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Kustra Peter V.

Tool-maker of electric lighting plant Ternopil Production Association "Vatra" named after the 60th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor

Kustra Peter V. Vatra in the Carpathians are called fire. Also named Ternopil lighting and their union. Beautiful! Word implies, as a cheerful burst of flame in the night Mountains. And the symbolic: the union is one of the largest suppliers of lighting for factories, mines and apartments.

Just do not poetic names has led to the factory floor Kustru Peter. In that distant time already, when he filled out the questionnaire in the personnel department, the company was called, quite prosaically 'electrical fittings, "and it was very different from the present.

... Now "Vatra" is widely known and gets one behind the other major orders. Here, lighting devices were fabricated for the mausoleum of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. It developed a powerful apparatus for the lighting of sports facilities Olympics-80 in Moscow. Anyway, three quarters of "Vatra" marked an honorary pentagon appreciate it more than eight thousand companies in the country, are willing to buy nearly fifty countries.

And then, as a joke was characterized by a serious stage of becoming "electrical fittings" to toggle coat sewn-low and dark rooms, plant inherited from the former tobacco factory, build up new buildings. Erected them, and Peter Kustra.

Everything turned out the young builder. He knew how to carpentry, concrete and packed tiles, and required, and with the installation of plumbing cope. Kustra was not deprived, and organizational skills - are increasingly left to him by the foreman. The discharge is, of course, was awarded the highest. Earnings, of course, consistent with qualifications.

About the money necessary to mention two, at least, reasons. Peter became the head of the family, a son.

Among other things, it was necessary to acquire the most needed, and a quarter of a century ago were it not that simple. Peter knew at all difficult times, he grew up in a bourgeois state, and had firmly remember how prized penny in their large family, as needed, when the father was without work. A Fortunate Life, which began with the entry of Ukraine into the Western family of Soviet peoples, was interrupted by the barbarous invasion of the Nazis. Only with the release of Ternopil, at eleven years old, he went for the first time in school. A dream to eat their fill for a long time seemed the most impossible.

The profession of a builder, Peter inherited from his father. And put your hands in the post-war Ternopil was unnecessary. Even years after the expulsion of the Nazis streets were in ruins. Kustra and lifted the city. First there were mostly repair work required, to give people at least some walls and a roof over your head. Then we went and the new quarters.

So the first eight years of service, excluding service in the Army, he earned on construction sites. They were followed by a succession of buildings erected by the regional hospital, medical school, theater, drama theater, hotel, meat-packing plant, ryboholodilnika. But the reconstruction of the "electrical fittings," was the last in his construction career.

Actually, the building was still going on. But the shops have already installed machines. And not that I felt dissatisfied with their work Kustra, and clearly aware of what the plant room opens his desire to try the strength in dealing with increasingly complex tasks.

Industrial enterprises in Ternopil was then a little bit. And in any shop "electrical fittings" were selected meticulously. And in the instrument and does contest staged. We had to answer questions on the theory, read a drawing to show how possess a file. Not every withstood the test.

But Peter was determined to get it in the tool. Something I read about the specialty toolmaker, and found it more than others for its versatility meets his inclinations. After all, a mechanic that profile is directly related to the production of highly complex research equipment, and to produce the simplest of consumer goods. And the quantity and quality of products, again depending on what tools, fixtures, tooling will give workers a locksmith. It follows, then search no limit, and the case for small: it is necessary to withstand the tests and gain qualifications.

The exam did not seem difficult to Peter. Commission satisfied with his answers, and processed the item is not for nothing that he was on site to deal with the drawings and was known as a jack of all trades.

But the apprenticeship cost and effort and nerves. No doubt times have led to the brink, when left to pull the plug and return to usual work at a construction site. Already the first operation, filing, which should have been a perfect master toolmakers future, has shown how difficult path favored by the profession. This is only part seemed easy to drive with a file on metal, occasionally putting him caliper. But when the master gave a piece of iron blowtorch disfigured and required proper drawings carved detail, had to figure this way and that: where to start and the finish. Simplify, otherwise you can not learn to "catch" to the touch microns. And those who turned out to be at odds with a file, immediately offered to go to other shops. Kustra successfully passed this stage. Many things did not work the first time and his. Only Peter felt that the effort to get along with a file it is.

But when I went to a more complex task, and there were doubts about him. They helped to dispel the foreman Dmitri Morozovich:

- Too early to draw conclusions. Still ahead. Will be happy moments. It is possible, and the marriage can happen. So let us learn, all-you-and he said, in response to a passionate tirade Kustry about their abilities.

Dmitri, not only for students unquestioned authority. Knew his job perfectly. A knowledge base is still filled up systematically and, wherever went on a mission, always returning with a new product for the toolmakers. Were known to the strictness of principle. Because the head shop said Peter perceived as encouraging praise. A council study understood in the sense that the framework can not be confined to shop.

Immediately upon arrival at the plant, Peter and he felt that his family classes in the instrumental case you will not achieve much. Calculate the angle, slope, layout, and then make its own may not. For recording and went to night school.

Gradually doubt with good reason gave way to confidence. Change in attitude helped purchased from the bench and school desk for knowledge. And Peter was assigned more complex work. He coped with it. If you come across, and that strange, immediately keep up with care. Most often, by a partner, Dmitry Kravets. That, though younger Kustry, but came to the shop for two years before, also traveled to the city for an internship. So it happened that he became a mentor to Peter.

Help Fedor Yeremeyevich Svitovogo was of another order. On the "electrical fittings," he rightly gave the palm: he had already spent a good toolmaker quarter of a century. But it's not just seniority. A lot of trust to carry out orders only to him. If they came at a time, had to wait for the released master. Peter knew about the invisible line to the bench Svitovogo and dreamed of the time when he can "relieve" him. In a spare moment he tried to be close to Fedor Yeremeyevich. Svitovoy did not like it distracted from the work of inquiries. And if there was a need to access it, you had to wait for it to postpone the tool. But advice is always given separately.

And still firmly supported the novice current foreman toolmaker Sergei Rogachev Matveevich. He became a master of plot, when Kustra has already completed a course of apprenticeship and worked for quite a controversy. Even a portrait hung on the Board of Honour. Only took Peter, yet the number of unpretentious, in general, stamps prepared. Sergei Matveevich quickly noticed that he had not got rid of the inherent timidity of newcomers. It was she who prevented him from fully manifest abilities.

- Take the job more difficult, 'demanded the master. And in order to overcome the timidity of a locksmith, promised in marriage-Pound-together will be responsible. Peter took it. Braque was not. And Sergei Matveevich his claim under the summed theoretical framework:

- You see! A simple job, perform it at least ten, even twenty, no, the skill does not lead to a ...

Pondering the words of Sergei Matveevich, Peter did something for yourself Herod opening. It turned out that their newly acquired skills, metal working well enough to perform quite complex operations. Just by itself it does not put him in a number of toolmakers first hand. Why not?

Kustra Peter V. Yes, because the skills you need to add more and you desire to solve unknown problems. Required. If the construction, and in other professions such an approach was considered to be creative and be perceived as a desirable exception to the rule, then the tool-maker, he is the norm. Pleased with the progress, do not just stop in its growth, fall behind, but also inhibit the growth of productivity, quality, in general, all of which is composed of the efficiency of the whole enterprise.

- A strange thing, Peter, was surprised. - After nearly a daily basis have heard and read:

toolmaker - a creative profession. And go and f 'you need, and in addition

yourself to get to its essence. And yet another important conclusion he came to then: you can not wait will offer new challenges, we must look for them yourself. Pretty soon he began to prepare the stamps, the complexity of which far exceeded the requirements assigned to the appropriate category.

Although the process was ultimately a purely productive and fulfilling life Peter was quite different. In his mind, not only in the shop, but also on the way home was constantly sorting options: how best to do this or that matrix, the punch, insert. And it will not distinguish between night and was on the working hours and leisure hours. Solutions come in unexpected ways at any time. And Peter is not weighed. On the contrary, like: the merger of interests with the rest of the production allowed him not only focused, but also confidence, solidity. Recent priority concern for the salary, prestige seemed resolved themselves. Discharge him, of course, systematically increased until the top-five. Only an end in itself for re-certification has not been Kustry.

However, the authority of a young toolmaker not earned a higher skill. And certainly not complaisance. Early on in his factory in the shop noticed the way: very Kustra hate indifference. How to hear something like "none of my business," it even peredernet. A man and a straight line, he said everything is not streamlined searching expressions. Spoke at meetings, and so, with an eye for an eye. Therefore, when Peter had applied to take him into the ranks of the Communist Party, the Party organization of the opinion was unanimous: take.

Since it was realized an old dream. Even as a boy without end, Peter was able to watch movies "Lenin in 1918", "We are from Kronstadt", "Chapayev." Dedication of the Communists in the struggle for the people he saw in the proportion of days of fighting in Ternopil, in the fight against gangs of Ukrainian nationalists, on construction sites, in the army, in the shops of the plant. Becoming a member of the Komsomol, he wanted to be like them and ... in an amicable envy in his heart. No, Peter knew that partisanship does not give any privileges. In addition, one more than the other, to give the common cause.

Back in 1968 Peter V. won the title of "Drummer of communist labor," and constantly proves it. Sophisticated stamps tend to be on his workbench. But the work performed brilliantly interpreted critically. For example, the design of the mold on the block ballast is quite inadequate. Only she was single. Peter V. offered to make her shestnadtsatimestnoy. And it is possible to increase productivity once in ten times. Awesome! But rationalization is constantly engaged Kustra.

They came to Peter Vasilyevich authority, a well-deserved recognition. Called him to combine the "Best of the profession." It would seem, keep the brand, poosteregis hasty steps and enjoy the tranquility.

- Hazardous this state, said Peter Vasilyevich Little did toolmakers can calm down in the prime of life, felt that God was seized by the beard. And to be calm, oh, how easy it used to.

- Watch the necessary forward-firmly persuaded Kustra.-If you constantly think about how best to do assigned work, nothing will be touched and tranquility are not poddashsya. There is no limit to perfection. That pull, do not give a fat overgrown welfare.

Set a goal, achieve, to schedule a new-cycle determines the rhythm of the long life of Peter Vasilevich. He tends to her.

Has long been noted: the talent of working faster, brighter disclosed at the cutting plant. Terms and Conditions, all contribute to this atmosphere. "Vatra" also put the goal behind and tried to spend to achieve their minimum time. Because the company so fast, began with the release unpretentious electrical fittings, managed to reach the forefront. By comparing their products with products of leading foreign companies "Siemens" and "Shoop" in Germany, "General Electric" in the U.S., "Eklatek" in France, not without pride ternopoltsy state: they are not inferior, and in some ways even better than foreign models .

It is tempting, at the slightest opportunity to afford relief. B could succumb to it and "Vatra". For example, when the industry faced before the challenge, along with the main product to set up production of consumer goods. In Ternopil, then heard the proposal to limit production of souvenir-lantern, kerosene lamp simulator. On the other facilities such proposals have the upper hand. Because there is consumer goods have remained a burden imposed. On the "Vatra" did not dismiss the importance of the toy business and found it possible to produce the desired and beautiful things.

Showroom association convincing figures and diagrams says that was the result. It contains many different types of fixtures and appointments: a lens of light from the glass, with abazhurnymi materials, with the details of metal, plastic, wood and ceramics. Indeed, for all tastes.

And that's what is important: the products of "Vatra" goes out of fashion and new settlers and residents with the experience. Again, because in the union legalized the order in which items for the home are as important products, as well as technical lighting. Hence, not only with due regard to all the terms of the production process, and forecasting. It is important to know what changes will undergo in the near future as an integral part lighting conditions in the apartment. There are constantly monitoring the lighting in our home country and abroad, with the market conditions. As a result, have always known that it is necessary to remove from registration as new products put on the conveyor.

New items, of course, by themselves do not appear. Here are sketches of the artists have painted lamps with large crystal elements. You can imagine how he will play running highlights! Buyers should be sure to please. And the glaziers put the development in question: who will manufacture molds for casting? Produced in the same department management tool, which employs Peter V..

With the lights from the small lens was even more trouble. The problem initially seemed unsolvable in general: how to handle the glass part with sixteen sides and a diameter of two centimeters? Manually? But for the mass production of thousands of their need. Yet, began designing the original machines. Now they are already in the shop, forming production lines. So managed to overcome another technical problem, but at the same time give the artists, designers, engineers, builders the opportunity to work on the products of tomorrow.

To capture the imagination of its manufacturing intricate dies, tools, accessories, and a hand Kustra. Its filigree craftsmanship helps to solve complex problems. In this work, Peter V. very quickly. "Tenth Five-Year Plan, the highest productivity and quality of work", his initiative. He himself undertook a five-year run of annual ten rules and exactly in the middle of 1978 completed a personal five-year period. And then with an enviable rhythm, doubled ahead of the calendar was reckoned: the plan is six, seven, eight years ... Fulfilled its obligation for the quarter before.

Because success "Vatra" associated with his name. So right and say:

- Kustra has made great contribution to the early development of production lighting for sports facilities Olympics-80.

An assignment may be different, and the assessment of Peter Vasilevich has long remained unchanged. For high production performance and active participation in public life in April 1971 Peter V. one of the first to combine the highest honor awarded by country, the Order of Lenin, and in 1976 for the early fulfillment of the Ninth Five-Order of Red Banner of Labor.

Yes, the high price of gold created by his hands. But there is also an example of Kustry. However, to calculate how much it helped to a particular worker, seems to be impossible.

- But according to the one meter to choose, did not agree with this formulation of the question of association party committee secretary Vasily Dzyubenko and spoke about the participation of a member of the party bureau partgruporga and instrumental farm of Peter Vasilevich Kustry in a statement in the workplace integrated economic effect on output . It represents a set of control systems by all parties of the "Vatra" and provides a high final results. It is quite difficult. And, of course, does not by itself provide the expected returns.

Perhaps the most important thing was to bring to the consciousness of every member of the team need to work on a new, more advanced methods to raise the ability to see the future. Promote, as you know, you and the story and show. There is no need to determine the force of the impact of both methods. But note that the show still more complicated, it is worth.

Peter V., of course, explains. And even more shows. The system, in particular, provides a standard implementation of the enterprise, "On the transfer of workers to self-control." So Kustre one of the first was delivered to a private brand. More than ten years, he uses it.

- Perfect enjoys-assured technologist Vladimir Sheremet and calls the proof of the numbers: The high-quality performance of their equipment manufactured by 40-50 per cent above the standards of stability provided by industry and factory standards. In the tenth five-year cost savings for the operation of this equipment was about twenty thousand.

The vitality of systems management of scientific and technical progress, product quality, Peter V. gives a similar way: first of all their claims in the workplace, advocates, as they say, word and deed.

Now we can more accurately determine what contribution Kustry in the fact that "Vatra" in the last ten years has increased its production by almost four times and three-quarters of its issues with the State Emblem of Quality.

But Peter V. is still true to his rule is not satisfied with achievements. Meticulously, he looks over done. On the omission says here. And do not correct them-up to the podium caucus. Extracts and the commanders of production, and working alongside his comrades. First, of course, Peter Vasilevich care all that relates to tool maintenance. Therefore, he is indignant when distracted toolmakers to perform their non-core division orders, lack of transportation for fixed equipment, which leads to breakage, etc. However, the slow building of blacksmithing area, the dining room is not bad work smolchit. For the master's approach Kustry everything with which he faced, and that gets in his field of vision, was elected fellow of Peter Vasilevich deputy city council.

When ... "Vatra" newspaper came with the decree on awarding Pyotr Vasilievich title of Hero of Socialist Labor,

toolmakers walked birthday.

- Like a personal joy to bring good news, 'they explained the reason for the holiday-nastroeniya. After being born before our eyes, fellow labor victory.

Congratulated the Hero, squeezed in the arms. And it is with an embarrassed smile on his face thank goodness. Not at all, congratulations for your help, for his involvement in the award. We thank each and everyone together. "Vatra" brought to light his way into a great life. And he was as strong enough, will give them to her. Let the moon shine all the brighter!

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