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Anokhina Catherine Tikhonovna

The operator of tower dryers Voronezh factory faience, Hero of Socialist Labor

Anokhina Catherine Tikhonovna All history, all biography of the Voronezh factory faience products can meet the work experience of Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhina. Women in the workbook which is exactly 20 years ago was made the last record, "the operator of tower dryers."

My acquaintance with the Voronezh factory faience, and his men started with a small square at the factory to flog. Directly in front of the entrance is a large shield with the performance of the plant in the first year of the eleventh five-year period. From the right panel of the factory-wide travel farmstead, the left side is decorated with photos of the best workers of the plant, foremost of production. She opened a portrait of the Hero of Socialist Labor Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhina.

And near the entrance to the shop where she works, workshop production of glazed tiles, the same ones that almost every flat lined the walls of kitchens, bathrooms, which are widely used as a convenient and cheap lining material in the construction of public buildings. When we entered the shop with a deputy head of industrial engineering department Goncharova, Nina Petrovna, I was slightly stunned roar and rumble dimensional jets and oven and then stood for a long time in the ears.

Look here, 'and suggested that Nina took me to a small window in the furnace.

There, in a large, wide feet and a half, the fiery belly of thousands of continuously spinning rollers, thus forming a continuous track on which the peace-of four and six units in a number of lay plitochki, glowing under the influence of temperature tysyachegradusnoy hot. The flames enveloped the tiles, the six per cent of the evaporated moisture, which were in them when they just jumped out of the press. Will not drive the six per cent, and moisture and then let us make sure troubles: will break out and break the tile, undoing the efforts of dozens of workers.

After passing the first stage of drying, tile goes to the next conveyor belt, where she will ... take a shower. Shower only, this is not the water, and glazed: swaying left and right, spray an even layer of spray paint, colored thread on the same assembly line white or blue, the other pale-green, the third - a brown or black. In short, this, what's today's most in demand.

Then again, firing in the kiln, and again the need to closely monitor that the flame on all burners, the tiles evenly covered, and then instead of flat tiles can get concave "dish".

This, of course, this is not happening because people are experienced, for many years been dealing with fire. This daily has known all the intricacies of the work was for the art. Particularly clear in this one realizes when at the very end of the conveyor can see how shiny tile with a slight clicking popping out of the oven and while still hot into the hands of sorters who meticulously check whether there were any flaws in the picture, not a bubble swelled glaze.

Straight from the tile shop will go to construction sites, where it is waiting for those who "wear" our building in a beautiful dress in the shop, where she also enjoys considerable demand. Products Voronezh factory faience products in the hundreds of millions of pieces of tile, and the need for it all increases.

So you see, as do tile, interrupted my reflections, Nina, let's go, but now, I'm going to show us our "kitchen" ...

Massozagotovitelnoe Department may, in fact, without exaggeration be called a kitchen. Because there is a huge - from floor to ceiling-prepared powder containers, from which then pressed tiles. First mix the clay, specially delivered to the plant from the field Veselovsky Donetsk region, with sand, perlite, water, soda and chalk, then add a lot of different other substances, without which the future is not a tile to be strong, sonorous and beautiful. Liquid mass-slip is poured into a giant ball mills, millstones which stirred a lot of rubbing, and then pump it is injected into the filter press. Hence, purified by slurry pipeline system pressure is pumped into the tower dryer, and wants to call it in the everyday "pan", which maintains a constant temperature, from 200 to 260 degrees. Fountain spray mass is covered with hot air and in the form of gray powder poured over the cone on the conveyor belt. What turned-over-dried powder, or too wet, there is a large mass of his, nerazmelchennye particle-in all that meets the operator of tower dryers Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhin. - Here and works Anokhin, - said Nina Petrovna.-Here she has made and respect, and glory, and honor.

It so happened that before to get acquainted with the Anokhina, I heard a lot about her from her companions, and because the factory at the time of our meeting is represented by its vigorous, strong woman, always smiling and friendly. And so it turned out, only to have added an impression of her face-it is from those Russian women, who need a long time, patiently stare.

Not for years she had to grow up sooner because of the war, and after only twelve years old then turned little girl. Their family lived 70 kilometers from Voronezh, in the small village Davydovka, where there were only two brick buildings-grade school, and the railway water tower, which at one time worked as a machinist father, Tikhon Pavlovich. Slowly dropping his words, Catherine Tikhonovna recalls his youth, and she all on two-year-granddaughter of Ira glances.

- Me, I think, still helps out his father's starter, both in terms of health, in the sense of cheerful disposition. He himself was very strong, never complained of fatigue. If not for the war-Scrapping he would not.

In the living room where we sit with Catherine Tikhonovna, an abundance of colors, they are in pots on window sills, on the walls in pots on the sideboard, and a large dining table.

- This, too, from his father, he was very fond of flowers. Though small hatenka was two small rooms on five, and all are in one's father threw a real garden, where he grew up and the palm and fig trees to the ceiling, and Chinese roses, and crow's feet ...

Tikhon Pavlovich has been fascinated by music radio in their house almost at first appeared, the father in the town and bought a headset to the nights, never bothering to listen to concerts.

At the Sunday morning, when our country is hit by one common grief, the whole family worked in the garden-spud potato. A black dish radio was put in the window so that all the music heard in the garden, singing transfer Shulzhenko Claudius. ^ And when one of the speaker sounded "war", they bathed in the sunlight faded once the village, women wailed, wept children ...

In the morning father and eldest daughter of Marusia-she just finished training junior medical staff, went to Voronezh. By the time his father had worked in the factory. A few days later Maroussia was assigned to a military hospital, and the father suggested that "book" - the plant was evacuated to Central Asia. Tikhon Pavlovich of "armor" flatly refused.

By the winter of all plant equipment has been dismantled, and just before the November holidays my father, after returning late from the factory, has announced a home:

- All going to the front. Gather me, mother, anything in the way. Yes, let's sit down for the last time all together.

They sat at the table, put the pot of potatoes, a plate of bacon, the holiday is just a pig slaughtered-but no one piece of the throat is not. Silent, looking at his father. He was the first could not resist a smile.

- What are you, my snub-nosed, sad? Or are you afraid of me? Do not be afraid, ashamed of his father does not have to. And know this: even though the enemy and close, and the victory would still be with us. Spirit does not fall, his mother take care of ...

With these words, my father got up, kissed everyone and went to the station. Had a lot of snow all around, they accompanied him to the bridge and then a long time stood still, leaning close to each other, staring after him, and parted in thought, as he is not out of sight. And in September the 42nd postwoman shaking hands handed him an envelope with a piece of gray-funerals.

Anokhina Catherine Tikhonovna After the death of his father's mother grew old quickly. Care of the house fell on Kate. At the time of her stern and thousands of her peers in other cities and villages of the country had to grow up without fathers, by the way in the people taking care of the youngest and oldest in the family.

A front approached their village. All residents were ordered to evacuate Davydovka. They hastily gathered belongings from that we could, and drove them to the train station Abramovka, where the roar of the war had not yet sunk. Made room for the good farmers, and thence took his hut who have a family, and some two.

There they lived all winter, and as soon as war was move away from Voronezh to the west, all the Davydov pulled back under the native roof. Katie's mother at this time ill with typhoid fever, and therefore, when the evacuees were loaded into the car, Kate with her mother and younger sister in her arms to go along with all not allowed. No matter how Kate begged head tier, he was adamant. "It is said to be infected, then you can not" cut off, and left. And one of the night came under bombing. Living in Davydovka returned only a few families.

- Oh, war, war!, And still bitterly remembered Catherine Tikhonovna that time.-How it all goryushka brought, whether it thrice cursed! I am twelve years old, consider, was involved in the work: and the earth dug and chopped wood and carried water. The war is over, in my forty pounds of it, all aglow ...

... She returned from Moscow after a trip to Czechoslovakia in the early morning and immediately went to the factory it was just a change. We met in the shop, and I'm finally out of the mouth itself Tikhonovna Catherine heard the word, which is still often heard from other people, and already thoroughly accustomed to it.

- However, as we have here in the kitchen - laughing, Anokhin said - when you put the dough for pies. Kneaded cakes, how to be a success, too far-bake blintsy water, and nothing better to do you will not succeed. And so the powder: liquid went slip too, so be it more dry. Retain moisture, again bad, a lot of tile and then the marriage is gone.

- Well, there are instructions on this case? Curiosity, I-.

- The instruction-that is, except that no statement, no devices are not able to predict all the surprises. For any deviation change can happen: it increases the humidity of a sudden, the pressure jumps. So look at both techniques, although modern, but still semi-automatic. So much depends on the operator, from his knowledge and, more importantly, experience. For change is often necessary to make any adjustments.

As in the case is a situation in which the operator must "make any adjustments," I had the opportunity to see the next day.

We stood with Catherine Tikhonovna under the tower and watched by cone-shaped chute onto the conveyor poured the powder is still hot. She took his hand in a white mass, squeezed her fingers, rubbing the palm, index finger and then had a white stripe on the back of his left hand, and, apparently, was pleased with the powder. Suddenly something inside the dryer boomed, as if a heavy object fell from a height. Catherine Tikhonovna went quickly to the cone, dipped his hand over a handful of powder. Even I clearly saw that the powder is a low-quality, mixed with chunks of compacted mass.

Wasting no time to explain, Anokhin instantly turned her away from the trough of the conveyor, where there was a special water tank. As long as "substandard" pour in him, Catherine took a Tikhonovna like a poker iron rod with a hook on the end and started to clean off the conveyor pieces of hardened mass. No rest, no respite, she threw a shovel for a shovel with a heavy weight pressed until the chute again went to the powder, similar to the kind of grinding flour. Seven minutes spent on this operation, and every minute was full of dire nervous and physical strain. Then I explained what happened: a liquid slurry is atomized spray of a fountain and his stick on the walls of the dryer. Gradually, the layer becomes thicker, and then falls off, mixed with the powder. This is not an emergency, it happens quite often, sometimes 2-3 times per shift, and the operator must be in time to predict the time of the collapse of an insidious: it until it corrects its consequences, the tower does not stop, do not overlap pumps, feeding into the dryer liquid slurry.

- Here you are all by yourself, and saw - Catherine Tikhonovna came to me as soon as the dryer work again normally. On the face of large drops rolled pota.-What can I say, work is not for the weak. Well, if this happens at the end of the shift, but at a dryer, but not all three at once, but then so moknesh until the last minute ...

- Have you been working at the plant -

ask the usual question.

- The plant started up in the 54th, and I came a year later. So, 26 years already here. ... The war ended, returning to the life of the countryside, villages, towns, was adjusted a little life in Davydovka. Farm workers were needed arms, and there are not enough: most men ever took Davidovsky war, and women in the villages there is not much, many died in that tier, which drove them out of the evacuation. Natalia's mother, Katie was still very weak after the fever, the older sister worked in the city, in the hospital and it turned out that all the worries about the family fell on the shoulders of Katie. And Kate went to work uchetchitsey the farm. Got up before dawn, all day in the fields but country roads, and more on foot, tired to death, but no one ever complained. Understood:

it is a family-support. The mother at that time not once cried, seeing the delicate, thin, still little hands baby daughter in blisters and abrasions. And in winter, when work in the field poubavlyalos, it was necessary to put an end to seven years, why, and the life-circle is just beginning, I and movie not to miss the new, and dances with the girls to run. There, at a dance, and she liked the boy from their village, with whom she used to, and not say a word. But he himself had long wanted to meet brisk girl. The mother said: Katerina is now longer than usual revolved before a mirror, smoothed her hair this way and that, some little notes appeared in the pocket of her blouse, which she neither mother nor sister nor for all the world could not show. "And so it is clear that about love ...", sighed the mother. Resembled a walk-couple Kate and Alex, but soon got married. Three years later, the first-born was born to them, Nick, and all would go well with a young family, but only Sasha fell ill effects of war affected children. The works of peasant became too much for him, was

disability, and he decided to go to get to the Voronezh plant. Enrolled in the plaster, he began to write letters to Kate every week. In it he wrote that he likes the city of Voronezh, which settled well in the near future promise to a room, then he immediately and take it to Nicky. Painted as pleased with the work on the plaster, which is good and hardworking people, and made plans for the future and the future of this whole thing has been associated with him that afternoon, when the new plant will start up the nearby ceramic factory, where they will work together. Yet she came to Voronezh after the start of ceramic factory was sorry his son, who was only the third year or two.

Kate took the plant is good, but work is not sent to the shop and the dining room;

"Then you still needed more" ... Meanwhile, the plant expanded to included the building of new furnaces and extrusion lines. And it took a lot of people at once. Kate enviously looked at the girls from the shops, which are bustling at lunchtime flock burst into the dining room with some condescension looked at her with a rag hodivshuyu between the tables. Also recently arrived from the village, she thought, but because as soon accustomed accustomed.

One of the workers, Maria Grigorieva, once approached her, asked sympathetically:

- Are you here all my life going to wave a rag?-I, without even allowing time for Kate response patter of tinued:-Come to our shop, we need workers. Cum-specialty courses will be good. Well, do you agree?

In the evening, returning home, she already knew that tomorrow morning will find a lively girl. Find and say that she agreed. But how to react to it Sasha? After all, he is also worried for her, wants her to not get tired, so she had time for a little boy. And the shop does not prisyadesh, three-shift work, sometimes so tired that you reach home after a shift in the fog.

But Alexander did not object, realized that in the dining room for Katie did not work. In the morning they went to the plant together.

Kate was then a frail, thin, like a teenager. The sight of her at first caused a change of masters Kimy Stepanovna Razumovskaya annoyance: Is she able to cope with desyatikilogrammovymi cake that the girls had to manually pull out of the press, put in the dryer, and after an eight-hour treatment again manually remove and throw runners on dry grinding of granite- Roller-type millstone, which was ground to powder cakes. Her first job and had the most daunting. The first few days she was afraid to even approach the humming, vibrating runners. But it worked the same number of girls to whom the dispute quickly and managed and with weights and equipment. Maria Grigorieva, now it has become a very close friend, no, no yes, and glances at his patronage, and when provided side by side, taught:

- You, Katya, not hurry, do not chase after us, we are already familiar. Secrets of our work is not much, but the force needed skill, that's all. Just keep your fingers: a place where runners rotate, do not go!

Of course, at first she had neither skill nor force. But there was plenty of effort. The very best efforts, which replaced it in the first few months everything. In addition, she has loved and shop, and these runners, and beautiful plitochki being born right there in her eyes. However, she soon tired of her friends, to the end of the shift seemed to not stand, sit somewhere in a box from under the tiles and will not rise until the whistle.

It's good, Master Kim Stepanovna change and head of production Nina Litvinenko knew how to, young girls, it's hard, tried every possible way to help, suggest cheer.

- Girls who have in the village of friends or relatives, he says, workers gathered in a circle, Nina, 'Call us to plant, arrange all, then will not be sorry.

And just who is back in the early 50s, came to the factory and was not afraid to difficulties, no regrets to this day, while remembering the time of the high tension of the spirit.

Recalls and Catherine Tikhonovna how she had to remake the rough companions, nezhenskoy work: perekidat raw clay with shovels, wheelbarrows to transport the sand ... And his back ached, and his hands dropped from exhaustion.

Grew progressively factory equipped with modern technique. Consequently, growing, and people. The time has come when the profession is not easy, "begunschitsy" became obsolete at the factory. Thing of the past, because instead of granite rollers, runners placed in the shops tower dryers in which the process of getting the powder takes place without human intervention, semi-automatically. And since that time, Katya and Masha Grigorieva, and the other girls completely, it can be said, showed their skills and transferred them to new machines. They deserve all their previous work. At the same time in the workbook and write a new appeared solid, weighty, "the operator of tower dryers."

Dryer worked on gas, have been equipped with different instruments, whose testimony had to be read as the ABC-quickly, clearly and accurately. Thus began a study. Three months later, the head of the gas service factory Lydia M. Chernyshov says:

- Well, girls, everything. I think that now you will definitely cope with the work. The main thing that you could "catch" your operation and keep it from changing to a change.

The first timid Katya passed quickly. It is intuitively from detecting "character" of each of the two set out for her dryers, to understand the purpose of each faucet, each valve, each wheel. Gradually began to feel as their "towers" that could predict the approach of failure or collapse, learned to prevent them. It took more time, and she learned how to accurately identify nearly-hand or eye-moisture powder and gransostav. "In half a percentage point can make a mistake, nothing more," says she is now.

Anokhin worked 26 years at the factory and all these years doing the same thing: prepare-just wanted to write "cooks" - powder. Jobs and monotonous, and hard physically, but in general, and dangerous, because the operator has to deal with gas and high temperatures. And all these 26 years it evolved to one of those weeks and months of work, which today can be represented as a distinct and clear line going up all the time and up to the top of the work of maturity, experience and skill. But every vertex keeps on something, is under a kind of base. What is the base at the tip of her life, working for success?

When I asked about this Tikhonovna Catherine, she was confused at first, then thought for a long time, wanting to clearly find the most sincere, most true words.

- Above all, I think, is to love his job, after a long pause, said ona.-loving soul, or as we say, not out of tune. Then will be the satisfaction and joy, and willingness to work better today than yesterday.

At the plant, except Anokhina work seven operators. All-women, although the profession of physical activities not counted among the women. Yet it is the women entrusted to this site. So there is in this work in this profession, despite the weight and stress, and something that requires a female hand is more dexterous, sensitive and more skillful than our own. Is it because, by the way, so together sidestep this profession a man? Not a single Russian porcelain factory there, they say, the operator of a male.

Hence, the reasons for success Anokhina that she, like anyone else, can all of its quality, agility and sensitivity of the hands, ability, show in your work? Yes, Catherine agrees Tikhonovna it. But most importantly, personal experience. Now none of the operators at the plant is not working experience more than her. But it is his personal experience does not keep a secret: there is so much girls released a self-sail Ekaterina Semenova, Maria Petrova, Taisiya Mozharova for ten years has worked on the tower dryer. And now in the workplace Anokhina always a small group of young girls in dark blue robes, came to the practice of the Kursk, which will soon be launching the same as in Voronezh, faience factory. Return to your plant, working to step up vigil and will be a good word to remember his mentor Voronezh, which tries to give them not only skill and knowledge of technology, and most important commandment of the work:

Work with the soul, "not false". The experience can be acquired, will come with time. Not immediately, of course, but gradually, as it came.

This experience and let Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhina ninth five-year run for 3 years and 8 months, while giving over the plan a press powder for the production of 513 thousand square meters of tiles! Then she was awarded the Order of Lenin. The result was the tenth five-year double-happy she performed it for 2 years and 7 months. So you can work out the five-year period, of course, only exceeding the daily rate. And while serving three instead of two tower dryers at a rate of! Catherine Tikhonovna once confessed that the most joy gives her when she came to work early in the morning, she learned that her smenschitsy, at the very first and best disciple of Maria Petrova Fedotovna night shift went well, the powder was fed a high-quality and all products, then turned, not reproach. She and the reserve tank for the former mentor is always full, and the purity of the ideal workplace, much of the feelings of respect and friendship that link the student with a mentor, and say no. Here and in the plant socialist competition are the professional honor of holding something in front of Peter the change, the change of Anokhina. And no one had any envy or resentment. The competition is a common cause. Yours and mine.

There is a heroic impulse. This is a moment of heroism. But there is a heroism of continuous labor. This kind of heroism requires for many years to carry on their shoulders the responsibility to be role-person team in which more embarrassed to work poorly. And Anokhin all the years of work at the plant fulfills this role of the working-leader. Worker-leader.

- For the staff of the plant is a great honor that our worker the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was given, says the factory party committee secretary, Vladimir K. Manankov. people all at once caught up, to work were better. But Catherine herself Tikhonovna got into a difficult position: either call the school to speak, the transmission on the radio are invited to participate, the overseas experience to share send. And, mind you, during working hours. And her family, home, take care of her granddaughter should be, and social responsibilities at the plant a lot of time consuming. That Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhin now a very busy man, I thought. But when he met closer, inevitably came to wonder. Judge for yourself. First, of course, work. Second, the public burden. For several years she was a member of Voronezh, Party Committee and a member of the Party Committee of the plant. In his own shop which is the term permanent party organizer. Last four years, the pension committee headed by the factory. She worked with the soul, so that today, many retirees remember her with a kind word for the sensitivity and warmth. Well, is not enough for one person? Of course, it is enough. Yes, only it's not all. Is it still does not work for the post, and, so to speak, like, "commissar," as she calls it.

The team they have in the change is mainly female. But there are men: mechanics, installers, obzhigalschiki. They are to confess, and deliver the most trouble.

- Worked with us in changing obzhigalschikom Victor K., tells Anohina.-Pacific, the executive, a modest, but ... prone to alcohol. Oh, how we cursed him, and persuaded it popritihnet for a while, and then again for her. And then comes into the shop drunk tank of the paper. And after my wife in tears, and ne'er a statement on the spouse asks affect. Well, I decided to go to his house, heart to heart talk. Came. Live well, two-bedroom apartment, all in the house is, but as I saw six kids smaller than the other, so the heart, and sank. After all, that's who he first deprives tidbits, and all because of this cursed potion. They began to say his wife, he, his, and even in-law adds fuel to the fire, so the eternal abuse and scandal, and live. Neighbors have repeatedly called the police. Then I spoke firmly to him, he promised me to behave differently, to stop drinking. A few months promise to his holding, and then broke with the help of cronies, of course, turned out to be weak-willed, well, gone again. I'm back to his home, a person is saved it is necessary, to bring up. Again, a promise from him, took four years and so was busy. Now, they say, quietly in their family, there is no reason to worry.

So do not waste your nerves and time spent.

... The last two years have been particularly difficult for the plant. Not for a minute without stopping production, led the reconstruction of old plants. The conveyor continued to work plan no reduced. How had such trouble with the new line does not pass, and she, alas, did not meet expectations. I had it removed. But technological progress can not be stopped, all I had to restart. This is largely complicated the work of people who require surge forces that gave rise to other problems. And yet found a solution: in a short time built and mastered the more advanced line, and on the eve of the XXVI Congress party has given a new pressing conveyor products. The quality of the tiles, excellent.

But there is a problem at the plant is much more difficult than reconstruction. This is a catastrophic shortage of skilled workers. And most importantly, every year more and more aging factory team. Factory Director Yuri Ananiev described and the reasons for this: I do not like young people that have to work in three shifts, and financially, perhaps, the plant may not encourage their workers like other businesses, and benefits for some reason are not supposed to none, even though hot production. Not to mention the fact that there is still no factory in their own community facilities, where young people can have their own interests to satisfy,

- We have now under reconstruction, updating equipment, expanding the production area, 'says Yuri, and products should be given. Every day. You can not stop. So until we solve the problem of shortage of staff to Suvorov: not a number and skill. Skill and experience of veterans, such experienced workers as Catherine Tikhonovna Anokhin. I have twenty years of working in the factory, but all can not help wondering to our veterans: they use safe and principled, and friendly. Look in the same fourth workshop runs a girlfriend Anokhina Makarovna Maria Grigorieva. Here is a biography of someone ... It is our factory is built from the first peg, then, in the forty-sixth, there was an airfield, and around-wasteland. Allowed the production, it is straight from the shop building number 1 begunschitsey come. And a quarter-century of his life gave the plant. Received the honorary title "Honored Builder of the RSFSR," Republican retirement she procured, it would seem, go with dignity and respect on a holiday. And she, like her or persuaded, does not go away, and all. It's boring, says, sitting at home alone: man-factory worker, a son and a daughter, too, after the institute came into the shop. So there is now and we have our own work-family dynasty Grigoriev ...

Fifteen hundred workers employed at the Voronezh factory faience products. Make a glazed tile, ceramic teapots, damasks, mugs, vases ... In the experience of going to the Voronezh colleagues from Volgograd and Sverdlovsk, Kirov, Leningrad, Novosibirsk and Angarsk, where there is the same company. The successes of the plant in recent years as significant or twelve years he held first place among the subsidiaries of the country, the Ministry of Industry of the RSFSR materials annually are schools of excellence. In 1977, the "school Anokhina" gathered from various plants in the country 45 operators of tower dryers, and it was then, revealing all the secrets to his colleagues and the subtlety of his skill, she has shared with them a dream-run tenth five-year period for two years and seven months.

More recently, it has been preserved in the memory because it has a clear clarity. Catherine Tikhonovna remembers how she was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin. At the moment, taking high honors, she thought about her father. How he was worried about them, their daughters, when he went to the front will survive it? Punished, so that took care of herself and her mother, so waiting for him on his victory, that worked on the conscience. Now hear these words as his last testament. His dream came true-daughter became a hero. Like her father. Soldier. Communist. It is similar to it not only features and simplicity of his life, sincerity and total dedication and diligence in work, honesty and crystal cordial attitude towards people.

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