievich, get a life overhaul. Age appropriate, should be married, a house, start a family, I can not decide.

- What is it?

- Work can not choose. The police called. Parasite ...

This turn Alpatkin did not expect. Typically for him, as a deputy come to the reception with complex housing issues, with complaints against decisions of local authorities, then an old woman walked in Kirzhach, very decrepit, cried, begged her son to the child support strebovat. He then was upset at home to his wife about that told her upset. Immediately behind it came from, and it turned out, do not have any babusi son. Such is the case. So for every member must be prepared. Meanwhile, the guy put down a mountain of documents. He is a driver and worked at the farm, and was a welder. In the Far East went to the fishing season, but returned home. Here does not know what to do, do not know what soul is.

- Okay, let's deal with, - said Mikhail Savelievich ashtray and pushed the guy, because he has strong fingers kneaded into a cigarette. And pulled out a matchbox.

... The first teacher, Ivan G. never rustled over trifles. I explained calmly, not angry, and he had no harsh words for the student. He was also an army school, as well. as Michael Savelievich, respected people in the clarity and self-discipline.

Shestivalkovy cold rolling mill is not 'God knows how difficult unit, when compared with the fact that at each step shows the modern industrial production. But imagine the way that got Mischa Alpatkin a quiet position, too, should not be. First of all, it was necessary to find out what's inside the camp. How to approach him. Where the working barn, mill rolls with bearings, housing, the installation mechanism, motors, spindles, couplings ... It's not a single day.

Ivan G. did not push it. From the side it might seem that talking softly rattling two people in the shop. One the other explains how agile tape to fill in the receiving drum, a micrometer to measure the thickness of the metal, like a roll on the hook crane beams to wear without fuss and on time. There have been accurate calculation of the Shilov: he is a apprentice trained and understood better in the beginning was late, than to return back a hundred times. "Look here, Sergeant," - said. It was he who in the early days of his senior sergeant in the military called it, and then simply Misha. But not immediately.

- Listen here, Misha! Do as I do, and do not be afraid!

... The blond guy lit a cigarette and let the smoke at the ceiling, looked at Michael Savelyevich, delayed look at the decorations, the Gold Star of Hero, the deputy to the flag, he sighed:

- I beg your assistance.

- What support? Nicholas's your name ... What you need to promote, Nicholas Gavrilovic?

- I can not find work. There is no work!

- It's like a "no work"? I am your instrument in the hands hold. Why are you gone from the farm? No work ...

- So ... skukota-Gavrilovic Nicholas shrugged his sharp shoulders.

- But on the seiners sailed. The right thing. What's wrong?

- Oh ... Herring.

- No work ... What do we have unemployment, or what?

Alpatkin Michael Savelievich The clock on the wall slowly knock minutes. Early autumn dusk ran cold window. In the waiting room waiting for certain people with more serious things, I thought Michael Savelievich and certainly wanted to get up, showing it incomprehensible to the visitor that he had no time to converse on general topics, but something made him, the momentum of a sudden, all-talk did. Did not look like a visitor to the parasite, and when your talking about parasitism, it seems with some anger at himself. That is, they say, I'm in front of you, a parasite! And there is nothing! Is the earth.

- Nicholas Gavrilovic, why is it turns ... Throw one job, another throw. Neither there nor here do not take root. Okay, I promise you my honest name, posodeystvuyu. Do you want to plant manager? Or the Minister? But it is in Moscow. Position on the departure. I posodeystvuyu, however, you fail the I: again on their own. What to do?

... Previously, he felt that Kolchugin ancient city. And got its name in ancient times. Not otherwise have done in those places armor, I thought Michael Savelievich. He has worked at the plant when I learned that just is not true. The merchant was Kolchugin, the manufacturer. It was brass and the Association of mednoplavilnogo Kol'chugina plant. " Plants, as it was written a hundred years ago, were at the station Kahler Moscow-Yaroslavl-Arkhangelsk Railway. And the board was in Moscow at the gate of the house Barbara insurance company "Anchor." The factory produced, as reported in the advertising material, insulated wires, cords and cables for the various purposes of electrical engineering; leaded cables with jute, paper and rubber insulation for all sorts of directions. Telegraph, telephone, signal, mining and metallurgical. Made at the plant for the white metal bearings, phosphorous oronzu, solder, copper gutters for the glowing machines, sheet and circles of red copper, pure nickel samovar parts and utensils made of brass, copper and nickel silver. Spoons, forks, ... But it is up to the revolution. In the twenties famous factory production "winged metal" - kolchugalyuminiya, from which it was made the ANT-2 Tupolev design. Before airplanes were built of wood, and this was the first all-metal engine "Bristollyutsifer" rated at 100 horsepower. That's when a Kolchugino talked the whole country.

Michael Savelievich those years can not remember, he was born in the thirty-fourth, and the teacher, Ivan G., in the twenty-seventh, so he knows about the history of the words of the old cadre, spoke at meetings, and here is the source of the factory museum. And surprisingly, had never thought that the history of the plant, which he joined in general, by chance, would live for him, his, mother. It was as if my mother is sitting in his hut in the Kolosov. Day off. Mama takes from the wall of a frame with pictures of relatives and friends. Hand washes the dust from the glass, puts on the table, explains: "This is Uncle Yegor, you do not know him. During the Civil beaten. This is Simon V. and his wife, accountant ... "

So one day came and he saw himself, felt factory, Kolchugino. A living part of a larger whole, so much so that not to take them away from each other-it from the plant and the plant from him. Both of them are relatives of the case, according to fate, and both of them do not care where they shared the road leads.

... A blond was sitting on the contrary, took a cigarette from his mouth, looked tense. Go to the ministers, perhaps he would agree, but I understood Michael Savelievich kidding, but because he did not know how to tell how to find a word, to the place.

Now Michael Savelievich could see his face. Usually it had been, twenty years. His eyes are sharp, with an oblique squint. And over the lip mole. In the adult male did not immediately notice this in the bristles. And even after shaving. Still, he looked at his hands, with a ring on his finger. And given the hand: a hard-working guy, tenacious. So what in life he could not find it? What was wound around the country?

- The ministers, I can not, squeezed-to-trudom. I do not have the knowledge. And I do not need help. I would like to hear your side ... Well, you MP, Hero of Socialist Labor, the State awarded the prize. I have for you in the elections gave voice. I have the right to ask?

- Ask, Nicholas. But I'm also not Academician Lomonosov, the questions did not answer. You are interested in what exactly?

- You are well, you will immediately find its place. The roof was over his head, the parents, who were to take an example, right? As you pointed out-line, and so you go ...

The conversation threatened to drag on. Savelievich Michael looked at his watch. Okay, I decided, one way of looking for a good reason, it is necessary to help. And he smiled: it was he, he immediately found his place. Certainly not!

He became an assistant roller. At first, though accustomed to a military construction units to anyone tired to his village Barykin, where he began his relatives, happened to get sleep, that is, without arms or legs. Then he began slowly vrabatyvatsya, looking around from side to side. Only a brief talk about this? This is life at everyone. But only he was not just, and here there were temptations: Moscow moved its unusually well-residential construction, and an old friend, meet by chance, said that with the construction of high qualifications may Mikhail Savelievich in the capital to get a lot more than Kolchugino.

Michael Savelievich thought. Not that he was eager to big money, or in Moscow, to the great city it was drawn, but there is indeed a qualification. And then there's wait when improvised transferred to the laminators!

But Nicholas was not mistaken Gavrilovic, young voters, who gave him his voice, he was with someone to take an example!

Ivan G. Shilov, stood on the job as host. As captain of a ship. And in his hands to argue. In general, near his camp, he looked taller in his movements appeared as if the general's confidence.

They have a difficult production. Men retire at fifty-five. Last year marked Shilovsky anniversary, but it still does not give up. And his son learned - Volodya. Already own work.

So Ivan G. was older, inexperienced, noticed changes in his assistant and once in a break-out of the shop, sat on the bench, led a conversation about life, fluttering from place to place, the seriousness of the approach. But go and remember twenty years later, what words he said, urging Alpatkina Misha, his apprentice, to be a serious person.

No, these words so here is immediately at hand are not! We need to know to whom you say, who and how you listen.

During the war, our factory was evacuated to the Urals. In five different addresses went equipment. And five plants came from one. Kamensk-Ural, Orsk, Balkhash ... This is a personnel officer told. So I what? Asked Michael Savelievich and he responded. - Time made the address change. War. And then one came back, others remained in their new places ...

Nikolay listened. His white hair, thin as a girl, fell to his shoulders.

So, Michael went on Savelievich, our factory workers, dispersed and, interestingly, each tried on his old production site to stand. When his car. With his specialty. This is talking about?

Nicholas Gavrilovic was silent.

Alpatkin wanted to say, sees this as confirmation of the fact that one was needed not by itself as the evacuees, as well as working professionals and knew it. But the idea why it does not shape into words. He waved his hand, and said suddenly:

- Hey, Nicholas, come to me! In a shop? In passing, tell me. Misses. I have all next week on day shift. It is near. Come?

- I'll come, 'he said uncertainly, an unexpected visitor, and stood up.

- Here come! Are you a long talk ... Come on. See you soon!

The change, as usual, began with, 'but I was rolling rolls. It is clear that the rollers must be clean, without a single scratch, no nicks, or tape, which they roll, will be neither flat nor smooth. In short, the marriage will go.

He and assistant Yuri Vlasov rolls taken out, put on a cart. They helped the mechanic on duty: a six-hand easier, after all the heavy rollers, one hundred pounds each. They set new ones, they drove to the camp, wrapped in transparent film.

At the beginning of the shift Mikhail Savelievich head all twisted, looked around, thought about yesterday's visitors come. He is at the entrance warned that it would be, say, one man asked him, should be ignored. As deputy cases.

Everything was as usual. In the clip belding net - fabric is so soft-wetted spindle oil. Idling the engine tested. Everything was normal. Volodya crane hook-handed beams first roll. They are copper-nickel tape rolled, swayed and white reflections on the walls of the working stand, when the load was given and went to work.

Typically, job change, written out on a piece, it runs through the eye before work, so decide for yourself where to start and the finish. Here are possible options, so no big changes one by one went, because they not only copper-nickel alloys, rolled, and bronze and brass alloys with complex finicky properties. And the press, then it is not much, and the process is stopped abruptly. Just changing the thickness, the large discrepancy with the specified values are obtained, and this should not be allowed. This is marriage.

Each work has its own tricks. Its skill. And not all in one day is being debugged. He teaches his children, all, how many he had, start small. To work smoothly, without jerks, that all was smooth.

- Because here you are going to work - says, and once you are clear what the driver behind the wheel. At the same everything as the wings, and another, though on a cart, the whole bus shook. That's ...

The complex, made up of small-large. Well, the tape can be different to fill the receiving drum. And the scissors edge of a different cut. And so, so true, and will be. The more scrap will not be lost: the material is expensive to collect in a box in a nearby shop back in business start up. But if with an eye on the end result to work, to think is necessary.

- Do not rush, his disciples, he uchit.-not tear. Fast is not always good. And to the extent necessary to sweat. The power-mad is not necessary, it is not for us.

This approach is in the last century this was a Hammers, who had not become blacksmiths, yes sawyers. which cut logs into boards, but could not master carpenter wisdom.

If the standards are technically justified, reconciled, then cut them not in a moment, splash, and, as expected, the constant formulation seems to be impossible. But no! There is a hidden reserves. Some dig deep, look them in the depths of his difficult trade, the process of technological change, the old equipment with new. This is one way to go. But there is another. Less effective, but that turns out to be quite effective.

Incidentally, the State Prize winner, he just got over it. For maximum utilization of production capacity. The economy must be economical, the imperative of our time.

His teacher, Ivan G. learned not to fuss. I started to shift, at the same rate, at the same tune it and finish. To all the hand was opened as a once and for all. And he came to that job as involved as well, and lead. The main thing is non-stop, and so it is known was that in an hour and a half later, and after another fifteen minutes will do. On the job should be a pre-configured.

Just? Very much so.

And the camp he is not new, not the last word of technology. It is a solid machine age thirty-three years.

And the music in this camp, guided by simple rules of their own, he brought four proposals to increase production quotas! Five-Year Plan carried out in less than four years and three. Over the plan released thousands of tons of rolled products.

And many of his disciples took up the experience. When Alpatkina awarded the Komsomol badge "Mentor youth", said the youth himself has said. Grinned: "I have yet to come."

He was applauded for a long time. And then said that he understood the technique and the soul of a young man.

Where there, he thought, comprehended! Of course! And he looked over his shoulder, is not whether he was blond in a thin coat of oil stain. It was not him! Loafers ... And why, indeed, varmint? Well it can not find people of like, is not it good that looks, you look and find his own. So once one size fits all will not do ... Another person, other alloy. And it is not as it features more tensile strength, yield strength. And what is better, worse, not a serious conversation. Everyone should be in place.

His old mill stands in the far bay, near the wall. All the familiar. Today as yesterday. Green leaf replacement job on the column, impaled on a nail. Next to the box starter motor on the cover letter, derived under the stencil, "PM-mill 4618-380U." Closer to the window-motor and gearbox. They stand on the floor on steel floor plates, nipples, rags in the bucket, the keys ... Regular guild atmosphere.

Outside, the wind blew along the wall of yellow leaves. Autumn evening lighted lamps. And somehow it became fainter in the shop. He noted that his diligent assistant. But the loud praise did not. Just said:

- Is it proper for you and me, Jura, started today.

- It began, as we've finished, the bound grunted and straightened slipped from the hands of a white glove.

The man with shoulder-length hair did not come. And the next day it was not, and forget Michael Savelievich strange that a meeting at a reception in Kirzhach deputies. Then he immediately came over a lot of things in the shop and home.

In the garden of his wife, insisted, it was necessary to restore order. They have a factory in their collective gardening. Even in winter he was going to end with his "Moskvich" ship to cover the red lead. They say better than any putty. Surest means of corrosion. And in the workshop have been changes.

Then at the beginning of winter he had to go on a business trip to Dresden. He there met with German distributors, said his factory, especially in the GDR Kolchugino brand is known. They supply their products in the thirty-two countries! In Cuba, Algeria, France, Vietnam, Japan ... It seems that there is no such address, gave a far, wherever you ran the red thread of Kol'chugina, the small town of the Vladimir region.

There still had to go to Moscow. Then came the usual working days. Just like always. And somehow in the canteen shop Jura said:

- Yes, Michael Savelievich! Here, in your absence, a Crank came up to you.

- Who are you?

- A friend says. From Kirzhach. Well, just right Crank! Of you told us

you from Moscow to Kolchugin arrived. You even drove the lorry driver. "Sit down, - he says - Senior Sergeant, I'll take!".

Showed up! He recalled his conversation with someone who described himself as a parasite, was sitting in front of and would like to appear seasoned and independent.

- This hairy? Asked Yura. - Shoulder length hair?

- No, normal hair. As at all. Blonde. Lean physique.

- Sostrig means! What say more?

- We were going to get. The application would write. Already written, I suppose. I do not know ...

- Posted by!-Confidence Alpatkin nodded and smiled, even though such a special reason to rejoice but there was no smile at all. But if that's the good news he heard. And probably already knew that another person has identified their own way, self-nowhere was it no longer run. There is no need to run it. Our numbers have grown.

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