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Adam-Yusupov Tyulegen Dyusembaevich

Furnacemen blast-furnace shop of the Karaganda Metallurgical Combine, Hero of Socialist Labor

Adam-Yusupov Tyulegen Dyusembaevich Irritation accumulated in the morning, and now Tyulegen Adam-Yusupov was ready to give Minikes all that thought in bitter moments at the new position. "I need a reliable assistant", he recalled the words section chief at a meeting of the party bureau, when he was persuaded to finally pass the team and become a senior furnacemen total production. No, you need an assistant, fumed Tyulegen and latatel all kinds of holes, ulazhivatel disputes between mate, your nedremannoe eye on each of the four furnaces ... That's who you have turned the man who gave you a recommendation to the party, ran to the RC and begged you not to send more "Vikings", and asked to put your head, saying that plant gradually come out of the breakout. Say, you're awfully businesslike, principled, organized and clever at all ... The shop you pulled out, and now he is among the first in the country, but what about me?

But did you know that we Nagysh for six months were not in the movie, put on a long shelf fascinating military memoirs, abandoned fishing, the cottage did not look in the spring, once the favorite to go on the island of Samarkand reservoir, although it does not splash around in the vast Kazakh steppe, and at the very threshold of the house. Of course, do not you make me hang around here a half to two shifts. Sticking damned turnover, hours do not notice if there tolcheshsya on ... holiday. Suddenly came the most surprising comparison Tyulegena. He grinned. And what a hypocrite, suddenly interrupted himself, then play the hypocrite? It is not cursed you think the fuss is more enjoyable. And that, is not happily conduct a sixteen teams and 146 furnacemen, configure all the orchestra, the coherent response?

However, this hitch-son from the army says Bolot warmest letter to whom? Machinist shihtopodachi Peter currants. His brigade Scouting News: who married a son who was born and taught there is still sponsored children from the boarding school carpentry? Tyulegen felt his overalls pocket. Snapped a letter conveyed to him currants. Bomb if the envelope was lying at the heart, disturbing, and excites. Himself did not want to admit Tyulegen that the message Marshes upset him, though jealousy and misplaced-home son, sends news gently. Perhaps the trouble is that no time was Tyulegenu talk to the guys from the crew of the deeply personal. And this, of course, sorry.

. People of different races gathered in the brigade, a miniature likeness of such things international. Since childhood, speaking different languages, they now understand each other perfectly. And it's hard to tell who put forward another idea at work or at rest, a Russian, Mikhail Tarbaev, Kazakh Esengeldy Sarbaev, Ukrainian Nikolai Shevchenko, German, Victor Zucker, Zinur Mursalimov Tatar, Moldavian Valera Sirbu ... Together, took the initiative to learn the power of early-fourth of the giant blast furnaces. And it made: oven volume 3200 cubic meters out at the project level and a half months ahead of schedule. Only in the tenth five-year period the team has given homeland cast more than planned, almost two and a half million tons.

When he asked, so widely stepped, Tyulegen normally be paid: increased oxygen content in the blast in the third of a plus-four percent of capacity, instead of the twelve issues have mastered eighteen more were added over a hundred tons of metal per day, began to replace scarce and expensive coke fuel oil is again turned the addition of iron, savings accounts have brought. All true, but no technology or technique, no organizational activities by themselves do not give, we need people like the ones that creep up over the years in the brigade, with the creative imagination, ready to cast for hours with the charge, not shunning the rough work.

The talks, entitled, Minikes, I will ask again.

- Have you seen Edward Emmanuilovich? Tyulegen asked, looking into the room controller.

- Get the Party committee, replied tot.-And by the way, asked to remind you.

Tyulegen looked at the clock: Yes, today was delayed bypassing the economy! Already half of the third, hardly have time before the meeting, even a snack.

And we can not say that the day is unusual. By 7.00, all four managed to get around the oven, identified the problem, talked to furnacemen, fitters night shift. Then he watched jealously that never was the slightest fault, not out of tune "orchestra". With steelmakers agreed to a uniform supply convoys back buckets without delay. In short, the pulse in the shop-a healthy filling, beat smoothly and the party committee can go with peace of mind.

The meeting was held in the office of political education, the door was crowded. Minikes was flipping through a notebook, prepared, apparently, for the show. He's birthday today, reports on the performance of party and of official duties. Seeing Tyulegena, nodded and raised his eyebrows.

Tyulegen briefly reported: "All right. But I need to talk with you after the party committee. "

The Secretary is on vacation, presided over the meeting, Deputy Timuberly Smagulov.

First, welcome to the party candidates. Tyulegen involuntarily admired very young, but already had time to prove the guys and girls. Do not say anything other than going funding! Here it is, the modern working class:

all education is below average, almost everyone has something to invent, hungry for community service. And looks good, smart, slim, with open faces. Clearly, worry, responding to questions. Grupkomsorg of the machine shop Yuri Butchers kept secure. A team of well-known at the plant, the leaders of walks, and wont be in sight of the workers have to work out. But the electrical engineer Vladimir Bogdanov a little timid, barely remembered, who also checked the last time they "Komsomolsk spotlight." However, his behavior did not bother the members of the party committee, everyone sees a worthy candidate.

The Secretary read out the shop Party organization: Mr Schoenberg, a German, his native language is Russian, tinker ... Wow, quite a new profession for the plant, the production of bleached sheet has not yet been put into operation, and there are specialists. The practice was held where? In Magnitogorsk ...

Again Magnitogorsk! As it is often mentioned here. For Tyulegena and his 60 companions, twenty years ago, they released their first Kazakh iron, it was a school of excellence. In the famous team, they learn the basics and tricks, and the ability to bake without a glitch, excellent melt metal. But after decades of Magnitogorsk is for his sister Kazakh source of manpower, treasure trove of innovation. Not only is Schoenberg practiced there, hundreds of workers received training in metallurgy aces.

As Tyulegena, it is Magnitka gave him a ticket to a great life, pointing to the path where he had expected the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy public duties of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, honorable and responsible party orders: he was a delegate to the XXV Congress of the Party, a member of the City Committee and the Regional Party ...

Where did you get such an unusual, double last name, ask him often. And not everyone, he confesses, because a long story, have to start ... from Adam.

Do grandfather Tleu six sons died, lived for only a few months. That is the curse hanging over the native, or was guilty of all pauper life. Tleu decided to cheat God-called double name of a seventh son, Adam, Dzhusupov. If, say, Allah decides to take the first man to his namesake, then, perhaps, forget about Dzhusupov and hold the son in this world, at least one foot. And what is "tricked" Tleu Almighty! Tyulegena grandfather stayed, then the king's officials pereinachili Dzhusupov more familiar Yusuf.

Employment History of the Tyulegena started brightly, the road to your favorite cause is not immediately felt. Helmsman on the combine, tractor, after the reorganization of the MTS-fireman on a locomotive.

In 1958 he married a Nagysh, who studied to be a nurse. In November came the first-born-Beken. Becoming a father, the head of the family, Tyulegen not calm down. I read in the newspaper that built Karaganda Metallurgical, YCL gives tours willing to stand up face to the fire ... And immediately decided it for me! "Go, go, 'said Nagysh. - I see you need a large furnace, no locomotive."

Adam-Yusupov Tyulegen Dyusembaevich Pupil showed himself diligent, and this reminded recently visited Temirtau Magnitogorsk coach Alexei L. Shatilina. The teacher also became a hero, and then was a master of industrial training, and with Nikolai Ivanovich Gubenko Kazakh children taught the theory and practice. All except Tyulegena, bachelors, some strove to snatch from school and work an hour or two, but he missed Nagysh, Beken, science biting fiercely, substituted, and the third and second furnacemen, it learned earlier than others, and much more. Excellent passing the exam, went home. A month later showed up in Temirtau. Greeted him with surprise: what was the precocious furnacemen, plant, see for yourself, not ready yet. And the city was not actually lived in tents. Offered to lead the team while on site - agreed.

This team not only led to Tyulegena people. Beken, after graduating from college, was assigned to the control wiring. One day, came home after the change, turns away from his father, trying to breathe to the side.

- I heard there is a fun live, work, someone sings a song, said the Tyulegen.

- I do not participate in drinking bouts, Beken.-assured, now only used the bottle of beer for sugrevu.

Terminology alerted her father, and a large "Sugra" he then gave to his son. Strongly ordered, write a statement of our team has a place. Years passed, and now his father convinced Beken: furnacemen was not without talent, the family of reliable, the children went.

A whole family of Adam-Yusupov at the Karaganda Metallurgical Combine was formed. Marshes to the army, too, in his brigade was not the last spokes in the wheel, daughter Gulnara apparatchitsa in the sheet-rolling shop. As Beken, finished college, and younger son Kairat said it was time to family and higher education have the metallurgists, go after the ten-year at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. His brother Victor was an electrician before the army, served, and went into the shop of instrumentation and automation. My brother's wife Serik Aparbaev furnacemen at the first blast furnace. And mother and father moved to Temirtau work at the plant.

But back to the meeting of the party committee. Candidates for membership of the party took electricians foreman Paul Dubinchika, chemical lab worker Olga Mahryad shop, the master converter shop Vladimir Bogomolov. Boris Baumantsu, koksohimiku, politinformatoru, Tyulegen asked the question: how many products makes their production a day for a year? Boris was taken aback. Recent interviews conducted, it appears only on the sports theme.

- We all cheer for Karpov, students Beskova and Tikhonov-noticed Tyulegen, political information, but can not turn into a conversation about chess, football and hockey. You are now a young Communist, and are responsible for our entire team for five years ... Yes, yes, it's not big words. A Communist should feel representative of the whole country, only if he really lives up to its high calling.

Borislav Barannikov, foreman fitter, grounded solid, he is known as a good agitator. Answering questions smartly, brought members of the Party Committee of the whole cascade of numbers: "In the first year of the eleventh Five-Year Plan, our team is working well, far outpacing the state plan. Only in the last eight months, in addition to the assignment produced 67,000 tons of iron ore, issued 57 thousand tons of sinter, smelted 26,000 tons of pig iron and 27,000 tons of steel, sent to consumers in more than 23,000 tons of steel. "

- Well, comrades, smiled Smagulov, I think, Borislav easier for speaker on the second issue of the trade union committee, combine to improve the socialist competition in the light of the XXVI Congress of the party, they can not trump the numbers, go directly to the analysis of issues on the merits.

Tyulegenu liked the approach is not Smagulova revel in the successes in the future. Yes, the eleventh five-year plant began confidently, was back old debts. Nothing really new has been invented. Just at the helm of the company are now demanding and knowledgeable person, Ph.D. Mahmood Akbievich Akbiev. And his austerity, efficiency, smartness were transferred immediately to the chain of deputies, chiefs of services, departments, shifts, and brigades. A working man very sensitive when it is empty talk about increasing the responsibility and when does the responsibility increases. Feels and reacts to the labor activity, strengthening discipline.

By the way, that's about it for a long time yesterday, said Tyulegen and Mahmoud. Adam-Yusupov went to the director of the evening on his deputy's affairs. Showed Mahmoud help: I will report on the implementation of orders of voters, almost all done. For students of technical colleges, as planned, built a dining room, ATS 1000 numbers allowed at the entrance to the city from the Karaganda began to construct the service station "Lada." Apparently, it's time to talk about the development of the enterprise. Akbiev asked for help in solving urgent problems. To limit the discharge of harmful substances in the Samarkand reservoir, it is necessary cooling pond, which would provide water-drainage. Next. How long will delay the expansion of zolonakopitelya, reconstruction of the first coal preparation plant?

And in the end were talking about schools of excellence, efficiency of their work.

Tyulegen conducted a few years ago, two of these schools and a special workshop to study new products at other smelters and refineries. It was good are they? Absolutely! 65 furnacemen improved their skills, participants in the two years have made 20 proposals for the rationalization of mechanization, improving the quality of cast iron, and increased productivity. When economists have estimated the effect, some people even questioned: more than three hundred thousand rubles saved "seminarians" to the state! His disciples Chechulin Sergei, Vladimir Puzanov, Misha Tarbaev now considered the best senior furnacemen. But not all students enrolled in advanced. How many times Tyulegen showed them how to prepare cases, faster dry ditch without disrupting the production schedule. Alas, the other known requirements, but do not want to bother, wait for prodding. Minikes recently when Tyulegen became his right hand, joked: teach taught Learn to see now the cause.

Incidentally, the seminar they were together, Edward was still a master. Gained wide popularity of the proposal to lengthen the main chute at the third blast furnace in 2700 cubic meters in volume. The designers of this series clearly miscalculated-trough turned too short iron from the slag does not always have time to miss, waste burning through buckets filled tracks. On their Minikes with a new design came to watch blast furnace in Lipetsk, Cherepovets, and then reworked for the fiery river channels and at home. Yes, the man-headed Edward, just me with him now is not easy ..

- And we have a serious claim to Edward Emmanuilovich,-suddenly hears a voice Tyulegen _Smagulova. - Blast shop, certainly on the rise, the chief merit is not going to belittle anyone. But why Minikes obstructs the progressive forms of competition?

- This is what is it?-Tyulegen could not resist.

- A scoring system rejects. Vaughn as Deputy Secretary. It is necessary here to give battle, similar to what was in the shop committee meeting.

- Let me be clear, rose-Tyulegen.-We are not against the point system as such. We are against. Formalism. What now happens? I pick up a piece of paper from the floor left by the previous shift, run with the discovery of a union, and we put a plus-minus and his comrades. A very beautiful picture. Next. This plus the fact equalized, say, the fulfillment of obligations, as one of the conditions of paragraphs. All in one pot, small and large, serious, and nothing ... It turns out that sometimes the shop is easier to win the championship in the Union than in the plant. Against the current scoring system does not Minikes has risen, more precisely, he is not alone, and our entire team. Let's think about how to improve it.

Tyulegen sat down and looked at Edward. In addition it was inscrutable face. Oh, you took the remark as a tribute, not even a grateful glance cast, all of this clean, neat, not tired ... Well, wait a minute, buddy, did you spoil-mood.

Word of the trade union has asked the Deputy Chairman Anatoly Semenov, and spoke about the organization of competitions in the blast furnace shop, where, in contrast to other parts of the plant when summarizing account performance and plans and commitments. - And in general we do not have enough flexibility to maneuver and the ability to focus on the elimination of competing bottlenecks. Any academic in the bad sense of living established in the organization of business, 'said Constantine G. Erofeev, chairman of the People's Control. Tyulegen nodded his head, he is also thinking about this and even going to suggest something. For example, the conditions of competition should be based on stable, but for every month they need to make a point, taking into account the specifics of the upcoming work.

The Party Committee proceeded to discuss the third item on the agenda. Of course, Tyulegen realized that not honoring Minikes invited people here, the conversation will be serious. Of course, Edward Emmanuilovich praise, and for good reason, but will point to the shortcomings, it could not be. However, the tone of the discussion was set at the outset Smagulov sharply critical, and Adam-Yusupov, with some bewilderment followed the deployment of the events, his own anger at the head of the department quietly evaporated, increased sense of protest, a desire to refute unjust accusations.

- So, then, pulled Smagulov, looking into some kind of certificate, please explain, Edward Emmanuilovich, what is the system of educational work in the shop, it comes down to what?

- What for? 'I would call it a system of rigid demand, indispensable response to people's actions, both positive and negative. Discipline, mandatory testing of performance, develop a sense of responsibility-that's the essence of a short educational requirements of my, and other Communist shop.

- But there is a proven form that you ignore for some reason, - said the other Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Anatoly Ivanov. - Educational spending RAM?

- I do not know what it is, suddenly cut off the evil Minikes.

- We have already expound. Let me explain again. How to make, for example, in the manufacture of coke? Gather all the heads of production and dismantle their actions.

- It's hard to understand. Are prinarodno collective repentance of their sins? Is not it better to me or to the same deputy Adam-Yusupov, first in private to talk to someone?

- Maybe it is better-a moot point. But I think that secretiveness leads to no good, she kin indulgence.

- That's really not necessary, and we have secretiveness, and the individual approach, left-Tyulegen. Smagulov looked at him, shrugged, and continued:

- However, the neglect of the educational work in the shop is evidenced by the fact that in the drunk tank for six months now got six people and a year ago that number was only four. The growth is very bad ... How do you explain, Edward Emmanuilovich?

- In my opinion, Tyulegen Dyusembaevich has informed the party committee. I will say I am. Earlier in the shop to hide the facts, so as not to lose bonuses. Now, at the suggestion of Adam-Yusupov took an open struggle ...

- I do not know what you're fighting, the numbers tell a different story.

Tyulegen frowned. What is Smagulov decided to escalate the issue? For the future inspectors decided to leave the paper? Say, the notice to respond ... Well in fact aware that each of the six now in the drunk tank caught more than once regretted what had happened-the general workers' meeting and discussed the ruble punished repeats are unlikely. But last year, recorded for the record, for the most GMAT competitions only a fifth of the guilty and lost it anymore, because of the lies ultimately harm is always more.

After the meeting, asked Minikes Tyulegena:

- Where are you going?

- In the shop, of course.

- But why? I called, everything is in order. There is a suggestion. My missus has tickets to the movies, there are a couple extra. If Nagysh will not mind, it's good to spend the evening together. Tyulegen looked at Edward. Is he a mind reader? Overhears thoughts? Minikes continued:

- And all I want to tell you: not as much time sticking out near the stove. We now have all the "raskochegarit" dvusmennye vigil simply not needed. Now leads the production Obermeister Ulinkin. Do you trust him?

- Yuri Alexandrovich? As to himself.

- What the goblin you pull into the shop? We often think: okay, today is the day from morning until late at night will give the production, but tomorrow ... And tomorrow, you see, once again breathe. What does this mean? Do not know how to plan their work, deceive ourselves. Day-essential piece of life and should be juicy, like her, multicolored and multi-faceted. To day and life-like song ... Yes, what you would like to talk about?

- About what?-Tyulegen little embarrassed. - The right to have and forget, so many emotions today. Oh yeah, Bolot writes that the army will soon be back. Which team will send?

- Sam decides. And, I think, will go to yours. In your ex. So, it is yours, Adam-Yusupov, and will remain ... Keep your tickets.

Tyulegen went home and thought about how he would be delighted Nagysh unexpected early arrival.

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