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Abdullaeva Siporat

Packer tobacco-fermentation plant production association Penjikent tobacco-canning industry, Hero of Socialist Labor

Abdullaeva Siporat Her name is Siporat Abdullaev. I was born and lives in Panjakent. It works at the local tobacco-fermentation plant. Packer.


- Do you firmly out of luck, man. The old man is me. But I was unlucky with the heroine of which was to write. In the eyes of my colleagues was nonwinning figure. I myself knew that with no luck. Some people initially "awkward" for the journalist. Occupation is the most ordinary, biography in half a page. No highlights, no sharp turns of fate. As the channel in the vast steppe watered crops, gives life to the land, quenches thirst, and without a blade of grass does not sprout, and the type-sama homeliness. Put on his robe concrete, vrylsya in the sun calcined the ground and drives the water day and night. Not a ringing crystal forest streams, or foam racing mountain stream. In short, the channel-worker.

Maybe it is life? There is a song, and eat bread ...

And then find out more, that the name of my character mentioned in the Communist Party of Tajikistan, when listening to this record Penjikent Party Committee. It was about moral education. They said that as an example of how it is, young people are raising. And again the question: what is it such an example to others to put? Can a seemingly unremarkable man, not committed, it would seem, is nothing out of the way, have the power of attraction, especially for young people? After teaching at the bright samples, I did not invented it, on the education of all stays.

Then he showered other questions. And not just what, where, when, and questions and thoughts. Response to them will not get to go.

The answer may be the whole of human life, and even one life is enough. In Penjikent I went on a date with life, riding a lot.


Journalists are no empty notebook. It ends up in the recordings made at different times and on different roads, but for some reason not used. Whether your hands are not there yet, either, as they say in the string is not formed. But this was waiting in the wings for another reason. I was witness to a scene, she remembered me hard, stuck a nail, but tell her readers did not dare. I did not know how to interpret it. There was, therefore, an underwater rock. Bypass - fainthearted, climb straight ahead - surely stumble.

... Honored in the Hungry Steppe bulldozer, he semi-plan layout of virgin land for four months carried out. Came from the trust authorities, gathered the entire team. Huddled on the patch before the small car. Without kumachovyh tablecloths, without the presidium. Thank you, the sun began to wane, the shadow of the wagon-formed only for miles. Here and protested. As expected, made speeches, shook hands and handed the pennant. Someone even gave flowers (where they only have collected, the entire long-burnt vegetation). Then it turned out that a bunch of Brigadier presented a water carrier, a middle-aged driver, had been spinning the car every day for thirty miles on the road to the well. And one cackle of someone to pay attention to it.

- And when, Karim,-asks-you will deliver the flowers?

In such cases, people only give a reason. Everyone turned to Karim went jokes, jokes, and no place to hide from them, we must somehow fight back.

- My business, 'said the driver, the water-haul. In my field of flowers do not grow. He said this with the share of resentment, embarrassment, and which does not create, but the fun does not have. How much time has passed. Hungry Steppe fields and gardens have become, and the water carrier word does not go out of my head. Burning someone else's offense. I read once a decree to award and seemed to hear the voice of Karima: you see, who give orders, medals, who is in sight, whose work is notable, and podsobnik, even got out of the skin, always in the shade.

If it was an insult only one person ... When the team begin to think, whom to reward and provide even encourage, above all, workers sorted out the major professions in the engineering plant-turners, fitters, assemblers, the textile mill, weavers, spinners, snovalschits, on a hot harvest-combine. And rightly so, how could it be otherwise, because they who make the glory of the team, it is called, stand at the very anvil on which the success of the work is forged. And who, if not the best of them, first prizes, decorations, flowers.

Well, if you're instructed to carry water for the crew? Refuse? Some people do so, looking for work poprestizhney, popribylney. Others are, "just right" in the name of this "must" go on a broken car (new to carry the water will not allow) for off-road unthinkable in the Asian heat and dust ... Why not go to them from the bosses and do not trust in their honor pronounce solemn speech at a patch of steppe trailer? It's a shame? It's a shame ...


Meeting with Abdullayeva helped me better understand the unexpressed grief, Karim, and continue our conversation with him in absentia. Let's ask Karim, a Siporat, she says, grow a flower on your field. In her working career blossomed flower of the most striking labor-Star Hero.

Packer ... Chief Engineer Nusratullo Khodjaev not immediately named this profession when I was asked to list the major professions in the factory. Acceptors, sorters, operators, presser ... Somewhere at the end of the process, when the press falls out from under the pile of tobacco Siporat intercepts it to tightly sheathing paper and a strip of fabric, a pile send down the pipeline.

No, a leading enterprise in this area can not be called.

On the face of the chief engineer of suspicion: the strange, they say, you look at things. Is it important what a person in the profession and what it costs the workplace? Yes, our Siporat put on any site, it always would be a heroine.

Who argues, is not the place kras1 "Mr. man, but still ... Any, even the truism is not so certain, when you look at it through a magnifying glass of the facts. After all, everything in life happens.

I venture to finally fall into the eyes of an engineer, when asked what has brought a new character in my work group. This is the version of the same questions about man's place. How much easier it would be my task, I learned that from Siporat, on every shift, and it depends on the monthly interest rate of the assembly line, or that she is the author of rationalization, methods, techniques, has revolutionized the industry, if not, at least in the packaging of tobacco bales .

Khodjayev looks at me already quite hostile. Just now in full detail, he was explaining that the package depends on the form in which a pile of tobacco leaf reaches the consumer, if not collapse, there will be full. Specifically noted that the work Abdullayeva no complaints and can not be: it is this same pile to the touch, just look at the senses. Earlier, he told me how famous is Panjakent "Dubek", goes to the additive mixtures on the elevation of which make cigarettes and cigarettes of higher grades. Map showing. There are enterprises such maps, showing connection with consumers. So on this map Penjikent downright tobacco capital. You would think, without all the cigarette-cigarette industry will wither away. Thick beams of a beam-radius to all corners of the country, even in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova - the traditional "tobacco" of the republic. Thousands of miles and many days of the road, and the bales arrive intact, conditioning. Not a single complaint!

Abdullaeva Siporat Do you still did not understand, said sorry think Khodjaev, and he makes one last attempt:

- Five-Year Plan is completed in three years and six months. For one and a half. Looks engineer, waiting, made a impression?

I found a surprise the journalist. I will name names about a dozen people who have completed two five-year personal. At the textile mill, for example, or silk. "So the same weaver," the source says, patiently. They have other features, they can expand the service area, to take on more machines, but here ... Siporat is on the line. Place it not for the records. Again we are back to talking about the place. That's really really bad case. It turns out, and the profession, and the site itself worker post at my character is such that catch is not for nothing. Food for the revelations will not give, do not awaken imagination, enthusiasm is not called.

I remember as a celebration of another of his hero-pilot. The sky, speed, risk. The first paved road to the Pamirs, landed in the canyons, and participated in the aftermath of the earthquake Haitskogo, flew to the shepherds, geologists, mountaineers. Was selected to the highest point of the country, the peak of Communism. And then-packer. And where? On smelling tobacco plant.


I would be at least a prominent plant. It works, though excellent, the industry in good standing, for the tenth five-year period received three times the union banner. But tobacco is tobacco in it the whole economy of the city and the region can not be built. I have it right in a conversation with the first secretary of the city committee felt. A sure sign: the party leader than a headache, then the main thing.

Salohiddin Khasanov just returned from the Leninabad Oblast of the meeting and was still burning hot all the talk of the feed, for the harvest. Foods concerned, because the area is aimed at the development of livestock, the crops, since it is close to harvest paddy fields, orchards and vineyards, and the local rice, apples Panjakent known not only in Tajikistan.

On Cigarette Hasanov also mentioned, but on tobacco, even standing in a field rather than at the factory. Seriously engaged in the cultivation of this crop in the area recently, some thirty years ago. It was necessary to raise the profitability of mining enterprises, and that's seized the tobacco leaf. Paid off, revenue yields thousands, and people are busy, it requires a lot of work. Today, almost every village has its own tobacco growers, almost in every sector growing list. Plantations are generally tiny, pyatachkovye are scattered along the narrow ravines, on steep mountain slopes, but the total area, by local standards, gaining a solid. Yet the future of the area is not linked to tobacco. To expand its production is not collected, it is enough that is.

Future Penjikent is its subsoil, underground storerooms. Already, the mountain dug galleries, paste the hole;

on the serpentine roads circling round the clock ore carriers, in the most seemingly unlikely places miners' settlements grow. Gaining Anzob GOK, growing Magianskaya prospecting expedition.

Secretary of the city is ready to take me away with his stories in the misty distance plans in the world of the big concerns, and all it's interesting, I'm all ears. Only the listener out of me today, unlucky. I am a servant of their efforts and learn more about the life of the city and the region, the painful question-and-thorn. Why only five years for a star of the Hero has received packer, tabachnitsa rather than livestock or a gardener, not a geologist or a miner, not the builder or the driver?

This is forcing an open door.

In the eyes of Khasanov appears familiar to me an expression that is the same as what I called his importunity the chief engineer of the plant.

Why not?, Asks and answers the secretary. We have among the heroes and polevody, and miners-sinker, and now, the factory worker. Did you pay attention, as awarded to thank for the award? This, they say, the recognition of general merit, the whole team. Not out of modesty alone and do not speak for the sake of a witticism. What is there to beat around the bush: man with a lagging enterprise is not the honor, above all, encourage the foremost among the foremost. Yes, and how to separate the man from the working group, one is safety. And the tobacco-fermentation - wonderful people. Get to know him better, maybe there is you and answer all your "why."


Different take a newcomer to the employees. I had to come to the so-called ceremonies of initiation into the work. Club Room shining lights in the colors of the presidium, copper bands. Organizers of the celebration all the research, thought of everything. Designed ritual, painted script. Veterans with medals, full of self-esteem, approach to building in the foreground of yesterday's students, they shake hands, hand with a gold embossed certificate. Take, say, and remember that you are now, "his majesty the working class." And "Their Majesties' shifting from foot to foot, flattered and depressed everyone's attention. It has never dumped on them as much honor: it is necessary, because all of us!

They say that any more. Emotional tunes, instills responsibility, leaves an indelible mark. Perhaps all it is.

The brigade Sheraliev Charbonneau, where he works Siporat, give the beginner an old work clothes. In the first week. Stand, not run away, then get a new one.

The staff are mainly female, chistyuli, akkuratnitsy, and on-your-tested cast-offs. Immediately distinguished by a brand new wash-perestirannomu gown. Do this home-grown quarantined? So you can just push a person.

Charbonneau remembers is when and who introduced this custom. She laughs, telling how the whole crew quietly watching the reaction of a newbie trying on work clothes. There is much to be guessed in man. By the mere expression of his face.

- And that, too, deserve a new coat should be. Maybe the girl and the choice for themselves has not already done, just came to try, see how here in the shop. Let just feel that we do not entice, and treat in earnest. Working with us is not easy, not everyone is suitable for her. Why cheat?

- And many do not stand up for your exam?

- No one left, there was no such case.

Strange it is, work pedagogy. Is it its severity, but the severity of this kindness, the great humane kindness, which alone helps to overcome the momentary weakness, believe in yourself, make the right choices in life.

The old overalls, no more than a touch to the unwritten charter of the internal team. And the rest of newcomers nursing as it should. Teach, explain and instill a taste for the discipline of collective work. At this point the first word of a mentor. Not only did he explain to and show, but will give an example.

We began with the foreman to count how many girls went to school Abdullayeva. It turns out that all the young people went in her wards.

- One of itself turns out - says Charbonneau, like just now noticed it, and surprised his otkrytiem.-Comes in a new team of people at once to Siporat trails, close to her holds. You look, and have found a common language, and to and from work together, though his relatives were. And that will bring it to the girls a break, shows where the pipeline is better to stand, what button to press, where you can hand to climb, but not much. I said to her: for it is our people safety is, of the matter, and Siporat-ops: "My words will come in handy, too. Not forgive myself, happen to that girl. They're restless, to be careful not accustomed to."

I am deliberately talking only about the team and not a word about Siporat. Learned experience: you start asking the forehead, nothing but monosyllabic 'yes' or 'no', do not get it. I am interested in how people get along in the women's team, there is "difficult", who is friends with someone, talk is out of the factory where the rest ... The foreman was talking, only manage to record.

- In April, conducted by retired Mukaram Muminov. But it is not gone from the team remained. It is paired with Siporat working together for twelve years. That said, when my girlfriend to retire, then I do. Can not live without her ...

- There are, of course, and violations: who is late or not at the workplace inspection. But before the scandal, to the director of the factory committee, or are not an issue. Self-governing. And who better than us sort out? Here at Istat Urunovoy, we note the work is not. It turns out that my husband discord, divorce. Is the director here will help? Siporat asked to go home, tumor, and talk ...

- Sometimes I bring up, bring up, does not work. And Siporat turns, finds the right words. Man knows and understands. The authority of her great. It is all over my first assistant, as a deputy. And what would have either told Charbonneau, somehow the conversation came down to Abdullayeva. Though without it nothing happens in the brigade. Though she herself-brigade.


In the story of Brigadier flashed the phrase, which at first I did not attach importance. May not be remembered for her, not to repeat it in a conversation with others who know my character, long-running series. "A good man is," said Charbonneau Sheraliev. It seems to be nothing special, many may say so, and these words are either not binding. But when you hear them from one another, the third, as if they all conspired, unwittingly you take notice.

I remember a movie where a sharp in his judgments and actions of a young scientist, is not accepting incompetent colleague, which is said to be a good man, bursts into the aphorism: "A good man is not a ^ profession." I remember another kinogeroya flour, foreman fitter-seeker he needed people who would be "in the work-beast." "Pick up the good guys, and then you will hear me."

In other people, we see ourselves, and we ourselves are a mirror for us to others. Of course, in the workplace, especially in the brigade, which counts every pair of hands, and from this pair of hands to a large extent on the welfare of the whole team, the count of human values begins with attitude. A fine man who above all "in-beast."

The team knows that Siporat comes into the shop before the bell to change before the start of all debug, adjust, as a musician tunes an instrument before going on stage. And come early, not because she had nothing to do. (She kept the house and the house had all the Tajik affairs can not be undone. But more on that later.)

The team sees that the workplace has always seemed to have Siporat before the general look. Pure as can be pure, where in the tissue paper and brittle leaf tobacco. It's amazing how the hostess manages to not litter. (I was told: "Garbage is afraid of her.")

The team understands that working for a minute because Siporat called labor, that no matter what else you can not spend it. What happened was a delay on the line, izboleetsya whole and not to wait until someone somewhere will establish, first-run score anxiety and help. ("With a calm mind, and then explodes.")

And because the team knows all, sees, understands, formed a definite opinion about the man, and with it the relationship with him. For a team Abdullaev is a kind of tune, a tuning fork. Next to it is simply impossible to treat the case differently. Immediately captured the hypocrisy disharmony.

But what is surprising: when I say that man is good, meant a different hypostasis. How about something significant to report a sudden:

"No quarrel with anyone." Anyone who has worked in the women's team, he will appreciate what a wonderful gift to be able to get on-, to get along. Or just too unexpected:

"Her generous smile." Apparently, people really need to get in the shop next to them was a smiling man.

The team not only works, he lives, and for the life of his little skilled, knowledgeable, dependable in the business. If I were a personnel department, people have picked up in nature, and, ceteris paribus the highest salary, generous soul. Convinced me that a meeting with a wonderful man.


In the east, saying, buying a house, buy a neighbor. There is an option: Do not choose a house, choose a neighbor.

None of the neighbors Abdullaev not going to sell your home and even fewer would wish to see in the next yard settled others. Common existence, became friends. Grief and joy, together, together. And over the years just missing. There were celebrations, there were dark days.

The shadow of gloomy cares and now pursues a Siporat. It has long been seriously ill husband, and the last few years, hardly gets out of bed. Soldier was wounded, and that's pulled through the decades after the soldier has long otgremevshaya war.

Those details I told a neighbor. About the disease itself Siporat husband anything. I have seen just how she came to sufe on which he lay in the shade of the vineyard, adjusted kurpachu, brought fresh tea.

The same neighbor whispered, while the hostess busied herself: "She was still young when it happened to him. According to local custom, three years would leave no one would have condemned the ... We greatly respect her, do not quit. "

By type of Siporat not say that the house stayed illness. Calm, businesslike, in the eyes of the gentle smile, which so disposes people to her. The farm is also in order, clean, well-groomed. It was only after a careful examination of the yard to catch the lack of strong male hands. In the corner it's time to pass an extension, waiting for repair of the roof. However, in the yard-stacked building materials means that repairs soon. Mistress catches sight. - The plant helps to fall mgmt. And believe me, cope. It is with everything and always managed. Life forced. Eight children were left, when his father died. Mother all day on the collective farm, and though bereaved family Siporat was not the oldest, gradually the basic care of the house fell on her shoulders. Early left school early to go to work.

It is no secret: the tobacco came because they pay more. Then the plant was not yet. They opened the semi-artisan shop, barely gained a few people, but many have paid off almost immediately, did not survive. Bales to carry on her, panting in the heat of the tobacco dust-biting no money should be ... Siporat could not leave, it was necessary to help the family.

This plant was built much later with mechanization, automation, and after Reconstruction, when the imported equipment installed, and at all the old work is nothing left. Now separated and do not change vspoteesh, humidifiers remove dust. But the nature Siporat it has nothing to do. If everything is old, it would have left, but went on a bedridden husband. These are called Monogamous. I would say about the inner-man Abdullayeva responsibility. For all that around, and for everyone around. She would not seek a warmer place, although the possibility of such appeared more than once. It will be at lunch time to mess around with restless girls, explaining what the button can be pressed and what not, so as not to get into trouble. She did not think of anything to change in personal life, if someone from that of the family will be worse. To see, therefore, the events in her life is not enough: half a page in the biography and the only entry in the workbook. To live well, it is difficult, but otherwise it could not. How can not get away from the place of the mountain, and if you come, it will be a disaster, a catastrophe.


We sit in the guest room, in the eastern tucked under her feet, drink from cups green tea and traditional're "pointless" conversation that does not have a specific theme, there is no bar. This is what happens when time is short, and have much to discuss.

Only an hour and a half ago I wandered through the ruins of ancient Penjikent, where more than one decade, archaeologists are digging Leningrad. Then he ran to the local museum to look at a few left here finds, housewares, jewelry, a copy of the famous frescoes (the originals are in the Hermitage). I still had to travel to the village Pandzhrud, home Rudaki, surnamed descendants of Homer East. Saturated with antiquity, set up a meeting with the father of the Tajik-Persian poetry, I looked at izuchayusche Siporat trying a black line of the eyebrows, concealed in the depths of his eyes, the soft oval face features sogdianki guess. She earned her the name of the centuries, have given no one could tell me its value: shrugged their shoulders, so they say, the language of the Sogdians, the ancestors of the Tajiks.

Palace on the floor, carpet on the wall, a mountain of blankets and stacked multiple-Suzanne ordinary Tajik house. It is cozy and joy from the bright rich colors, intricate embroidery. On all sides are looking Multi-format photographs and family households. Even one in the room do not feel lonely. This, too, in the tradition of living together, a large family.

The mistress takes out a niche box, goes through the contents. Documents, certificates, award certificates, awards, medals. They have a lot of it, the signs of the "Winner of Socialist Competition" to the Star of the Hero. And the rewards of labor, suddenly this "Medal of motherhood". Here's how it is: it seems that everything about the person you know, you feel almost a personal his biographer, and here is found, though again begin to get acquainted. Just now I opened the galaxy, perhaps the most important in the world Siporat, the mother of six daughters.

Children ... Junior's still early in school, while older Rahim had four of his. Many are married, living separately, who was away. Kubara, for example, in Dushanbe, the student teacher's college. More often it is seen Dodaroy, she also learns, in absentia at the university, and twice a year goes to the session. Together with her mother works at a factory markirovschitsey Uguloy. Here lab Golden Horn. It turns out, is in Panjakent another working family, and she put her home-mother of many children and the Hero of Labor.

With the mother of the children can speak up to infinity. But Siporat gladly switch to default theme. The daughters grew up, got to his feet, his mother's custody is now useless. A factory is a and its life and the lives of children.

I have long been tempted to ask Siporat, if she knows what her most loved in the brigade. Do realize that a friend appreciate it not only the experience, qualifications, ability to do their job faster and better than others, but first and foremost a character ("good man"). The question does not stack, and I ask about something else. Just imagine, say, comes to you in the shop of a journalist, asked to name the best worker to talk about it in the newspaper. Who would you recommend?

Siporat treated the matter seriously, I thought, whispered something to himself and then called the name of the worker.

- Why is it?

- The nature of it good.


I can not leave notes on Penjikent packer, not told about the very first meeting with her. This meeting took place on a nearby cannery. The fact is that for the summer production of tobacco-fermentation is stopped, the specifics of the enterprise. In these months the workers offer to work for the canning lines where the season is just the processed fruit and vegetables and where suffocate from lack of manpower. The problem of seasonal-old problem. Lure people into temporary jobs in the hottest time of summer is difficult. Talk to everyone individually. Siporat comes to the canning of the first and drags others.

A meeting with Siporat here on "foreign" company, had a special significance for me, that's why. It worked, I thought all my life in one place. It is possible, and stood out only because the veteran knows how to manufacture their hand, very few people give in to the experience, skill, dexterity. What if the whole thing above all in the time factor:

more experience-that's what you first. As fate would have been my heroine, change the job is, if there had been at another company?

Life itself has put the experiment Siporat in a new place, in another team.

In the plant laboratory, where I look forward to seeing her, Abdullaev is well known. Share my reasoning and I hear the answer:

- What can be no doubt about it, and we Udarnitsa. People of the warehouse can not work badly. She's given the whole matter, live in it. And then came Siporat ...

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