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Alanya Lamar Estatovna

The driver line twisting Zugdidi tea leaf tea factory number 2 industrial associations of the tea industry, "Tea-Georgia", the Hero of Socialist Labor

Alanya Lamar Estatovna 220 thousand hectares spread over the legendary Colchis. On the fabulous wealth of its written by the ancient Greeks. On reclaimed from swamps acres are cultivated valuable subtropical crops: tea, citrus, tung ... Tea-green gold of Colchis. But the greatest wealth is its people. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Tamara Kupuniya, Heroes of Socialist Labor, and Valerian Meunargiya Lamar Alania. On it goes, and our story.

Multi-colored wide-brimmed hats of tea pickers on the background of dark green tea bush from a distance seem exotic flowers. It seems that in this sultry season there is no violation of the passage of time, but the impression is deceptive, since the early morning on a plantation in full swing hard work. Like a butterfly, flitting agile female hands. Drive up trucks, pick up a tea leaf. I just visited his native village, the heroine of my essay, and heading in the Zugdidi district is one of the centers of Colchis, where he worked at the Lamar Alania tea factory number 2. A young driver with a beautiful tanned face explained that the economy must deliver the list for processing no later than the hour of the day. Leaves collected during the day, shall be twice the sixteen and twenty-three hours.

Twenty minutes and we are at the factory. At the party committee secretary, together with sat Arkhip Yasonovich Kardava, a former master on duty twisting branches, now head of the sorting plant.

- Talking about Lamar Estatovne-pleasure, 'said on.-She came to us in the fifty-sixth year after graduation. And it got down to business, though all his life worked in the shop. The paper is accurate up to pedantry. Know in detail the car. What is harder, so it more interesting. Many of her peers at first did little indulgences. Lamara immediately demanded to be treated as regular workers. Somehow we were not just two workers. Lamar gave them the job. I thought, let feel what a real job! Imagine, right, and has since gone: if something goes wrong in the shop or factory-to Lamar! And how she had only strength come from? The fragile, thin. But yet implemented a new production line, krutilschitsam had to drag up to 10 tons of raw material per day.

Talk to Lamar in the factory could not, even at lunch time she was busy adjusting the machine. I had to move the conversation in the evening. Lamar Estatovna greeted me with a little grandson in her arms, smiled graciously, "Heraclius was born on the day when I was named a Hero of Labor. Can you imagine how happy I was! "

A small, modestly furnished apartment. Light and comfortable.

- Now return the daughter, and we'll talk, 'Lamar Estatovna came to the writing-stolu. the meantime read this eto.-handed from yellowed sheet of school notebook, written in childish handwriting neat.

I was surprised-it was an excerpt from the story of Constantine Paustovsky "Colchis": "We were walking slowly. All this was done on purpose, that the tea was in a long journey. But they fought for this tea is a fortune ... We drove the higher grades of tea, including the sort of "white hair". Once in Ceylon, I fell behind the ship ... enrolled in the tea plantations supervisor Leslie. All workers were natives and more women are ... Once I found the gray-haired woman on the plantation. She was lying on the ground and wept ... It turns out that her husband fell ill, and to leave him she can not: kicked or beaten. I picked it up and saw that she was still young ... "Come, I answer for you." She kissed my hand: "... What are they doing to us, the owners! Not only do we even tea sedeet from our suffering. Even the tea! That's why we call it "white hair".

- The passage I was asked to read on the Pioneer collection. I read and very worried. It sounded like a terrible story, I could not believe that somewhere in another three decades before this was possible. In my mind, the tea was associated only the lightest performance. At that time I was fifteen, and I wanted to be a picker of tea, so what was the heroine Tamara Kupuniya. Many of my peers tried to do the same. In the village of Zemo Kvaloni, where I grew up, everything was connected with the tea: both work and leisure, and lifestyle. In the morning you go to school and you see women in broad-brimmed hats with baskets on the sides. How well they move and flashed their nimble hands. They have worked for four hours, and working day under the burning sun is yet to come. And in the evening as a cozy home, the room will flood when the scent of amber fluid whiff of tea, the whole family will gather at the table.

During the war our young people and other villages fled to the front. This was a disaster. That one, the other mother in alarm. Lack of tears, and without it. I remember a meeting near the village council. It was held in the evening right on the lawn. After the speech, the Chairman left the military tightened. Instead of hand-filled with the belt empty tunic sleeve. He was silent, and all were silent. Then he slowly began to talk about the war, listed the names of the dead villagers. He spoke for a long time, we listened with bated breath. Each of us saw ourselves what the military said. His story moved imperceptibly to tea: both fighters need this invigorating drink, which returns power to the moment of calm. How he is omnipotent, it invigorates. It is necessary to help an adult, should contribute to the victory.

I do not know how to react to this speech adults must have guessed that she turned to the boys, but young people have stopped running away to the front. And then these same boys, and children are smaller, year-round with adults worked on the plantations. Remember how in the movie "Father of a Soldier," farmer Makharashvili caressed miraculously surviving vines - "She's alive!". Tea is also alive. It requires the painstaking work of man, of knowledge. On the bushes need to worry: all the year round hoe, ditch, fertilize in winter bonfires, smoke envelop so as not to freeze. Not a single weed should not be there, let the juices flow into the land of his blessed leaves! To accelerate the emergence of shoots, the height of the bush should be supported to a certain level. A collection of tea? Try a half-bent position all day to stand in the heat: the hands go numb, aching lower back, his eyes dazzled. A young runaway need to break as soon as he appeared. Otherwise, the young leaf (by the way, in Chinese it is called "Tsai"), is aging. All efforts will be wasted. And more! What is the link in the processing of green leaf is more important? What do you think?

- Hard to say, 'Ya-evasive answer all important: the withering, rolling, fermentation ...

- That's it! Lamar Estatovna-laughs-you almost everything listed, except for drying and sorting. In general, it is true. Each of the process itself is so important that if you miss something, do not comply with the technology, the quality is lost forever. It is impossible to fix. And who needs nearomatny tea - is like perfume, devoid of smell!


It is well known that labor is a complex of physical, mental, psychological, ethical and aesthetic effort. How much work is a pack of tea, how much it spent on these so physical, intellectual, aesthetic effort.

Since ancient times, even 3,000 years ago, people saw in the case a lot of wonderful qualities for which the cost to work up a sweat. Here is what is written in one of the ancient Chinese manuscripts: "Tea strengthens the spirit, soothes the heart, removes fatigue, awakens thought and does not allow to settle laziness, easier and refreshes the body, clarifies susceptibility. Sweet peace that we gain from the use of this drink, you can feel, but it is impossible to describe. Drink it slowly this wonderful drink, and you will feel able to deal with those concerns, which are usually depressing our lives. "


... - I did not tea-picker so fate. Went to the city. But with the tea, you see, has not left. At this factory, and in this workshop have been working for a quarter century, and every day I wake up with joy that I have to go to work. Here you come to write about me. And this is a difficult task, and you know why? I looked questioningly at her.

- Unable to write only about krutilschitse tea. It is difficult to find a different culture, to such an extent that would be embodied in a collective work. This is not mine, it is our job, my colleagues in the factory, for the cultivation and collection, scientists, people of different professions. If everyone believed in his place the most important part, would not talk, and in fact have recently heard it often, that the Georgian tea was not the one lacking strength, flavor. Heart aches to hear such words ... She got up and left the room. After a while, came back with a glass of fragrant and believe me, reader!, Great tea.

Alanya Lamar Estatovna Tea should be transported in time. And put in the boxes to the norm, rather than transported in bulk in open trucks. And in time to collect and zavyalivayutsya immediately, removing moisture from it, while it is fresh from the bush, twist, fermenting, drying, blended. Violated somewhere in the technological process and everything crossed, taste, flavor, extract, and quality.

- So, talk about the quality of Georgian tea is not random?

- No, of course. But this is a serious and, you know, the collective conversation. We extend it to the factory.


The next evening I was waiting outside the factory a few women.

- About Lamar write about? Write so that no figures were in the first place.

- I will try. Maybe something to tell?

- What prompt? You do not like to drink bad tea? Came to write about the good-krutilschitse write well. Here is her little apartment. And you know why? Another turn, gave way to ...

- Who in the local committee with their concerns in the first run? Who is doing more than any accomplishment of our dining room?, Lamar. And it is least needed, she lives in two steps, can eat at home ...

- By the way, ask her a question, she became a heroine!

We were approached Lamar Estatovna. She heard the last word.

- You see, 'she said simply,' every time their heroes. Some raised the Colchis, disbelieving in spite of resistance, despite the poisonous malaria claims the lives of hundreds. Here is my father, he was not a hero, his role in the development of Colchis is very modest. Yet he was among those who surrounded the engineer Gabunia, the main hero of "Colchis". This is a real person. About fifteen years ago Gabunia was still alive. I read about it in the newspaper. These people were heroes all along, because everyone brought their small contribution to the great common cause. What is required of us now? To work conscientiously, honestly, with all his strength. I understand it this way: if you can do something, do not wait until the others will do for you ...


And yet, forgive me friend Lamar Estatovny-free numbers can not do: parsimony is hidden behind their impressive and expressive painting.

Personal Plan Tenth Five Lamar Alania completed ahead of schedule, to May 1. Over the plan it had produced 100 tons of production by 20 thousand rubles. Professional excellence, hard work earned her recognition not only of colleagues in the enterprise, but also of the tea industry of the country. Not by accident, when the question where to draw the line of industrial tests of artificial curling sheet, its authors, candidate of technical sciences Revaz Dzhindzholia, Revaz Khoperia, George Tsintsadze Zugdidi-selected tea factory number 2.

With what joy, devotion and perseverance worked Lamar Alanya! Knowledge of the finest nuances of the profession has had great help in translating the design ideas of scientists. Power of only one new line of rolling-25-30 tons of green leaf per day, three of them in the shop, which frees six people per shift. Heavy manual labor, loading and unloading roller-excluded altogether. Curl is currently not in three, and at one stage. Released production area, saving raw materials, and, finally, labor productivity increased by 60 percent! This allowed the company to take a stronger commitment to work out, 1,900 tons of finished products, while the share of production of tea and the first higher grades to bring up to 70 percent.

- The introduction of new mechanized production lines rolling Alanya has shown a rare initiative, ingenuity, perseverance and persistence exclusive to correct technical deficiencies, says co-author of new Revaz Dzhindzholia. - That is why we have included Lamar Alania in the number of authors.

Our conversation ended in the tasting room of the tea factory. Invitation to titesterskuyu-a rare honor. Word of the newspaper stand, material on the refined ritual of drinking tea, reminiscent of the wonderful properties of the ancient drink.

- Valiko Hubulava, softly whispered Lamar, eyes pointing to a slender man of middle age. Hubulava is one of the most experienced titesterov country. Titester tea-taster, a person of rare and beautiful profession. It determines the grade of tea products, keeps in memory a collection of rare tea scents, all their shades and variations.

- By the way, says Hubulava, - sheet, twisted Alania, always top quality. And the secret of skill-tender flushes separated from the rough. Increase the time the process perederzhish sheet in the car, there is excessive fermentation, lowers the quality of tea. A nedoderzhish-cell destruction is insufficient leaf, incomplete fermentation. It was as if everything is simple, and the title of Hero of all time becoming the tea industry have only two-kupazhnitsa Zugdidi tea factory 1 Babutsa Lagvilava krutilschitsa Zugdidi and a tea factory number 2 Lamar Alania.


For many years in Georgia did not have enough capacity for processing raw tea. In the Republic each year actively engaged in the mechanization of the harvest. Here and chaesborochnaya machine "Sakartvelo", replacing the labor of 35 tea pickers, and "NA-900", hand-held devices chaesborochnye. At the same time, the processing capacity of raw tea is not enough. Until now, the release of equipment for the tea factories engaged in a Batumi Machine Works, and then only partially, only a quarter of the volume of production of equipment for the tea factories. In recent years, the solution of the problem the party and government bodies are paying close attention.

That is the question raised by LI Brezhnev in his conversation with the leaders of the republic during the recent 60th anniversary of Soviet Georgia and the formation of the Communist Party of the Republic.

"We can not ignore the problem and improve the quality of Georgian tea, 'said Leonid Ilich.-It depends upon the development of material-technical base of the tea industry."

Communist Party of Georgia and the Council of Ministers of the Republic passed a resolution "On measures to promote the tea industry of the country in next five years and improve the quality of tea in the light of Comrade LI Brezhnev at the celebrations in Tbilisi in connection with the 60th anniversary of Soviet Georgia and the Georgian Communist Party ". The ordinance was approved by the experience of the labor collectives of tea factories Zugdidi district on the introduction of new techniques and technology. Now the country has developed and implemented a comprehensive program of intensification of the tea industry. Until the end of the scheduled five-year plan to introduce additional capacity in all tea-growing areas of Georgia. In particular, only in the Zugdidi district will build four new factories.


- Of course, the poor quality arises not only because of lack of capacity, said Lamar-Alania, we have a defect in the collection and delivery of raw materials. It happens that the trade-leaf entirely substandard. This is due to the violation of technological standards for the collection sheet, its transportation, delay in delivery to the factory.

It must be confessed, some pickers in an effort to improve the quantitative indicators, gather shoots, not adhering to the rules. Naturally, it turns out a large percentage of coarse sheets. Some pickers fall into the other extreme, collecting nepodoshedshie flushes, and deliberately destroying a wonderful tea.

Once, during a gathering of tea first growing season, at the height of the season, the factory was forced to take a large quantity of low quality tea. Alanya has demanded an emergency meeting of the local committee and invited to take decisive action to collective farms, supplying substandard materials. - We need to go to the place to learn all failures, prevent accidents, 'insisted ona.-At the height of the season to settle the timetable for the collection and delivery of raw materials. Carefully studied the situation on the ground, adjusted schedules. The factory began to take a good quality tea. School-Alania school quality, they say in the farms and in factories. Lamar zastrelschitsey Alania was yet another important matter. In Zugdidi district was organized in the small tea factories plantations.

Training of young personnel for one of the factories took over Lamar Estatovna.


Factory jeep domchal us to the plantation village Ruhi. At its center is a small tea factory. Power-15 tons of raw material processing in the day. In the year of a plant can process up to 1.5 million kilograms of green leaf. However, it produces semi-finished product for the higher grades of tea.

- In the darkest days, when there is a selective collection of tea and still not adjusted the rhythm of work, said Alan, are factory-to us-a sort of "first aid".

Mentor immediately surrounded by girls. Among them, Mimosa Lagvilava, held a three-month course at his illustrious colleague. Now Mimosa she manages to mikrofabrike. Mentor and student are at the rollers. Machines shake Ted zavyalennye leaves.

- More recently set to work and cope fine with me-is divided Lamar Estatovna.

We leave the factory. Giving a look back. Mikrofabriki small building, drowning in emerald green tea bushes, appears white boat.

Not to recall the tea factory in Chakvi-first factory pre-revolutionary Russia. In a small shed was processed at one time the entire crop of tea. The quality was so low that only the tea procured military department "for the allowance of the lower orders." Its so called "soldiers."

British scientist Harold Mann, who was in the 20s in Georgia and was very interested in Colchis, ironically said that industrial cultivation of tea in these places, sheer nonsense. "Tea can grow here, at best, as an ornamental plant," - he said. Now our Georgian tea buys a good half of European countries, including England.


Holiday in Akhalsopeli. This little village has become famous throughout Colchis. Today it note eightieth birthday twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the oldest tea pickers Tamara Kupuniya. Despite his advanced age, she is still working on the plantations. On a holiday tea growers gathered notables, machine, tea factories, workers zavyalschitsy, krutilschitsy, adjusters equipment, scientists tea growers. Almost the entire staff of Zugdidi Factory number 2, along with Lamar Alanya is also here.

- No wonder we have admired her as a child and wanted to become like it, tell me Lamar Alania. - If your working life I will be able to complete just as proudly and beautifully, as Tamara Kupuniya, I'll assume that it lived not in vain. If I call in someone from the desire to be as young as I am, Lamar, continues, 'then I'm perfectly able to deal not only with his own business, but also his human purpose on earth, the appointment of the Soviet worker and citizen.

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