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Nitsak Anton Evmenovich

Drilling foreman Mama Chu-complex geological expedition, Hero of Socialist Labor

Nitsak Anton Evmenovich - Right you are lucky, -. Said Alexei Ivanovich Portnyagin, head of the department of labor and wages geologoupravleniya Irkutsk, Anton Evmenovich right here in town. The event had a joyful again: another daughter getting married, here they are with his wife and took a vacation, a wedding, you know, a troublesome ...

Daughters Nitsakov studied in Irkutsk. The eldest, Lyudmila, after graduating from the Faculty defectology teacher's college, asked to work in the most remote area of the field-Katanga. They met with a cheerful, lively lad, Andrei Volkov, surveyor. Married, father and mother then also came to the wedding. Andrew liked it, its all the same, from Polevikov, and distant, "Deaf" is not afraid of places, robust, mean people.

Now, once again gathered, Jr., Larissa, introduces her future husband.

- Alexander Latyshev, embarrassment is a young man, a geologist. Just received a diploma, "distribute" in the area of Ust-Kut, upstream of the Lena, where exploration for oil and gas ...

- Well, if this Polevikov, 'said Anton Evmenovich then wife-to be a strong family like ours.

- And it also does not shy away from the middle of nowhere, Galina-added, 'although he could stay in Irkutsk ...

- Let pohlebayut murtsovki, clearly pleased with the choice, the youngest daughter, her willingness to go with her husband in a long, hard edge, summed Nitsak - Ludmila not gone out with my Andrew, and Alexander and Larisa did not disappear.

Family Volkov yet arrived from the Katanga region with the addition of a tiny-Katyusha went to the third month, a nice, nekriklivaya devchonochka, and only daughter and son-in just radiant with pride and parental zeal.

- No, you just think, 'gasps in amazement Nitsak Sr., after all, just a year ago at the wedding were, but now is Santa!

- And I, I, you, Grandma! Galina Ivanovna, laughing, young-looking brown-eyed woman with soft features affable person. That's really, really do not think that she, her grandmother.

For all vying Katusha care, and now flickers, Alyosha, the youngest of Nitsakov, certainly offers his services, he enigmatically very much all of this: and a small lump, stirring in its infancy, and the fact that here, they say, is only the fifth go to class, and already has an uncle, and so serious in the name of his niece, Catherine ...

Trouble, so the house Nitsakov, hubbub, joyful preparations, good hustle, all this plenty. And, of course, revolves around the Katyushas: the new man in the family-as!

Anton Evmenovich head of the family, and like a few words neyarok externally. Lean ascetic face, not lush head of hair on his head, and the whole figure is not heroic stock. Still remembered by such persons, there is something very sturdy and attractive in all its form. The eyes attentive, sensitive, young, boyish curiosity with a sincere and natural humor.

- That's life occurred, the owner, good-naturedly refers to all the many family-as vacation or a wedding, but if you have to leave to each grandchild, be rich, is not it, mother?

And how recently it was ... Postwar Dzygovka village, in the Vinnytsia region, where they were born Anton and Galina. The total mount of war: they both died on the fronts of the fathers. Anton, let us say, was more fortunate:

Once a mother, Nina Kirillovna, sat him down, elusive, purely for the tidy table and said, honestly, and looking sternly in the eye:

- Now, my son, people would come to us, you know him well, Dmitry M. Ivanov, a teacher. So, he did not come to visit, and for good. Make you fall in love with a man as his father did not dare. But shew respect, he is a good man, he will be convinced.

Teacher Dmitri Mikhailovich any teaching tricks to a guy is not trying to place, but it took quite some time, and Anton really has respect for his stepfather, everything that went wrong in their hands, all went, it turned out, though seemingly intelligent and pure water. But that's blackened hut shone in the sun with new colors, and everything in the garden, like yeast, has gone up, and so many interesting things could always, no matter how you ask, to tell Dmitri Mikhailovich. And unwittingly became the first student of Anton, the first assistant in all matters stepfather.

Reacted favorably to the decision Dmitry Mikhailovich guy to go to the farm tractor, the more that he instilled Anton interest in the motor, and indeed to engineering. Just something for twelve years, however, is a boy, but for the time independence of young people was not unusual.

And Anton Nitsak learned what work in the field, from dawn to dusk in the roar of the engine, fuel oil, dust and smoke, with the repairs right in the groove and with meager meals in stacks, with the heat of summer and autumn dank. Learned, feel, imbued with, but to give up and never thought of, if not at least thought to retreat a step. By adulthood, he joined the ranks of leading decent farm mechanization, and the army has left a great technician.

Galina lives harder evolved. Hatenka dilapidated, and protection as reliable as Dmitry M. Anton, was not. But she did not get lost. By the time a handsome young man, Anton Nitsak returned from the army, she ended Forestry College.

They met, fell in love and got married. Only not quite been sure: there is life to establish or risk to try something more difficult, to leave, for example, far away, deep in the north. The children had already gone the same age, Ludmila, Larisa. And then come home on leave and told countrymen that is, they say, in a distant region of Irkutsk, on the north of it, the interesting name of a river with a gentle Mother, rich shores of the river a curious first-grade mica, and take-that wealth is very, very difficult because the fierce cold and the terrain is almost naked in the moon, and the mountains so straight and are called - Char.

- These people, however, said the countryman, people with strong characters do not run out, and live and work, raise children, temper, and make it a great country, supplying high-grade mica, the advanced workers go, awards and medals received.

- Well, if we're going, it is not for the medals and orders, 'said Anton, we would only see these people we are or not, the character we have, or a trough. As the mother?

- It's cold out there, Anton, and we have won any crumbs ...

- And we risk not going to leave until the crumbs of our Kirillovna at Nina and Dmitry Mikhailovich.

- Okay, Anton where a needle, thread, and there ...

And so it began a long and at the same time, rapid travel across the country: Vinnitsa-Moscow-Irkutsk-Mom. But the management said that to go even further-on I feel. And Chueh proposed move a little more into the bald, middle lobe to the village, located where the exploration party.

- The Mechanic? Asked Chief partii.-Well, that's come to the rig. And for his wife work there, too. In the forest, however, can see, we have not very thick, but there is no one sort mica, Forest technology at the mine of your right to determine the cause.

Retreat a little to be done. Two major organizations be heard by the fate of Moms: geologists, who scout new and new stocks of mica, and Mining Group, which operates these stocks, then there is the mountain of work, taking Mica-bearing area of the geologists, extracts, sorts, packs conditioning products and sends it to the industry. And so it just happened that Anton Nitsak determined in the investigation. Galina, in the same prey.

Nitsak Anton Evmenovich Conquered their places severe beauty, pure air and icy Siberian rivulet, rapid and rich umber. Only one problem: a glass of tea, do not drink Galina without tears, as there is little children? Anton was attached, but the soul, it is also not iron, went to the police, explained everything as it is released, for the girls.

On the wings they flew with Galina in its Dzygovku, but even more winged in their back four middle lobes. It was in 1962, since then, and start a glorious epic of labor Anton Evmenovicha Nitsaka, now a senior driller Mama Chu-prospecting expedition, Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate XXV Congress of the Party, the Chevalier Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, Laureate of State Prize of the USSR , a member of the Central Workers' Union of geological exploration, committee member of the Committee on Safety, a member of the Mama-Chu District Party Committee.

The saga began a confident, relaxed, but at once inquisitive and corrosive work of a simple driller, who yesterday nor sleep nor spirit did not know what the mica, mineral prospecting, and in general geology. But he knew the technique and the first days of the show is so exceptional diligence and resourcefulness rare that even the battered Northerners unequivocally recognized him as their own. Apparently, the family, as they say, written by a man take a strong liking to the cause of the heart, and always around to notice, and imbued with respect.

Housing them in the Middle lobe was the most that either there is a modest, tiny room in a log hut of the old times, which was inhabited by four families of about the same. Young, strong, beautiful, and they may be discouraged for a moment on this occasion as housing, although, of course, is not easy. Galina was busy near the children and the housework, Anton is literally lost in the mud, but every spare minute, infrequent weekend dedicated to girls. However, all thoughts Nitsaka rushed to where the drill to bite into the rock: mica was very necessary to the country, the customer always "propped up" surveyors and scouts, the rate of deposits with the delineation of each week, and inflated, considering himself a man of strong character, Anton Nitsak did not want to fall behind. Moreover, he sought to set these rates, to set ever higher goals and to whatever has to solve them with skill, vigor, beautifully, with minimal losses.

Three years later, seeing remarkable abilities and hard work of Anton Nitsaka, he and his family I feel a recall, a new post-driller. And now the apartment yielded good. Galina is not overjoyed: how much attention paid to her husband! Very grateful to have been the chief of the expedition Nitsaki Michael Karpovich Grozin, Hero of Socialist Labor, the true fatherly care he showed to a young family, seeing a real interest and genuine talent of Anton in which, for those short years, was his mother. "Lucky Anton on good people," good-to envy than once thought, Galina. Somehow come to their home Grozin:

- Separated you, darling, with your better half as much as six months! Drill masters throughout the country are required, and we have them shortfall. So what to wait for us to send, 'decided to teach her! Anton first send to Irkutsk.

- That's another love was more - later told Anton, - very much the heart came to me the glorious capital of the East Siberian city of Irkutsk. But not just the architecture but the Angara-treated me just like there is for the mother.

Do not mention it, of course, that the attitude towards him and called inexhaustible diligence, lively mind, sociable, sympathetic, kind nature.

Diploma senior driller yet does not promise an easy life. For 100-150 kilometers had to be sometimes to get into the depth of char, and well, when the helicopter turned out to be handy, as well as in the sleigh behind the tractor, and the rivers in the lodchonkah, and sometimes on foot ... But not only to be with the team to reach the place, and even materials, equipment, products, equipment delivery. With the incredible complexities of it all finally concentrated at one point, and then advanced more hot days, construction, equipment towers.

Weeks or even months at a chosen Nitsak home-conscience, duty, obligation not to allow, if not and just let the situation: the faster will be installed and enabled drilling rig, the more valuable material will receive the country. But when the rig out to the surface betrayed first core, foreman did not skimp on the rest. Understood that detente is needed after the job is far more accomplished.

What are they doing? We know, for example, that in a certain area of char-mica was its outputs, as they say, right to the surface at one time have been developed by prospectors. The material, therefore, must be in the depths beneath the rock. But specifically, in which the radius on which it lies deep, hidden treasure? After careful geological calculations, documentation handed senior burmasteru scheme: Put it on the towers, storm, let's cores.

Of course, this technique is given here is very simplistic, in practice the process is much more complicated. But we are interested in further tasks of the collective. Once the tower is mounted, the team should go well over 1000 meters per month, that is 12,000 a year. This current plan, the rate of which a few years ago seemed unprecedented and even fantastic. And in the rate of such fiction is just make people like Anton Evmenovichu Nitsaku. And again, we will not go into all the technical and technological methods, which for many years, introduced in Mama Chu-prospecting expedition, and brilliantly put into practice Nitsaka team. Note the main quality-"human" talent senior drilling foreman: the talent to pick up and rally around the cause of people, real experts, creators, like-minded people.

The brigade Nitsaka-all well know, very, very hard work. But from the brigade Nitsaka no one ever goes. And there is no contradiction here: Yes, it is difficult and yet very interesting! Attracts and amazes assertive team leader: yet another tower is mounted Anton Evmenovich certainly will do that to her was put on a stationary power line. This immediately removes a "bouquet" of problems and give yourself the opportunity to do business, rather than months to walk around the bush in search of fuel and spare parts for diesel engines.

But here come the electricity. Do you think it? Nitsak calmed down? Nothing like that. Electricity in the Mama-Chu area now, too, does not guarantee stability: the region is booming, increasing shortages of electricity, and the famous Mamakan hydropower plant on permafrost is no longer able to provide all the needs. In such a situation, of course, suffer primarily drilling rigs, at peak times it is disconnected them. "Burned" a few times, but more Nitsak not allow this. Here, too, had a lot to consider.

Emergency diesel rig in readiness is a immutable law, but now it is not enough. To provide continuous, guaranteed installation work to continually give those same 1,000 meters of penetration, it is necessary to have a second one diesel engine is known to be in any, the worst possible moment zakapriznichat.

Yes, it is not easy and not easy to re-equip the rig. But when and who said that the serious business done quickly and easily? The question is whether the economic benefits such an enterprise? If the mind-profitable. And the collective Nitsaka one of the first expedition moved on to self-financing. Good, this method works:

a rusty nail in the brigade will not disappear, but not that extra kilowatt of electricity, solarium or kilogram meter of pipe. With the full cost of materials has become a team to achieve penetration far beyond a thousand meters a month, and is brought up to forty percent of the premium. Cheered the guys: working in a fun, and the use of which won the state and the family budget posolidnel significantly.

There were, however, the pundits of the planned services. You are now saved one hundred meters of pipe, we have you on the next delivery month and urezhem exactly one hundred meters. Yeah, once again managed to save ten meters, what exactly ten and urezhem. And so little by little by little, a good idea has been brought to the point of absurdity. No one wanted to understand and take into account that in the near-extreme situation team may need additional meters of pipes of the most savings, or any other material. And the pundits say, nothing to beg, you're on the self-supporting, as you want, and dodge, so be sure and save money, not all of your premium will fly to hell. And, indeed, all "flew" in a month or two crew was stranded, and with development, and earnings. Puzzled people, what kind of a self-supporting one-sided: in the reports it looks rasprekrasno planners, and award them, planners deserve, and receive not refuse, but she has removed the team from the foremost suddenly lagging ...

Anton spoke with Evmenovich reasoned claims and calculations on the Plenum of the trade union, then he was in the Party's Central Committee were invited to share their anxieties, then the minister called, brought together experts told the deal, but not for one team, and take a broader, generalized to handle question so that the initiative does not continue to turn off.

Here otshumit daughter's wedding, back occurs, continue to search for answers to the questions that life has put on it, and life, then he, a senior drilling foreman, Hero of Socialist Labor A. E. Nitsak, head of the team, with which we must not only ask, but for which one also has to answer. So it is in our country:

great confidence, great demand. And not in vain efforts of Anton Evmenovicha. We arrived professionals, authorized representatives, the people talked with local officials, the computations were made sure: right Nitsak, not so lightly to the self-financing. And now put into place. My mother, Nina Kirillovna, though an old already, but also said, admiring his son, and the Order of the Star of the Hero:

- People are as your reward treated, son? Stepfather intervened:

- The State of ours, Macdowell, such that only with the consent of the people, work mates, all done. If it were Anton of drilling authority is not used, unless b is assigned a high rank?

Anton Evmenovichu much wanted to tell my parents, but it so happened that, after handing him the Medal of the Order of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor stopped in his native Dzygovku just a little more than a day, twenty-six hours, of which a good half of the school had very much guys interested in how heroes are, but what is she lives in the North.

But Nina Kirillovna Dmitry Mikhailovich also tell a lot of time and the villagers, of course, while listening attentively: What is the North that such a mineral exploration which people are engaged. Talked about the decisions of party congresses, the strength of our union, because all this senior drilling foreman from far Chui, in the north of the Irkutsk region, the most directly involved.

Nina Kirillovna, however, is not reassured. Detailed questioning of the grand-daughter, grandson, all domestic affairs, came with his doubt on the other hand:

- Well, not one are you, Anton, so there is mica has discovered, that you alone are honored ...

- Of course, not one, Mom, no! One out there and do nothing, Siberia! Yes, except in the case of Siberia? A man with no real friends at all ... I have my kids and said:

"Brothers, I never would have without you on such a peak does not come up. And at the very top, I would not have meant nothing. "

- And that, my mother, not just words - thinking continued Anton Evmenovich. - Here we are with Galya and children for two decades in the North, and even in a remote location, is considered. Daughters have already built their families, we would also leave no one interfered with Chuy, no one would have condemned, the more flat in Irkutsk. And it was rumored, by the way, about this very often. And what to think seriously about leaving, that's it without me will continue, goosebumps, I swear. So where are we without his case, without friends, without her the same, albeit harsh, but the sweet heart of the North ... Vaughn Michael Karpovich Grozin now lives in Irkutsk, a retired long ago. And as meet and talk about work and about our land, he tears another time shedding. So how many words you may say, a heart, it can not command, stuck with it, you see, by Chueh. Even Alyosha like a joke even now ready to stay in Irkutsk, but seriously talking about leaving, offended, and yet lad really. Yes, and you now have all of the people you ask. Do not condemn them, of course, but then at least one think, wait, they say, Nitsak awards and just behind the bags, although these Northerners realize that without good reason one does not throw things.

Listening-listening to Nina Kirilovna face brightened:

- Realized I, Anton, of strong people you live and own force nalilsya. And what to leave out of there in a hurry, so it may be, and rightly so.

- Anton generally chose the right path,-backed Dmitry Mikhailovich, and yes even our rural areas has brought great fame.

- And if the road was correct, then how can she go to it now, especially when the North began to seethe. They have these things unfold ...

Indeed, the north-east of the country had never known such a tumultuous pace of change. BAM draws its zone of influence in the new regions, along the steel tracks are more and more discoveries, including the geological, which also reveal the Mica-bearing area. So it turns out to be an invaluable experience in exploration of the material, experience that particularly useful in the next five years, an experience which is so rich it is a team of Anton Evmenovicha Nitsaka, wherever it is set to work: in his native Chueh, or in the south of Yakutia, in the richest Prialdane, in any other part of Siberia, the Far East. And the decision of the family Nitsaka not hurry the departure is justified not only, so to speak, purely emotional, but also economically, with the state point of view, another Anton Evmenovich simple and can not think.

Here it is in the early morning sun-drenched balcony, his eyes closed, which, however, carefully cover the panorama of the city. Street at the bottom of a relatively quiet, only occasionally sweep of her car, the exhaust gases enveloping the young trees. At the corner of crawling distance tram, trolley bus even further, the right does not stop somewhere remote, but the annoying hum of the big-city highway the rustling.

At Chueh they are not all there, so pristine, simple, reliable, because there is no rush and hurry of the city.

No, it was the time to get used even to such a whirl ever thinks Anton Evmenovich.

On the balcony leaves Galina, long silent, plunged into the sun, then touches her husband's shoulder:

- What, father, admired his capital?

- Admired, but I have been thinking: what is our Feeling is not the capital?

- So, with the move once again lack of clarity?-Asked Galina, but her voice there is no condemnation or reproach.

- On the contrary, clarity, Anton, laughing, 'until we Chueh needs more than the city, and it is us, too. If only you did not mind ...

- When am I to you so strongly objected, too, laugh-wife, where a needle ...

- I found a thread of same - hugs his wife, Anton, let's forget about moving ...

- Dad! Screaming from the room, Alyosha, - and you're in the park I have promised to reduce, I have met.

- There are no parks, opens onto a balcony, Larissa, guests will soon begin to gather, Dad, I appoint chief butler, okay?

Larissa-bride, and understands that today all her wishes, the law, because the tone of her peremptory, though humorous. His father, however, judged differently:

- No, docha, guests are going to let him, and we Alyoshka we go, now that I rashly promised yesterday, we are short-lived, since then a number. And let's assign my deputy mom, let it take its first guests, and we Alyoshka others. Agreed nevestochka?

- We agreed, without any resentment agrees Larissa, arguing with you is useless anyway, I know you like a promise but will accept a solution-rock.

- That's what the decision says, seriously


And Alyosha:

- Well, son, going on the road, then, go ahead!

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