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Avdeenko Michael I.

The foreman of the mine drifters "Gukovskaya" Production Association "Gukovugol" Hero of Socialist Labor

Avdeenko Michael I. In the spots of light cast by the lamps miners, scraper chain curled under my feet, like a snake. Becoming a rock-loading conveyor across a distance was cleared from the culm and to probe the bones, but the cause of the accident was not determined. Each time you start a chain conveyor lifeless standstill, resting on the invisible barrier. All were silent. Michael realized that the change is lost, it will not return. It's a shame to tears. He was ready to pull out of the damn belt grimy bed, shake his iron guts over his head, like a child's toy, spinning force and work. But prior to this accident, everything went perfectly. In the first nine months of the new Five-Year Plan the brigade Avdeenko passed almost two kilometers of conveyor roadway. There remained some two hundred meters to go, mere trifles compared with what has been done.

Tunneler hurry. They were pressing on the heels of mining team Nikolay Gubin, which Avdeenko team for several years was in one bunch. Thunderstorm-stope miners finished the old lava, it remained for a month and a half, no more. And for the miners needed a new scope of work. Mine management has set a target to pass a new lava-installation of equipment at the beginning of November. For the third decade working in the mine, Mikhail Ilyich and all these years involved in an invisible outsider view match-sinker at all times strive to go forward, to create a reserve: at least one backup for the extraction of lava, which would allow them to continue working without haste, without fear of jeopardize the whole team. And over the years in this competition tunneller have more and more difficult. Mining crews equipped with mechanized complexes with guided hydraulic roof supports, armed with high-plows and harvesters, and sinker, in fact, deal with the same technique. The only rescue rigs.

Gubin's mining team "eats" a month of one hundred fifty to two hundred meters of the coal fields, and sinker just a little more than paving the drifts. But you need to cut the lava is not a drift. Being prepared in the extraction of the coal field area must be labeled on all sides: the drift conveyor, ventilation drift, the incision for the mining face. It has long been counted: the speed of progress must be drifters and a half to two times higher than the rate of movement of lava. The only way you can work peacefully.

But how many remember Michael, so it is impossible. What people are missing, then the drifters diverted to other work, the mine will present a surprise.

Anything can happen. And to such disruptions, as today, would already have to get used to, but over the years Michael has become more acute experience of failure. No, he did not think about that now he is a hero, and downtime in any way affect his credibility. He let down the other, this whole thing. If the sinker does not ripen in time, it will affect the entire mine. Each day of a stope is at a minimum, the loss of two thousand tons of coal.

For drift ... lights flickered and the sound of muffled voices distance. Approached the new shift-link Anatoly Moiseenko. In a low voice, without the usual jokes exchanged greetings. No nothing was questioned, and so all was clear.

Morning shift zasobiralas out to the surface.

- Come on, boys, go, pushed them to the foreman, seeing that the sinker shifting from foot to nogu., I'll stay here still.

For myself, Mikhail thought that this time he could not talk in detail with Volodka ... Serious conversation with his son has been brewing for a long time. After eighth grade, Volodya, skinny and youthfully awkward fellow, said that the ten-year end will not. Michael agreed with him-better, he believed, from a young age to purchase a specialty. Special, however, the desire for some kind of profession the guy was not. Mothers let their child with the eyes, of course, did not want to. And they decided to go to the family council, Vladimir in Civil Engineering. Not exactly in the footsteps of his father, but still connected with the mine will be. He studied at the guy seems to be nothing, but without much zeal and interest. Became interested in music and radiodelom, began to spend whole nights not over the abstracts, and over the radio charts and players.

Passion-way affair. But one day at dinner, with his eyes in a dish, Volodya said that college throws.

- I will not builder. I do not want. It turns out that the decision was brewing for a long time, and hastened his commission from the recruiting office. The prospect of the construction battalion to serve in Volodka frightened.

- Here's what you're scared!, Putting a spoonful of displeasure, as always with the shoulder, slashed Michael, and wife, anticipating the storm, began to fuss:

- What are you so soon ... This he did without thinking.

- Do not think, grumbled Mihail.-Male of fear, mama's boys.

After dinner, Michael went into the garden and kolupayas, as he himself liked to say, in the land, with the commonplace is gradually cooled from worried him a call. They say an apple from the apple does not fall far, he reasoned. Kids always say, take the example of their parents. So it probably should be. Why did not always like that? Is he or Mary ever shirked from work? Just got married, decided to lay their own home. Maybe because both of the village, wanted to live on their own farm. To land was gardening. The house was erected with his own hands. Michael led a clutch, Maria plasterer. Only the roof was laying with a specialist. And it is because the rains chased.

They say that Michael's talent for any job. Why do not undertake, all he gets. Suffice it once or twice to see how the master instrument, then to repeat it. Michael himself said, there is not the talent, but the love and desire. Is not it nice to know that everything on this farmstead is made by your hands and the hands of Mary. And the stove in the house and cellar, where the stores lining the touch of your hands, and frames on the windows ...

Avdeenko looked at over the years have risen above the home of apple and pear trees, and once again thoughts ran to irritate per string.

Why is this skill, this secret, discreet love of work is not passed on its own children? How many times have noticed, not keeping Vovk from household chores. As they are a burden to him.

Why is a burden? Uninteresting? And that he is really interested in? And not as fast a passion for radio, as were other hobbies? Michael himself thinks so-hvatkost work must be in person. It is in any case unnecessary. It is the beginning of love for the profession, the core of talent. In the village of miners is a youth-chervotochinka plenty to walk and relax. And what of the rest, then? It's all about, probably, in abundance. In the miners' families, nothing is denied. That's the true value of lost children is not something that money and work that brings the money.

I thought Avdeenko that his children will not touch such a disease. Do not indulge them, he always tried to be an example. Academy of Sciences, shows that not all smooth left. Worm, you see, and his guys left the label. My daughter is also in the building attended college, graduated, worked in the specialty, and then went and leaned on the garment factory. He says it better there. What do you mean, better? Easier?

Or wonder he stirs his soul? Is it bad when a person seeks his own way, it looks like? And is it bad that there is a possibility of such a choice?

They say you should teach their children. While the son was little, everything was easy. And now? How to teach? Michael at his best mine is a mentor of young people. Even chairmen of the Board nominated mentors. With other people, then he better get. At slaughter, as in battle: one with all its advantages and chervotochinkami in sight. And he, like a foreman, education is simple-do what I do. It is a pity, he thought that Volodya was not yet over the years. In the team would have him to me, I'd like to enlighten the X-ray. In mine, I would hold you dear, as it should have checked! Without further ado would have cost.

- What am I going to scare his work?-Avdeenko. surprised myself, That's mentor, the right word.

So then they did not explain his son openly. Michael kept putting off the conversation, and Volodya was closed in his room as if nothing had happened. Only from time to time, asked her mother money for the diodes, which she jokingly called idiots.

The guy does not drink, do not walk, the money is not sorites. Still slabinka, swelling out, according to Mikhail Ilyich, in the nature of Volodya, gave him no rest.

Avdeenko Michael I. Do not ... had no choice but to once again "feel out" the entire pipeline. As team leader arrived there was no change, and Michael himself has placed five of the workers on the points. Giving an indication of the last sinker, the foreman hesitated. It was brand new. Avdeenko forgot his name and no longer knew how to access it. Boy was twenty-two, according to all to see, just returned from the army. He was tall and thin, but wide shoulders could guess expansion of reliable power. Miner's robe sitting on the demobilized soldiers, all right, as a seasoned miners, who have not noticed any helmet on his head, no batteries, and battery box self-rescuer on his belt.

Michael rated it all with a single glance, but the name could not remember the newcomer. To hide a hitch, the foreman came closer to the conveyor belt and pointing a flashlight beam on the conveyor, and asked:

- Try it, my son, to test the lower chain. Snap you have to do is right.

The guy nodded his head and, in turn, quickly and looked around appreciatively figure foreman. They were about the same height, tall and lean. Perhaps only in a wider shoulders Avdeenko beginner.

That broke the floor, I thought Michael I., moving into the roadway.

Well, it is true: for him, these guys have sons.

A few minutes later, he watched from a novice. He acted confidently and snorovisto, if the mine is not the first year. Scoop in the movements and calculating, in cold blood is hot. Mining talent guy. Newbie was definitely cute foreman. And the fact that the same with growth, as smart and lean. And the fact that he came into the mine after his military service. He begins, it appears both in his time, Michael.

Be sure to talk to the guy, find out why he decided to go to the sinker. That it was drawn here?

Pondered whether it is a comprehensive step or led him to the mine a simple coincidence.

Michael himself in his youth was not thinking - not wondered what would become a miner. In the race at all of them peasants, and he himself grew up in the West Siberian forest-steppe of the most beautiful places in the village of Orlovka-Uba district of Novosibirsk region, lived according to the proverb, "where he was born there and handy." His mother soon left with three children in their arms. His father died in 1938, Michael was then five years.

When after his military service next friend Avdeenko former orphan from Gorky, Anatoly Hodolev knocked out Michael to enlist in the Donbass mines, more than once recalled a Siberian boy crisp dawns and the intoxicating air of his native village, going mushroom picking, hunting on Lake Uba. In the set, where they were with Anatoly, was a man of sixty to all demobilized soldiers. After several weeks of training future drifters was lowered into the mine. Clinging to each other, bending their heads, they walked roadway, bracket, wooden racks. On top of dripping water and the water was under their feet. In some places the roof has settled, and massive chimneys, unable to withstand stress, cracked in half. Somewhere far away in front of an explosion boomed, and the wave hit the dense air in the face. Sprinkle with a trickle of coal dust.

After visiting the mine from the group of about twenty people left, no more. Michael with the boyfriend is still not folded. Affected stubborn nature. But then, of course, was important, both from childhood to know how much a pound is dashing and not afraid of any job. Michael with the age of thirteen he became assistant to his mother, to manage the farm with any business. And plowed the land, and mowed. But you never know that we had. On the paper he was accustomed, tenacious. Character of the mother has gone. That is now over seventy, and all can not sit idle. From the village will not want to start. I said, herself served. And the cow still holds.

Here is the peasant commitment, respect for any business, and helped at first Michael. Otherwise, perhaps he would not be a miner. Broke free moment, looking at the other leaned against a standpipe or a companion to the shoulder, and sleeps. Avdeenko, no matter how trying, in a mine can not sleep. Its as if the inside who is pushing: you sleep here, but it is worth. How is it possible, in the mine and without you doing?

Not once over the years have had the opportunity to leave Avdeenko tunneling and mining crews in his name, and was found at the top would work. But he stuck with the case, although it is difficult to explain in words what it is it pegged. Once asked about this tenth graders, to whom he had to act. Avdeenko then as said work is under the earth, man's work. Difficult responsible. As at the front. A sinker is a scout. They come first, and they all need to know. No, it does not explain in words. Does not smell of gunpowder, it is difficult to understand the war veteran. The person conducting every day under the ground half a light day, who knows what friendship and mutual assistance in extreme conditions, different scale of values and understanding of ordinary human happiness.

How can we explain who have never been under the ground than mine attracts? He, like most of his friends, rarely thinks about it and even more rarely spoke out loud.

Here he is on the roadway to replace. The high arches of the tunnel only guessed in the pitch dark. He walked past the metal arches and does not think, but rather feels that each of these arms is fixed lads of his brigade. His hands as well. The tunnel is long, almost two kilometers. Even when you walk on it lightly, bottom shirt is wet.

At a depth of seven hundred fifty meters tridtsatigradusnaya almost always hot and not to breathe, both at the surface. This then will pave the sinker for miners and ventilation drifts.

So, two kilometers and just go hard. And what was the punch meter by meter intractable breed? Now technology helps, but Michael had to work at a time when the boreholes were drilled manually tridtsatikilogrammovymi punches when there was no rock-loading machines, and after the explosion, the rock had to clean the trucks Grabarka. Not that seven to ten pots got away. And just wondering how a man so much water! Raining and pouring sweat in the three streams. After the change of work clothes can be pressing.

He is on the roadway, where every meter mark. And all that was laid in the tunnel, and thick hose duct for one of the walls, and rails at his feet, and transportation pipelines, there are all laid and fixed their hands. They passed through the drift to the end, make a cut along the coal seam. And then they will be replaced first installers who "vtaschat" in the section of the mechanized complex, and then the mining team.

And only then, when the powerful coal flow conveyors, all will be made visible to work.

What can you do, work the mines are always evaluated on harvested coal, and sinker always been a little bit in the shade.

The first awards and honors those who produces charcoal. This is understandable, and there are not offended anyone.

Michael and labored, not relying on the award.

The first of them is the anniversary medal "For Valiant Labor. In commemoration of 100letiya birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, "he got when it was already behind him thirteen years experience miner. Then as if by themselves, have come other rewards Order of Labor Red Banner and the highest distinction, the Order of Lenin.


- Yes! That's where the shoe pinches! - An unexpected exclamation broke away thoughts have run brigade. Avdeenko moved closer. Newbie, as he liked at the beginning of the shift, showing wedged scraper, rests against the guide chutes.

The foreman in silence, slowly toured the place. All right, here and jam. And did not notice immediately because hangnail formed from the bottom, under the tape. At the touch of a fault can not be determined.

Now it was to replace the pans. Michael was ready to kiss that lucky Maltsev, but only a friendly pat on the shoulder:

- And you, my friend, well done! Since you owed.

Tunneler laughed in unison. A stone fell from the soul. Now the real work begins.

Work out two shifts in a row, this is not the hardest thing that can get all the foreman. There have been situations and complicated. The most difficult Avdeenko had sixty-eighth year, when the closed end-of-age of twenty-sixth mine. Folded edge work, and gradually melted away team. In the end, as he joked Mary, he was a general without an army. Finally, and most had to move to a new mine, "Gukovskaya."

On the twenty-sixth he was a foreman and brigadirstvoval nearly nine years. Things were going well, guys, since long-time friend Anatoly Hodoleva, picked up one by one. And the "Hooke" All we had to start all over again.

Ordinary tunneller to "Hooke" he worked for no more than a month, and then the foreman took him to a new team. And Michael I. was one on one with a completely unfamiliar eighteen miners.

The first day was removed breed. Avdeenko in nothing intervened observed. The team also looked narrowly to a person designated by the. Worked with laziness. To swing a few trucks and sit-waiting empties.

- So we dawdle?, Could not resist, finally, Michael.

- And we have to do with it, 'snarled shahtery.-Georgia-what for? Screaming all well. You go figure it out,.

I had to understand, seek empties materials. Confident, demanding, but not loud team leader, able to both "stick" that he was not stealing, liked tunneller. Gradually Avdeenko pulled guys from his former team. Came Victor Tkachenko and George Goncharov, Nikolay Nikolenko. On completion of this it was possible to fight. The team is gradually accumulating experience. Avdeenko persistently sought a one-sinker should be able to do any work in the mine. Only with full interchangeability is possible to talk about the high elaboration. And the task before him, he put this, which at first, even close friends did not stutter: defeat for the year two-kilometer main mine workings. These boundaries were then only the aces under force. After the change, together with all the engineers Mikhail weighed and kept going. Can be overcome, even if you walk a slaughter. You just need to make the most of working hours, saving it for each operation to achieve an uninterrupted supply of materials and empty. Drilling rigs have appeared armed with drifters, and rock-loading machines multiply force. We must be bold!

First two-kilometer line of the brigade took a five-year period. In the final year-1975-D were 3112 linear feet of mine workings. This figure is not reached, no heading team of Don!

On the "Gukovskaya" frequent delegations from the mines of the Rostov region, from other basins of the country. Looking for special secrets. Some believed that the good results achieved by a simple saturation of slaughtering people. No, explained Michael Ilich.-tunneling one fell swoop, many do not take. We need a clear and rigorous calculation of an engineering feasibility study. The brigade Avdeenko productivity per sinker rose to 4.6 per meter per month for a planned 3.3 meters. Crossing the line with a team of two kilometers a year, Avdeenko well aware that every now moving forward will require even greater effort. Together with the engineers and mechanics of the mine, Anatoly lineup Moiseenko, Yuri Zhukov, Vladimir Managaroy, Victor Tkachenko, Nikolay Degtyarev, Nicholas Kukhareva he was looking for new reserves to save time, increase productivity. One of the first brigade of the mine Avdeenko implemented effective passport, personal account savings. During the ninth five-year period the team defeated the 9000 meters of mine workings.

It is not easy to reach heights even more difficult to gain a foothold on them to do to achieve the highest standard, especially in the mine, where so often and unexpectedly changes the situation. In the tenth five-year plan to bremsbergovyh lava fields were transferred to the slopes with complex geological conditions. The angle of incidence of the coal seam in some areas increased from 18 to 25 degrees, and in front, as always, must go sinker.

In this difficult time Avdeenko team came a happy thought. The rig over to hammer productive. However, it is clumsy to maneuver. The rails on which the plant is fixed, do not give her space. Each time the mucker to miss, installation should drive on the rails. But what if you put it. Tracked the progress?

Consulted with the engineers. We decided to use for this purpose a small chassis mucker-AMP 2. Her weight was enough to keep a massive rig. Work has become much easier, reduced time spent on maneuvers.

And in the tenth five-year period, despite the deteriorated mining and geological conditions, the team Avdeenko was 11.7 thousand linear feet of mine workings. Each month an average sinker overcame two hundred meters. On the basis of team management association "Gukovugol" organized a school of excellence. The first followers of the native groups were mine. Michael I. gladly show than they are rich. At the end of the conversation, however, is always observed: penetration is not an end in itself, the main-extraction. Brigade miners working face of Nikolai Alekseevich Gubin, which they prepare scope of work, brought pressure on the lava up to two thousand tons of coal per day. When the entire mine congratulated Avdeenko with the Star of the Hero, and asked to say a word and he brigadier. He got up, dressed in a dress uniform of "Honorary Miner", and said:

- Thank you, friends. This is our reward.

The whole "Gukovskaya" welcomed its first hero.


Wiping the sweat from his ... forehead, Avdeenko watched fast and nimbly operates link. Here and ready all twenty-five holes, pockmarks which covered his chest face. Now it's up shooter.

Tunneler depart to drift a hundred and fifty feet deep. A few minutes of respite.

Powerful, fused into a single burst of explosions and foremost is triggered by different numbers of detonators time-pressed air strikes, and now the dense smoke smelling wave of dynamite and coal dust moves along the roadway. Link up to his feet, in a hurry to meet her.

Where was the slaughter of the chest, the mass of rock and coal. And only on the roof can be clearly seen that the drift has moved forward on two and a half meters. So, drop by drop, one-thousandth normal for her annual rate, the team moves toward its goal.

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